…. drowning in Flagship Fodder !!!

June24/ 2016

BLWindmill-copyI, your not-so-humble Internet Legend, find myself temporarily addicted to “Flagship Fodder”.   I seem to be engulfed by a Tsunami of Flagship Fodder these past several days.  It is most unhealthy…. I am OD-ing on the stuff between Chansky columns and all the rest of it….

Thank Goodness for Paulina Gretzky’s shapely derriere …..

I keep trying to escape but am being dragged back into the swirling maelstrom of abject absurdity emanating from “over there”.   Surely there is ample ridiculum taking place elsewhere; but, alas, I just can’t break free.

Making it even worse is the fact that I am sitting on a Follow-up column on The $795,000 Walk-On Story that cries out for posting…. Oh Woe…. What shall I do ???

As I fight against this riptide of TruBlue ridiculousness, I ask for your patience and understanding.  I am convinced there WILL BE a lull in this current Storm o’ Stoopidity and we will return to a broader cross-section of Human Foolishness around the globe.



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4 years ago

it only bothers you as much as you let it BL

58 Wolf Kennel
4 years ago

BL, AP. I know you believe you can have it both ways, but these last few days of political correctness and civilization overload don’t lend themselves to simple, intelligent comments. I do believe in leaders (actually watched “Saving Private Ryan” with my wife this morning, first time in 15 years). Sometimes you just have to follow orders and do or say what must be done. Might be getting “old”. Had a great time yesterday with a dear friend of 60+ years who has a place at Kennel’s Beach but is a retired NYPD undercover drug agent who was shot 5… Read more »

4 years ago

Well there is Brexit. If an angel is born every time a progressive’s head explodes, millions of angels were born over the past 24 hours.

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