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April26/ 2018



This Week’s Stoopid Liberal Stuff: Yeti… Kanye… Joy and…

Our new format is highlighting 3-4 recent shining examples of Really Really Stoopid Liberal Crap. I knew this was going to be difficult but it’s darn near IMPOSSIBLE.

Instead of my dissertations reminding you that the American handbasket is indeed descending ever closer to the utter depths of Eternal Hell… we will present glaring examples of how ridiculous “Liberals” are. Try not to realize that about 35-40% of America’s Great Unwashed buy into this absurdum. Unless you are selling snake oil or President Hillary commemorative posters in which case large numbers of gullible nitwits is “a good thing”.

On Monday I started saving links of Really Stoopid Liberal Crap going on. Knowing I was only going to be able to use 3-4 at most. By Wednesday morning I had over a dozen “doozies”.

Remember that screaming harpie from Fresno State. Boy, was she UGLY or what!… … she didn’t make the cut.

Did ya hear about that mini-riot over at Duke? A bunch of Duke Alumni Fat Cats got a up & personal view of what pathetic snowflakes their alma mater is churning out these days. The Duke Fat Cat Alumni were SHOCKED! And DISMAYED. … that didn’t make this week’s cut either.

Here is what DID, in my opinion, make this week’s cut as …. Stoopid Liberal Stuff.


Yeti Coolers DID WHAT… then said “Oops”

Yeti is like the Rolex of beverage coolers. You pay mucho for the prestige of the label.

Who knew that the #1 pick-up line at fru fru wine & sushi bars is …

Yeti cooler

“Hey good lookin’ wanna go out to my Land Rover and check out my 55 gallon Yeti? The one with the rich Corinthian Leather handle” … Who knew?


So anyhoo… some millennial ditz with Yeti’s “agency” convinced some other millennial ditz in Yeti’s in-house marketing department that EVERYBODY hates the NRA and that awful 2nd Amendment.

Soooo in-house ditz tweets the Planet that:

Yeti Hates The NRA… That 2nd Amendent thingy… and all the yucky rednecks that voted for Trump….

OK, I paraphrased that just a bit.

… LINK …

…. Guess who is (was) Yeti’s #1 customer demographic? Wealthy NRA members who voted for Trump. Soooo Mr Yeti (is there a Mr. Yeti?) gets back from a vacay safari in Mozambique and sees a memo from millennial marketing ditz…

TO: Mr Yeti
FROM: Elaine in marketing (the girl with the unicorn tatt on my cheek,)

Mr Yeti, you are going to be sooo proud of me… I just ran off about 80% of our customers.

BobLee’s brother-in-law – Hunter – is Asst Mgr of a local Ace Hardware. He called BobLee Tues AM … “Yo BL, What the hell is Yeti doing? 127 people are standing here wanting to return their Yeti coolers. Do something!”

BobLee texted Mr Yeti as he was reading Elaine’s memo and his head was exploding.  Mr. Yeti came up with some flowery BS retraction that basically said (1) Elaine was a moron, but his wife’s niece… and (2) Yeti LOVES THE NRA and any stupid rednecks that buy waaaay over-priced luxury “coolers”.

Just another day in America 2018.


Kanye West is “a famous rapper”… I think.

I guess “he is a famous rapper” anytime it’s a very rich (but not really tall) black guy married to a Kardashian.  I don’t know one song or rhyme or poem or whatever rap is that Kanye West is famous for.

Kanye West announced this week that:

I sorta kinda “like Donald Trump” because Donald Trump has done a lot more to help the Black community in 18 months than his half-Kenyan predecessor did in 8 years. Well yeah…

Imagine how THAT went over with Reverend Al and RaceBaiters ‘R Us? Not well at all. They promptly ordered millions of their people to detwitter Kanye and whatever you do on Facebook to people you are not allowed to like any more.

Defiant Ones

There was an old movie called The Defiant Ones starring Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis. Two prisoners – one black, one white – chained to one another. They escape from a chain gang and spend the movie running from guards with dogs chasing them thru a swamp. They have to cooperate with each other to survive.

… LINK …

Kanye essentially escaped from “The Plantation” where LBJ incarcerated The American Black Community 60 years ago.

Lyndon Johnson (aka LBJ) fed them heapin’ helpings of B***S*** and fried chicken and said…  

If you people vote (D) in every election for 200 years, maybe we’ll give you dessert someday.

They said “Yessa Massa Lyndon… we be good little Democrat black folks.” … Here they are in 2018… still with no dessert.

Not sure if Kanye went over-the-wall or tunneled out but he “got out” of The Plantation… and found a WiFi connection. He said what he said… and caused a Humongous S***Storm that made Katrina look like a gentle breeze.

Three members of The DNC Executive Council had conniption fits. One jumped out of a 3rd story window… luckily landing on two vegan snowflakes protesting “a pretty Spring Day”.

If as few as 10% of the American Black Community ever have the same Revelation that Kanye had… Well… you do the math!


You ever heard of Joy Reid…  America’s latest Liberal Homophobe

If you have never heard of Yeti Coolers… or Kanye West… not much chance you have ever heard of Joy Reid.

Joy is (or was) a something or other for MSNBC and various other WE HATE TRUMP media platforms. Joy’s schtick was straight from The Maxine / Sheila School of We Can Say ANYTHING Because We Are Black So It Doesn’t Have To Make Any Sense Whatsoever.

Try engraving all that on a class ring!

Joy Reid

I am convinced that Joy Reid is “a Trandgender” but I can’t figure out which way she is going – He to She or She to He. I suppose it doesn’treally matter.

Joy is (or pretended to be) a staunch advocate for all the oddball factions and sideshow freaks that hang out in that Big Ol’ Liberal Democrat Tent.

Alas… just like we told you about Jimmy Kimmel last week… Joy really doesn’t think too highly about the Homosexual Community. Some Joy Reid blogs were discovered full of homophobic slurs and her using homosexual sexual practices as insults. Uh Oh.

Yep… exactly what happened with Kimmel insulting Sean Hannity.

… LINK …

Joy’s first reaction was, of course, make up a whopper of a lie, that her gang of dead-eyed peeps would believe it. She failed. She claimed her blogs were “hacked” but had no clue what that meant or that it could be easily debunked.

36 hours after the “I was hacked” excuse was universally ridiculed… Joy finally admitted she “did it” and “owned it” but that she had been really sure her peeps were dumb enough to buy the “hacked” excuse.

Of course, all of Joy’s partners-in-journalist-crime at MSNBC and elsewhere have applauded her courage and forthrightness is coming up with only one flimsy silly excuse before admitting she “did it”.

Most said they would have come up with 3-4 excuses before ever admitting such a thing… and immediately started deleting their own insulting blogs.

Yes, I heard about Tommy Brokaw and his alleged unpleasantness with sexual harassment. I have no clue if it’s true but I think Tommy Brokaw is a self-righteous prig so if he did it I hope it sticks to him to the grave and beyond.

NOTE:  If you were SHOCKED by anything spewed at the White House Correspondents Dinner then you haven’t been paying attention the past ten years, especially the past two years.  That level of viral toxicity is the daily norm on CNN, MSNBC, The View, Late Night Talk Shows, et al.  Wake Up to how much “they” viscerally despise “us”… Donald Trump, Mike Pence and me and people like me and YOU if that describes you.
Until next week friends & neighbors…


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