Taking a moment to …

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February16/ 2021


Feb 16, 2021


Taking a moment to …

BL alone

Today I would like to express my appreciation to those of you who LIKE / SHARE / REPLY / Endure these commentaries.

Like you, I am scared spitless about What Is Happening To America.  I am “just a guy with a website”.  What can I do to at least slowdown our National Self-Destruction?  Curling up in a fetal position and hiding under my desk is not my nature.  THIS is.

I try to inject “a bit of the whimsy” into these commentaries.  As that great philosopher Mary Poppins told us … “A spoonful of sugar (i.e. humor) makes the medicine go down…”

What we are dealing with today in America is not “medicinal”; but rather a level of cancerous tyranny unlike any in our lifetime … or in the 250 year history of this country.

Most of you have reached – or are reaching – the realization that This is NOT “just Politics”.   NOT “just” the usual  (sigh) parrying and thrusting of bi-partisanly corrupt politicians vying for “perks” in The Swamp.  THIS is Really Serious S***!

Tactics are being employed that tyrants have used for centuries to enslave the masses.  Not just the oft-noted 20th century examples of Nazi Germany – Soviet Russia – and Communist China but countless other despots and dictators over the centuries.  More than a few have achieved success.

Technology changes daily but … Human Nature never changes.  The desire for power / control over others is inherent in the eternal struggle of Vices and Virtues within mankind.

Sadly, I do not have the antidote to this “virus”.  I am pretty sure it is more complicated than simply “getting rid of” Richard Burr … or AOC … or Nancy Pelosi etc et al… OR even bringing back Donald Trump in 2024.

Alls I can do is post my perspective based on my personality and on my life experiences.  If that brings a smile – or at least assurance that you are not alone in your concern… then “these” have a value.

NOTE:  I do not mean to offend anyone but –  I Do Not Send – or Reply to – Facebook Messages.  I DO reply to all comments on my website – BobLeeSays.com … and to any direct comments to these commentaries.  As always … 

Stay Strong My Friends!


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