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December04/ 2015

The College Coaching Carousel and MLB Free Agency going on simultaneously.  That’s “at the same time” for you board monkeys peeking in!   …. some MLB news …. BobLee chats with a Compliance Officer …. and a board monkey posts a vicious sadistic threat.

Is it just me or…. have you noticed too that the first school to know it had a vacancy might be the last school to sign a new HFC – South Coach CarouselCarolina?   So much for “getting a headstart on the field”.   “Why Dat” is a head scratcher….. great fan support and Spurrier proved you CAN win there.  This was Ray Tanner’s first “big hire” as AD so maybe Ray’s closing skills need work ???

Mark Richt going home to The U…. I like this Prodigal Son hire although it woulda been fun to have Yea Olde Butcher coming back amid the pines every two years.   With Larry (and still Gene) now taking “da Heels” to heights The Butcher only promised, the hardcore Franklin Street Friends of Butch Society is reduced to two guys named Moe.

For all those questioning UGA hiring Kirby Smart with no Head Coaching experience…. Mark Richt had “no head coaching experience” when they hired him 15 years ago.  Normally “some CEO experience” should be “a must have” otherwise it is a BIG GAMBLE for all concerned. A short stint as a HFC at a mid-major or anywhere is a BIG advantage.  Ask John Bunting or Will Muschamp or Chuck Amato or Ted Roof.


Ruffin McNeill FIRED at ECU  Saban and Belichek “on short list”.


UVa Hires BYU’s Mendenhall …. LINK.

Everyone praises Mark Richt’s “strong Christian ideals and all-around fine fellow-ishness”, but, he does have a history of continually recruiting thug-aletes at UGa.  Mark, like his mentor Bobby Bowden, thinks he can “Father Flanagan” every thug-alete….. he can’t.   Look for him to use that same logic with the ‘Canes.  Only Florida and Florida State average more “arrests per year” than Georgia.   LSU is a close 4th in that list.   Odd that Florida, FSU and Miami will now all be competing for the same young guns in South Florida.

FWIW…. I think this was The Butcher’s one/only chance to “come back” unless he would choose some small rogue program somewhere.  He will stay in TV as “didn’t you used to be Butch Davis?”…. along with “didn’t you used to be Mack Brown?”.   If Lou and Lee (Corso) could do that well into their 70s, why not?

Mizzou filled their gig by promoting the DC and thereby saving several “mill”.   I suspect saving $$$$ and most “name” candidates being suspect of all the crap at Mizzou were behind that ho-hum hire.

SoCarol, and Rutgers…. who cares) are the only Power Five gigs still open.    I suppose SoCar “could” throw MEGA bucks at Larry in some OMG surprise move but I really don’t see that at all.   No way.Chizik

….. and I really thought Gene The Wonder Coordinator would go to UCF; otherwise I don’t see a gig for him this go-round.  So he stays “up in the booth looking over the top of his reading glasses” for another year.  Go figger.

As these other Power Five gigs have filled, Larry loses some negotiating leverage with Bubba.

I still see Bubba offering $3M+ plus bumping Gene to $1M and another big bump to the OC too.   As to where’s the $$$$ are coming from…. ????  I bet Mo Koury is very glad he’s no longer UNC’s go-to Fat Cat.

IF Bubba locks up The Dynamic Duo – Larry/Gene – look for UNC to scoop up a bumper crop of 4-5 stars.   There won’t be any NCAA verdict before February Signing Day plus the “negative recruiting” reached its zenith last year without all that much impact.

….. all those very long list of reasons that ABCers hate All Things UNC sooooo much don’t apply to semi-literate 17 yo’s who only see a high-scoring/winning offense PLUS those awesome argygle stripes…. of course.


Before we move on from “amid the pines”….. we haven’t heard much from “Bonnie & Clyde” (Mary & Jay) or “That Damn Dan” Kane recently…. BUT that didn’t stop one of the principals with one of the major UNC monkey boards from issuing a freakin’ on-line Vicious Sadistic Threat against all three several weeks ago. ….. OMG!insanity

Actually “Vicious Threats” are not that uncommon from deranged board monkeys.  You folks think I’m kidding about what sick SOBs these human hairballs are….  Threats against family members of whomever they decide to hate is becoming en vogue around the country now.  It’s a natural progression of the insanity.

No, I’m not going to get more specific.  It would only elevate this specific sicko’s cred with his equally sicko readers.  They know who they are.


Sorta related…. I spent several hours recently with a Compliance Officer at “a major Power Five institution”…. NOT located in “The Triangle”.   That person related stories about “their program” that match / exceed anything oozing out of Chapel Hill.

….. a starting QB that never bothered to pick up his textbooks for a semester…. total indifference and entitlement from most players to going to class or taking tests or anything related to academics …. Crap about tutors doing papers and grades being changed for eligibility is “no big deal” and just accepted as SOP.

The individual thought it was ridiculous but “that’s how it is”.   The PTBs know it and pass down orders to “just do it (go along)…. or we’ll get someone else who will”.  Not unlike being an accountant for the mob.   Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell.

This is not meant to lessen any legitimate concerns about The Myth of The Carolina Way at all; or to use the EDI Excuse (Everybody Does It) but, indeed, Far More “Do It” than Don’t Do It…. and some “do it” to an extent you can’t even imagine.


In MLB…. I will never understand why pitchers command MEGA-deals.   David Price getting $30M/year to pitch every five days ???  I see a Top Ten pitcher – Kershaw, etc – getting Big Bucks if they are truly dominating (and in their prime) but otherwise GM BobLeJason Heywarde would spend my Big $$$$ on everyday players who are consistently around .300 with 25+ dingers and a very good glove…. and “in their prime”.   That said…. I hope my Cards can resign Jason Heyward soon.  He is “a 4.5 tool player”.   “Good not great” power but exceptional glove…. and his future is ahead of him.

With Kershaw and Greinke and MLB’s #1 Payroll (and with Kennel as a fan), the Dodgers still haven’t made it to the WS in this millennium.


Colin Cowherd is picking The Fedorians over The Dabos.   I won’t be shocked if that happens but “even if” I don’t see Fedorians getting into Final Four in any scenario; but finishing in Top Six.

I’m going with Clem – Bama – Okla – MichState.

IF Dabos do stumble versus Fedorians…. I see Bama – Okla – MichSt – Stanford.  With TOSU fans bitching, but so what.


GREAT QUIRKY LINK :  Whatever Happened To Danny Ford ??


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