Colin steps in “it”…. Gets AXED.

Colin Cowherd
July24/ 2015

Colin Colin Colin …. talk about a “swan song”.   Wrapping up his 10-year stint as an ESPN talker, Colin Cowherd “done stepped in it” AGAIN.  This time the oft-controversial Mr Cowherd insulted all the baseball-playing citizens of the Dominican Republic.   Somewhere Jimmy The Greek and Al Campanis are voting Colin into their “probably shouldna oughta said THAT” Club.

Wonder if yours truly qualifies for membership, having once pondered live on Good Sports whether Carol Folt “is a midget or a dwarf”….. INCOMING!

Doing “live radio” when one is suppose to “be provocative” can be a hazardous occupation….


UPDATE:  Cowherd Canned By ESPN…. LINK

UPDATE:  Colin Cowherd Clarifies his comments – LINK.

MLB Players’ Association upset by Colin Cowherd’s comments on Dominicans

Dominican major leaguers and the players union are demanding an apology or other action from outgoing ESPN host Colin Cowherd, who Colin Cowherdmay have insulted a whole country with his on-air comments Thursday.

Talking on his national radio show, which is simulcast on ESPN, Cowherd was making a point about whether a general manager had the capability of stepping down from the executive office and adeptly handling managerial duties, as the Miami Marlins’ Dan Jennings has been asked to do this season.

“It’s baseball,’’ Cowherd said. “You don’t think a general manager can manage? Like it’s impossible? The game is too complex? I’ve never bought into that, ‘Baseball’s just too complex.’ Really? A third of the sport is from the Dominican Republic.’’

The comment has infuriated some natives of the Caribbean nation, which this year produced nearly 10% of the players on Opening Day rosters and disabled lists.

Toronto Blue Jays All-Star Jose Bautista expressed his indignation with a tweet directed at Cowherd that said, “before i rip you a new one, i would like for you to explain what u meant to say about baseball and dominicans, please.’’

The person, who spoke to USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the topic, also said the lack of response from ESPN – and Cowherd’s future employer, Fox, has upset its members just as much as the comments, and they will consider withholding cooperation with the networks. ESPN and Fox are national rightsholders to major league games, and Fox carries its jewel events, the All-Star Game and World Series.An ESPN spokesperson reached around midnight ET said any comments regarding the Cowherd controversy would not be forthcoming until Friday.

Cowherd, who went on to say the Dominican Republic is not known for its world-class academics and that many of its players come from underprivileged backgrounds, is leaving ESPN after a 12-year run there.


 In a totally unrelated story….. our favorite WNBA couple – Brittany (Griener) & Glory (Johnson) are back in the news  –  SURPRISE!  Brittany is accusing her estranged “spouse” (?) of “having sex with a man”.   Glory is pregnant (with twins).  A situation in which Brittany “has no biological connection”.   ….. Huh?

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