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Donad Trump
March27/ 2018


AgentPierce: I do care about Stormy … Why?

It reaffirms why I voted for / support an incorrigible rascal

…named Donald Trump.

In our post-Meet Stormy Daniels World there are two prevailing camps:

1. The insane rabid bats on the Left trumpeting the Imminent Demise of Trump with a fervor not seen since last week… and the 60 odd weeks prior to that. There are year-old toddlers walking today that have never known a world NOT awaiting “the Imminent Demise of Trump”. Those toddlers may be skateboarding and windsurfing under that same Imminence someday…. And…
2. The Bitter Clinging Deplorables harrumphing “I don’t care about no damn porn star from eleven years ago… thats between him and Melania”… harrumph.

I am forming a 3rd camp.  Without sanctioning his sybaritic behavior – I simply accept it as part of the total package of who Donald Trump is.

I did not vote for Donald J. Trump to be my pastor… or to be my moral compass.

I voted for Donald J. Trump in the desperate hope that he could… (1) halt, or at least slow down, the liberal plague that threatens to wipe out 250 years of The American Experiment and… (2) make inroads in draining the odious political swamp that is The Legislative Branch of American Government.

As to #2… if he could not totally drain the swamp he could chase out enough of the disgusting human garbage that we can hope that “good men (and women) and true” could someday repopulate “the swamp” in some redeemable fashion. Thereby giving a soupcon of hope for future generations.


I was well aware that Donald Trump is an incorrigible rascal… a cad… yeah verily, a full-fledged scallywag.


He has gone to the extreme to portray himself as such throughout his public life. He did not campaign as a pious Boy Scout or as someone wishing to be my or your moral compass.

Donald Trump is, and always has been, a man of Falstaffian excess.

He flaunts his wealth and the “things” that wealth has allowed him to acquire… including, to date, three overtly attractive wives.

Unlike a certain former POTUS / serial sexual predator who flaunted his “family Bible” as he used church attendances as photo ops… Donald Trump appears to have the basic theological awareness of anyone with his level of education.  I doubt Donald Trump can correctly quote a half-dozen Bible verses… from “Two Corinthians” or where ever.

Donald Trump did not spend twenty years attending Jeremiah Wright’s “We Hate White People” sermons… and then claim he ‘never really paid attention’.

Donald Trump, by comparison, has never disguised nor “spun” himself to be other than who / what he is.

…A whip-smart savvy “business man” capable of multi-tasking and multi-level deductive thinking.

…A shrewd negotiator not awed by “lots of zeros” on a bottom line.

…A proven board room gladiator not intimidated by pompous posturing politicians or media weasels.

Perhaps you would prefer a career politician or a community organizer? I don’t… and I don’t.

I was as aware of Donald Trump’s “character” as I have ever been of any Presidential candidate. Probably more so. If he is indeed more pious than his public persona would he not have shown that side of himself in his campaign?

Campaigning politicians traditionally go to the extreme to “kiss babies” and exude a “holier than thou” image… Donald Trump never did that as a campaigner nor as POTUS.

That there would be “a Stormy Daniels” – or two or three – in Donald Trump’s background should not surprise anyone. It does not surprise me in the slightest.

His infamous “conversation with Billy Bush in the bus” did not surprise me nor cause me to second-guess my vote. Donald Trump is “a rascal… a cad… even a scallywag”. I have known my share of such men – perhaps not with his extreme wealth – but with his sybaritic attitude.

Given a choice I do not prefer the company of such men. I do not anticipate sharing the company of President Trump. I have an acquaintance within the broad circle of “friends of Trump” who has confirmed my observations.

     I am not asking Donald Trump to be someone I would choose as a friend.

    I want a POTUS who will do whatever it takes to defeat America’s enemies.

   I consider The American Left to be our #1 enemy. With due respect to Russia, North Korea, militant Islam, et al.

Vice President Mike Pence, by comparison, has exhibited a more traditional “personal piety”.  I find that combination of Pres/VP personalities to be a positive.

I voted for Donald Trump on the off-chance he would be enough of a “trench-fighting gladiator” to stop the liberal horde poised to breakdown the gates and overthrow America.

None of the “empty suits” that have masqueraded as Republican candidates since Ronald Reagan have proven to be anything BUT “empty suits”… ergo… that aforementioned liberal horde is indeed “at the gates”.

College football coaches use a line when their players often “misbehave”…

“Angels don’t play Football… so we don’t recruit angels.”

Pious Boy Scouts don’t make good “trench-fighters”… 

At this time in America’s history, I don’t want a pious Boy Scout as POTUS.

Donald Trump’s dalliance with “a porn star” does not refute what I thought of him… or give me a lesser degree of confidence that he might fulfill those two expectations of him …. (1) stop the liberal horde … (2) make a dent in draining the DC swamp.

If Donald Trump were NOT who he is – sybaritic behavior and all – then:

Hillary Clinton would be President.

Those rabid mobs and social media vermin would be in control of every aspect of this country

… and crazy sumbitches would still be killing innocent children.

Men of power / wealth & sexual philandering have been a duo throughout recorded history.

Not being “a man of power / wealth” I cannot provide an explanation why that is the case.  But it is.




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