As I Tee It Up on “Life’s” #17.

June24/ 2015

I’m teeing it up on #17 in my Life Round of Golf. Whether #17 and #18 are short Par 3s or long Par 5s or in-between it not yet known. It was mathematically impossible for me to break par in this Life about half-way down #11.  “Finishing before I run outta balls” is my best hope now.  Will I putt out before the bottom drops out…. of America?

I am “robust” and healthier than I have any right to be. I can’t dance or whistle very well, but I never could do either in six decades plus of fogging mirrors. I could still learn to play the harmonica if I wanted to bad enough. I don’t. Same goes for speaking a foreign language…. and hiking Patagonia or The App Trail.

Adventures and misadventures aplenty due to equal parts omission and commission by me. ……

One wish I have never ever had, even for a nano-second, has been “To Be A Liberal”.

I have had bouts of constipation but not every single moment of my Life….. like a Liberal has.Angry Man

I have had miserable days and weeks but never too long and too dark and foreboding….. like a Liberal has.

I have “been done wrong” on occasions but always because I misjudged the situation NOT because of my parents, elected officials or The Koch Brothers, Art Pope or Talk Radio….. like a Liberal believes.

I have experienced financial woes….. but never found blaming the afore-mentioned Koch Brothers, Art Pope or Talk Radio or “a flag” to be part of any solution….. like liberals love to do.

I truly despise “the liberal media” but, I don’t even blame those no-count arrogant fops for my personal stumbles and pitfalls.

OK, admittedly it would be nice on occasion to blame everything un-good that happens to me or my family and friends on The Kochs, Eeeeevil Art, Talk Radio and, now – The Confederate Flag. The Good Lord blessed me with just enough common sense to prevent me going very far down that road of insanity.

I cannot imagine how it must be to have absolutely ZERO personal accountability or responsibility for ANYTHING.   Unless, of course, “it” is something good and then I can simply declare that “I did it”.  Most of us non-liberals outgrow that by age 4.   They (liberals) are just getting warmed up then.

Hellfire…. I’m not a toe-the-line Conserv any more.   I got disgusted with the squishy RINO Repub weasels some time ago.  I don’t give a damn about “legalizing marijuana” so I’m not a Libertarian.   I know it sounds cynical but I guess I am just “Very Very Not-A-Liberal”.

I see a post Civil Rights Act-America that is as totally FUBARed and worse than it was fifty years ago.  A black community stripped of all morality, hope and dignity doing the same thing over and over – i.e. trusting their liberal-masters – and expecting different results. Getting the same “no results” yet doing it again and again. The eternal definition of Abject Stoopidity.

I see poverty and homelessness despite LBJ’s “Great Society” under a Democratic majority most of these past fifty years. Those Welfare Plantation chains never break, do they?  Duh.

I see six years of an America under a tyrannical administration as insidiously evil as any in recorded history. An administration hell-bent from Day One of overthrowing “Everything American” about America…. and seeming to be succeeding more and more based on each day’s front page.

lI do not believe I am “in a minority” with my observations and frightening conclusions.. But it gets harder and harder to imagine There is Enough Left of America to simply say- STOP The Madness! That’s Far Enough!

Who is “the us”…… “the we” that will say STOP This Madness! That’s Far Enough!

We elect officials who lose their spine and their integrity and will not say STOP! That’s Far Enough!

Will this present course lead us to martial law, street riots and neighbor vs neighbor survival tests…. I fear that may indeed be the inevitable conclusion. Every apocalyptic prediction has some version of a total societal collapse. Barack Hussein Obama is certainly more than capable of igniting just such national anarchy….. believing he has enough foot soldiers to wear us out.


A strategy employed by Stalin, Mao and Crazy Kim Whozit in North Korea.  Kill a 100 of ours for every one we kill of yours and we still wipe you out.

If indeed Obama “has the numbers” in terms of street hoodlums and gang armies to turn loose on us, perhaps he is right. If so we are kaput as a nation.  Just vow to take down as many of them as I can before I go down.   Stack’s up like cordwood on my front porch.

Are enough of us content believing America has never collapsed before so it probably won’t now?

Are we fooling ourselves that this man is simply another greedy politician with a narcissistic King complex who will fall well short of his insane ambitions?

History is full of Obamas who “led” their countries and cultures to collapse and annihilation. If America collapses under the weight of an insidiously evil leadership allowed to run amuck, who wins whatever is left when the smoke clears?

Nothing is happening to America in 2015 that has not destroyed numerous civilization over thousands of years. Twitter and Facebook are NOT going to make a difference.

We sat back fat & happy then woke up one morning and VOILA –

“Oh Say Can You See AMERICA has become a daily Gong Show” of babbling liberal lunatics auditioning to “be in charge”…. to demolish 250 years of blood, sweat and tears because they never had a prom date.

We – America – are chin-deep in a socio-cultural quicksand bog. We did not fall into this gruesome mess yesterday or last month, last year. We’ve been in it for quite a while…. started back when Lord Obama was getting his Affirmative Action degrees with all those records no one is allowed to see. ….. But here we be now.

Can you remember when prayer was banned in school?
Can you remember the first Nativity Scene to be ordered torn down?
When an unborn baby was declared “not a real person”?
When marriage was redefined as “between an “it” and a “not really sure”.

Drip…. Drip…. Drip….

The “straw” to break our country’s back…. destroy our national will to “give a damn” any more ….. probably will NOT be this latest War On The Confederate Flag foolishness or the next Federally-orchestrated urban race riots or two or three.

NOTE:  Is Pat McCrory vying to be the first incumbent to get ZERO votes for a 2nd term?   Will someone please tell Pat the Democs are laffing their butts off as he keeps stumbling and fumbling to kiss theirs (butts).

Each of these quite ridiculous absurdities raises the quicksand inch by inch by inch until….  one day there won’t be anything left of what once was.

Maybe I will have putted out on #18 by then. I would be lying if I didn’t say “I hope so”.


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