THE Mike Adams re: ESPN….. Uh Oh!

May12/ 2015

mike-adams-236x300Today I’m sharing my cyber soapbox with THE Mike Adams a/k/a The most reviled, cussed discussed criminology professor at UNC-by-the-sea a/k/a Wilmington.

Mike shares some provocative thoughts re: “The Worldwide Leader” – ESPN.



Across the entire 18-campus UNC System there may be only one other active faculty member who can match Mike for sheer “notoriety”.  That being “Mr. Bluster” – Gene Nichol – “The Human Bottle Rocket” at UNC Law School.12giG5.So.138

That Mike and Gene are diametrically opposite on the ideological teeter-totter says something about the differing paths to becoming “notorious” within the ivy-covered walls of High Academe.


Quick…. which one of these two would you hire to haunt a house?


Gene, of course, has quite a following among the faux intellectual lemming grazing just south of Franklin Street.  Gene never lacks for fawning disciples while dining or simply strolling about campus.  Not so much so if Gene would ever try and return to Williamsburg but that’s a chilling story for another day.

Discussing “poverty” over a $60 beef wellington with a $100 bottle of Burgundy…. ain’t Life grand?

Mike, on the other hand, has to employ a food-taster whenever he eats on campus.  Strolling around the campus where he has taught for 22 years involves full body armor and a Mike-mobile capable of fending off RPGs and IEDs.  Such are the consequences for being “of the conservative persuasion” among those lovable free-speaking advocates in academia.

The initiation rites for wannabee lesbians and gays-in-training at UNC-W include writing a LTTE of the UNC-W school paper calling Mike an obscene name he hasn’t been called at least 137 times already.   Thats harder than you might think.  The UNC-W journalism dept waives their “no obscenity” rule when discussing Professor Mike Adams.   Ever the happy warrior, Mike takes great pride in that.  Hell, so would I.

Mike posted a commentary on on Friday that expresses my opinion on the evolution of ESPN or, as Mike labels it – Enlightened Socialist Progressive Network.

Paraphrasing Mike, listening to sports guys / gals bloviate on socio-cultural politics is as painful as Ol’ Roy Williams explaining the anatomical intricacies of a high ankle sprain or NASDAQ.   Ten seconds in and your ears are bleeding from the assault of pure unadulterated ignorance.

The evolution of The Worldwide Leader into “MSNBC w/ retired jocks with shaved heads plus Skip, Colin and that black gal with the cornrows” has accelerated over the past six years.   Six years that correspond to the current White House regime AND UNC alum Joh Skipper taking over the corner suite in Bristol.   Skipper’s prior work experience was with Rolling Stone.  Coincidence?

ESPN resurrected Screaming Keith Obermann but he is NOT among their top three knee-jerking hair-on-fire liberal foghorns.

Skipper oversees half a dozen networks that are “ON” 24/7/365.  Endless debates of the Designated Hitter, One-and-Done or Why Not Soccer would be snoozers.  So ESPN’s yappers get froggy pretending they are deep philosophical pundits and social scientists…..  To be fair….equally grating is enduring vapid News-Barbies and blow-dried Ken dolls discourse on sports.

Wonder what Gene Nichol would look like in cornrows?   I digress…..

Anyhoooo…. here is Mike Adam’s take on Town .

ESPN:  The Enlightened Socialist Progressive Network
By Mike Adams / May 8, 2015

Watching ESPN is painful these days. What used to be a good sports channel is now a platform for bad pop sociology and “progressive” political commentary. The commentary was in full force recently as I watched a sports commentator try to explain how the riots in Baltimore were a function of socio-economic factors. He had it wrong from the beginning……

The cultural disintegration that is happening in Baltimore – and, indeed, all around the country – is not due to a lack of money. It is mainly due to a lack of education – or, to put it more bluntly, willful ignorance.

There is a reason why you hear so many class warfare sermons from television sportscasters: Many sportscasters used to be academically unqualified athletes who had to major in sociology in order to survive academically. …… READ LOTS MORE.

If BobLee had posted this on his site there woulda been some severe angst expressed by a few of his loyalists fer sure.


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