Jon Gruden, can we dance wif yo’ date?

Dance wif yo dates
October15/ 2021
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October 15, 2021

Jon Gruden, can we dance wif yo’ date?


Here I was … all set to do an instant classic column on “starring in the high school play” (which I will do later). But Nooooo … in the space of two weeks we get …


Urban & The Lap Dance Heard Round The World

“Chuckie” Gets Bravehearted

Over in Chapel Hill … Mack 2.0 has NOT “awakened the Sleeping Giant” … OUCH


Trying to opine adequately on each of the above would involve far more band width than you could tolerate … or that I have a desire to expound. Let’s hit the high points.


Why a classic scene from Animal House to explain Jon Gruden’s public execution ? … I coulda used the final scene from Braveheart where Mel Gibson is drawn and quartered.

The analogy of the Delta frat boys visiting Otis Day’s Roadhouse and realizing “Uh Oh… We’re not in Kansas any more” is not a perfect fit but I can use it to make my point.

This is 2021 and “America” as most of us knew it “isn’t any more”. Most of you reading this are of my Baby Boomer generation.

We share similar memories of “those halcyon days of yesteryear”. “Those days” be gone and are not likely to return … ever.


NOTE:  My extended absence from Here for the past few weeks is not totally due to “Gone Fishing” although twice/day is kind of A Lot.

Blondie and I produce a newsletter 3X/week for 200,000 “like minds” on the realities of “America’s Descent Into Hell’s Sub-basement”.   That’s not its official name but you get the idea.

IF you would like to join those 200,000 … send me your e-address and I can make it happen … [email protected]


OK. Back to “Chuckie Dives Headfirst Into A Wood Chipper”. “Chuckie” being Jon Gruden’s nickname before he became this week’s National Persona Non Grata.

I believe Stupidity has consequences. Jon Gruden is paying those consequences. Ten years ago should he have known that … NOTHING is private any more …

… except, of course, Hillary Clinton’s and Biden Family’s felonious shenanigans ?

Did “Chuckie” imagine his personal emails to an NFL executive ten years ago and more recently would get him Banned for Life from “Football”?


Should he have anticipated it would come to this? Is “I never thought …” a legitimate excuse? Obviously not.

Should “making provocative comments” in a private context have such dire consequences? Is there such a thing as “private” any more?

Should “simply being Jewish” have gotten millions slaughtered in The Holocaust?


Gruden has made multi-millions from his decades involved with The NFL. His over-the-top provocative personality contributed to his “success”… and ultimately to his demise.

Had Gruden stayed with ESPN rather than return to coaching … his gory demise would have been even messier. Over the past 5+ years, ESPN has slaughtered more “white guys” than the Sioux did at The Little Big Horn… figuratively speaking of course.


The NFL and more so The NBA have evolved into “black-centric business enterprises”. Black athletes are 80%+ of “the product”.

The White owners and white sports executives (Roger Goodell) are as totally “at their mercy” as much as Southwest Airlines is with their pilots. That’s a fact PERIOD.

As I have noted here before. I stopped watching The NFL and The NBA 3-4 years ago.

Both have evolved into high profile personifications of black culture which is to be expected since the vast majority of its product are black athletes. Duh!

Sports spectating is simply a form of “entertainment” and black culture does not entertain me. Blacks had to deal with “white culture” as primary entertainment options until recently.

I am not “mad” that pro (and major college) sports have evolved to where they are. It was a natural and quite predictable evolution.

Yes. Jon Gruden is being publicly drawn and quartered for “words he used” by the same NFL that a week ago announced its Super Bowl halftime entertainment would – in keeping with the trend of the recent past – be “rappers” whose popularity is tied to their spewing what I consider obscenities.

Logic is the first victim when Hypocrisy is the order of the day.

I am obviously not The NFL / NBA’s “target audience” in 2021. I’m no longer Hollywood’s “target audience” either. Or “Madison Avenue” for that matter based on TV commercials. I can accept all that.

I have successfully migrated to other forms of entertainment. Family, fishing, and my audiobooks fill up my days quite well.

Jon Gruden will not be alone for long … there will be others to be Bravehearted for similar “unintended transgressions…” Such are the consequences when one chooses to “roller skate in a buffalo herd”.

The wokies / media lynch mob are out-for-blood. Madame Guillotine has an insatiable appetite …

OMG! … I’ve pontificated on Gruden and not said a word about “Urban” or The Cardinals or “Mack 2.0 Oh My”. I guess I’ll have to do another column in a few days about all of that stuff. OK … I will do that. … and that great column on “the high school play”.

Will today be The Day I land that 10 lb lunker bass? My fishing buddy, Philip, caught a 9 lb-er last week. So maybe …


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