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Sports Betting
May15/ 2018

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Sports Betting… Beer… & Tweeting

This should be fun. Today’s I’m going to talk about just a few of the long list of stuff I know essentially nothing about. If I get really proficient talking about “stuff I essentially know nothing about” I might triple if not quadruple my number of Twitter followers… don’t you think?


Sports Betting…

Apparently something happened in the last few days that opens the door to wholesale legalized betting on college sports. Oh goody!

Anything that “opens the door” to anything that was previously not permitted is always a stimulus to the speed at which The American Handbasket descends into the fiery depths of Hell.  Can you say “Roe vs Wade” boys and girls?

The more demons that are released into society the more corrupt the easily corruptible are corrupted. Do we need a more corrupted society? Says who…

What I don’t know about “betting” could fill the lobby of that huge hotel in Las Vegas that looks like a pyramid – The Whatever.

I have never understood “point spreads”…  Everything about Las Vegas intimidates me…  I don’t even know how to buy a lottery ticket.

One of the nicest hotel rooms I have ever stayed in was at The Palms just off The Strip and I could not figure out how to turn the freakin’ shower on.

I realize people already “bet” on sports at all levels.

I realize that more and more female teachers are having sex with under-age boys… and X number of elementary school principals are into kiddie porn. … I am not naïve…

Supposedly legalizing sports betting will make lots of $$$ for college sports… pro sports… and for crooked politicians. What about any of that is “good news”?


Selling Beer at College Sports Events… 

A reoccurring “popular” proposed to “save college sports” is to sell beer at all college sports events. … and, if that doesn’t work,  sell crack cocaine in the concession stands and allow one meth lab for every 10,000 fans at every football game.

Why do cheerleader have to wear skimpy little uniforms? Lets do away with any cheerleader uniforms at all…. OK, maybe tiny thongs for those who prefer a hint of mystery with their game porn.

Hey, I’m no teetotaler. I drink as much as 3-4 beers per year. That’s on top of maybe a dozen glasses of wine/year and 4-5 margaritas depending on whether we go Italian or Mexican the most times in a given year. I like to loosen my inhibitions as much as anyone… yeah, right.

Will for-real people actually make go-no go decision to go to a college football game because “i can buy beer there”?

Has Maxine Waters actually been elected to Congress twelve times from South Central LA?  Imagine the ignominy of being one of the candidates she defeated.

Life is full of such mysteries…

I have no clue what a “craft beer” is.  Kid and Danny know but I’ve never cared enough to ask.

I realize beer has been sold at pro sports events since Forever.

I realize that “beer” will not corrupt college sports.  That would be like “getting a butterfly tattoo will corrupt Stormy Daniels”.

What is more fun than spending 2-300 $$$ for game tickets and sitting within annoying distance of a drunk jackass? THAT is certainly a thrill you can’t get watching the game at home on TV!


When Sports Betting and promoting Alcohol at college sports events are considered YIPPPEEE – HOORAY FINALLY … I am reminded that I am no longer anyone’s target demographic.

Me and my smug “I told you so” are OK with that fact.



My name is BobLee … “Hi BobLee” …

                                 …I enjoy Tweeting … “Really? How come?” 

Because tweeting plays to one of my most well-developed skill sets – smart aleck improv.  As I have come to understand “tweeting” I realized how tall people must have felt when they discovered Dr Naismith had hung a peach basket 10’ off the floor of that Springfield YMCA.  Tall people would forever have a natural advantage over not-as-tall people even after some short guy created the 3-point shot. …  Natural born smart alecks have a distinct advantage on Twitter.

I was skeptical when Mr. Twitter expanded from 140 characters to 280 characters but I soon realized that was a good thing.

But I hope Mr. Twitter doesn’t expand any further. I think 280 characters is just right.Twitter

Of course, I also thought the iPhone 2 was as sophisticated as a cellphone needed to be.

Speaking of cellphones, did I tell you son-in-law Pastor Danny has upgraded his flip phone to the latest version of flip phones? Who knew? This new one comes in both black and… really dark gray.


Twins Update: Both Ruthie & Scout, at four months, can now “turn over”. Scout has also developed the uncanny ability to know if a cellphone camera is within 30’ and pointed in her direction. Her pediatrician calls it the most advanced example of Infant Heliotropism she has ever seen. VERY COOL!


If you “do Twitter” or have ever considered “doing Twitter” you really should consider “following” me at:  


Currently 686 people follow me. That might seem like a lot… to people who think Delaware is a large state. Delaware is NOT a large state unless you are Rhode Island.

686 is not a lot of Twitter followers; but, I have never done anything to add followers… like “buy 1,000s of followers” from some hacker in China which apparently many people do.  No clue how those 686 pilgrims found me ???

I also don’t pose in skimpy lingerie or call Sarah Huckabee Saunders obscene names which are also popular twitter follower ploys.

For a long time I was stuck on 666 followers which scared Blondie a lot. I thought it was appropriate and pretty cool in a macabre Revelation / Apocalypse sort of way.

Sometimes my tweets are soooo incredibly clever that I, and only I, actually “get them”.  Blondie says thats not necessarily a good thing ???

I do get an abnormally high number of “retweets” and “likes”. At least people who know lots more about Twitter than I do say I do. I would explain “retweets” and “likes”… but I can’t.

People with bazillions of followers are forever “retweeting” my insanely clever tweets. Their bazillions of followers marvel at how insanely clever some guy named @BobLeeSays is. …You already knew that.

Did You Know… the combined populations of Delaware and Rhode Island are only 3% of the number of different explanations for Net Neutrality available on Twitter?

Yes… alas… many of my insanely clever tweets do fall into the gigantic category of “political” IF making fun of liberals is indeed “political”.

I don’t think suggesting “Ray/Roy Cooper has the leadership vibe of an Asst Mgr of a Dollar Store” and/or stalking The News & Observer is “political” but…. trying to find any subset of American culture that has not been thoroughly “politicized” is looking for a needle in a very large haystack… in the dark… blindfolded.

BEWARE OF… any lying SOB that says whatever they said – are saying – will say is “not political”. They will lie about other stuff too.

I am desperate for a word to replace “political” when discussing The Ongoing Fragmentation of America.

I don’t “do Facebook” except to post my columns. I don’t “do Instagram” AT ALL. Kid “does” but we are about three techno- generations apart.

AgentPierce “tweets” too at @TheAgentPierce … he has a niche following as you might imagine.

If you don’t currently “do twitter” I hesitate to suggest you do. I would be like that minor league teammate of Josh Hamilton that suggested Josh “try crystal meth” just this once.

As in all things… “moderation” is the razor-thin difference between a hobby and an addiction.

OK… time to go tweet something insanely clever.


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