CNN: Worth 10,000 words? No. PRICELESS!

CNN Newsroom
June21/ 2017

… worth 10,000 words? No, PRICELESS! The blow-dried weasels of CNN watching last night’s Special Georgia Election Results.

If “a picture” just any picture is worth “a 1,000 words” how PRICELESS is this one? At least 10,000… maybe more.


CNN weasels watching “their candidate Jon Ossoff” get spanked like a rental mule by Eeeevil Republican Karen Handel. Jon Ossoff

I tweeted to my dear dear friends (??) at the failing N&O – “howsabout a picture of The N&O newsroom last night?” Other than a LOT of “likes”, my tweet went unanswered. Bwahahaha…. BTW: “The N&O Newsroom” is now down to just Moe & Larry.  Curly got downsized last Friday.

ASIDE:  Am I the only one thinking this nerdo looks like he oughta be Clay Aiken’s Boy Friday?  No I’m not sayng he’s…. well, you know.  I’m just saying… forget it.

It wasn’t just “nerd boy” getting a wedgie for all to see (certainly NOT his first one of those) , it was many many many millions of Hollywood bucks going down an empty rat hole.

Hollywood hasn’t experienced such a bad investment since Ishtar and Heavens Gate.

Those obscure references will send folks scurrying to Google. Bwahahaha….

Over 80% of Nerd Boy Loser’s campaign was financed by “out-of-state donors” with 90210 addresses… LoserBoy outspent Eeeevil Republican Woman $23,000,000 to $4,500,000. That’s $200/vote.

Would it be more prudent for Democs to: Pay $200 directly to each voter showing a selfie of him / her / it “voting for the goober with the “D” by its name?

The TV, Print, billboard, yard sign businesses in Greater Atlanta should send a Thank You to the “show biz slime” for their generous contributions to the North Georgia economy.

Not to worry… with the dawn of the next day… Chris “Tingly leg” Matthews was “blaming it on the weather”. Trying no doubt to link the crushing defeat to Trump’s decision on The Paris Accords.

The #1 take-away for all my “I also really despise Liberals” friends out there is that:

64,000,000+ Trump supporters are ALIVE… KICKING Lib BUTTS & Taking Names.

When the Baghdad Bobs, Tokyo Roses and Axis Annie’s of the Rabid American Left’s media Luftwaffe look thru your TV screens and monitors and tell you…

“99& of America HATES TRUMP including his own family… he will resign by noon… blah blah blah”

Ask yourself “and WHY am I watching these blow-dried moe-rons?” Switch over to reruns of NCIS and Blue Bloods.

Have a VERY nice day… ya hear.




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