BL: A Great Game… then the usual urban rioting. And…

Eagles Win
February07/ 2018

A Great Game… then the usual street rioting. And…

I’m sure most of the “civilized world” (which gets smaller by the hour) has been wondering – Did BobLee watch The Super Bowl? Yes, I did.

Most of you know I chose not to watch The NFL this season. I was NOT boycotting or “protesting the protests”. I simply chose not to watch. And I’m now a season and a half into “not watching The NBA” for the same NOT reasons. I am also avoiding gluten and “dairy”… except for a splash of creamer in my morning coffee. I am in the process of switching over from coffee to tea… with honey.

The NFL… The NBA… gluten… dairy… and “attending any sports event”. That’s my five “don’t do’s” for now. In my overall Decluttering Of My Life look for additions to this list.

I totally avoided all the pre-game falderal. I turned on the TV at 6:15 on Sunday to see how the SSB would be handled and I did watch the game itself. I did NOT watch “halftime”.   I read where some pinheaded moron complained that Justin Timberlake was “too white” to be The Super Bowl halftime entertainment. … moving right along.

It was an incredible football game by any measure you want to employ. I still can’t name any Eagle except the QB Nick Foles. I could not have named him a week ago.

My All-Time Super Bowl play is still David Tyree’s helmet-catch from Little Brother Eli; but there were certainly some doozies in this one.

I normally pay zero attention to the announcers. I don’t get into “hating announcers” although I realize it is a passion for many fans… along with blaming the refs. That said… IMO, Chris Collingsworth was simply awful. There were times his incessant babbling had me thinking Bill Walton was doing the game. Al Michaels is THE classiest modern-day play-by-play guy. Al had to be going nutz with Collingsworth’s flatulent yakking. I imagined Al reaching over to unplug Collingsworth’s mic.

The game was literally in doubt to the final play… but with 2:00 to go, it was “likely” the Patriots would lose. That would, and did, unleash the army of Brady-Haters. Gazillions of human hairballs hate Tom Brady. He is the total package of “success”. Everything human hairballs despise and envy. I went to one national sports website Monday morning and half the articles were some version of “Tom Brady choked” and/or “Tom Brady is over-rated”.

Meanwhile in Philadelphia… the ubiquitous “urban street rioting” took place. “A tradition like no other” when any high-profile pro/college sports team wins a Big Game.

Phila Riots

At one point in my life my bucket list DID include “be in Times Square for New Years’ Eve”. I never did that. I can’t recall ever being part of a “post-Big Game Win Street Riot”. I appreciate that such “celebrations” have special memories for some. I guess I can see where an excuse to “loot & pillage” has a perverse appeal… overturn a few cars… tear down some utility poles… et al.

Somewhat related… about 15 years ago one of the local Triangle-area colleges won a big football game – “big” by ACC standards. The students “rushed the field” and at least one students sustained a serious injury – a broken arm. A board monkey moron the next day noted “that’s the piece you pay to have a winning program”. OoooKay.

Philadelphia has more than its share of “provocative” sports talk shows. In the wake of the latest Philly Street Riots, one notorious yakker noted that Philadelphia’s post-game street riots were no worse than many other cities’ post-game street riots. Detroit, apparently, is the Gold Standard of sports-related street riots. If less than a dozen bystanders are gunned-down it’s considered “mild”.

There is absolutely nothing about the current socio-cultural behavior trending in America to think such street rioting is not going to increase in intensity.

A noticeable increase in “street rioting” has been documented in the fall of pretty much every once-great civilization since the dawn of time. The combustible combo of “street rioting” and “social media” could escalate our total collapse… time will tell.

Did I just violate my resolution not to be grumpy”? I don’t mean to sound “grumpy”.


NOTE:  Is there A NEW SCANDAL abrewing “amid Kenan’s lofty pines” involving Air Jordan shoes being sold (illegally) by enterprising young Fedorians???


Will I watch Roy v Mike this week? That I even know it is “this week” surprises me. I haven’t watched 20 minutes of College MBB this season. I know that UVA is doing very well, and, of course, that NCSU’s new Coach KK has far surpassed anyones’ expectations this year. Beyond that you don’t want me as your partner in Team Jeopardy if the category is College Basketball 2018.

Between my long list of audiobooks, a strange addiction to Ancient Aliens and endless reruns of Shark Tank, there are only so many hours in my day. I do NOT watch that “All Hitler All Day” channel.

I did see a VERY good movie last week – The Greatest Showman – with Hugh Jackman as PT Barnum. It is kind of a Broadway Musical Movie. Check it out!

The past five years, I’ve averaged about 2.5 “go to a movies” a year. Now I’ve got 10 months to get my other 1.5 in. A new Lara Croft movie comes out in March PLUS … Bruce Willis in a remake of Charles Bronson’s classic Death Wish. I might gorge myself on five movie this year !!!

Oh Oh Oh … I AM following MLB of course. I have some incredible insights on the brouhaha developing over the Free Agent signings issue. … But I have reached my self-imposed 800 word limit. … next time


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