Beyond Assassination By Hoodie

December21/ 2014

Every one of you knows about the tragic Assassination By Hoodie of the two NYC policemen Saturday night.

You know about Ferguson and “Hands Up”…. and “I Can’t Breathe” and the “brave courageous (!?) millionaire athletes” who wear the catch-phrase t-shirts. You’re reading/hearing everyday about the manufactured mobs who knee-jerk so predictably to their puppet-masters.

Everyone reading this column knows about the national and regional Race Pimps who are holding America hostage – Obama, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton, Barber, et al and their self-righteous sycophant “media enablers”. You all know the assassination of police was inevitable…. and that it is going to get much worse. You don’t need me to tell you the obvious.

My total disdain and utter contempt for the liberal media is well-known, especially for North Carolina’s regional version of same.

Substitute your local version for “Jim Goodmon – The quintessential limo-liberal” owner of Capital Broadcasting / WRAL and for McClatchy Corp – the “left-leaning (!!) owners of Raleigh’s News & Observer and of The Charlotte Observer. You have your own version of these self-righteous pious jackasses in your media market.

We all have access to CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC. That any of you still go to any of those media outlets for “news” astounds me, but I’m sure some of you still do.

“But AgentPierce, I HAVE to subscribe to the N&O for sports scores, obituaries and for coupons…. plus, I like the weather guy at WRAL”. NO you don’t. Just send your $150/year straight to Obama / Holder / Sharpton to buy more t-shirts. Cut out the middleman. I digress….

One of Jim Goodmon’s toadies – Mark “Binky” Binker wrote a piece last week that contained a rare bit of truth. Binker was commenting on the “effectiveness” of Bully Barber’s circus sideshow – Moral Mondays.

“…. there’s no big indication that Moral Monday made a dent in the turnout numbers. Republican strategist Carter Wrenn called this right in our column last year when he said, “Right now, the whole potency of Rev. (William) Barber’s movement is in the press coverage that he gets, and it’s gotten him a pretty long way ….

Whatever “success” Barber’s antics achieved was totally because of supportive, sycophant “press coverage” led by Binker’s employer – WRAL and by McClatchy newspapers in Raleigh and Charlotte. Barber’s ability to intimidate the mainstream media resulted in what you read/heard about his series of Hoot & Hate shows in downtown Raleigh. The size and the details of these sideshows was exaggerated and totally misrepresented by his media cronies.

NEVER FORGET – “about 80,000” and “two old hippies dry-humpin’ over in the corner”. NEVER FORGET what Barber’s media cronies never told you.

Apply the same supportive media sycophancy to what you read/hear about the much larger, much more dangerous national racial violence crisis now holding America hostage. What the race pimps’ national media cronies are NOT TELLING their readers / viewers about Michael Brown aka “the gentle giant” and “dear, sweet” Trayvon and about the whole “Hands Up” – “I Can’t Breathe” campaign….. and what they will not be telling you about the next series of incidents coming.

Are there legitimate racial issues in America? ABSOLUTELY. Have these oh-so-predictable tactics of the Race Pimps and their media cohorts moved us one step closer to real solutions over the past 50 years? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

It is incredible that a two-bit flim-flamming shyster like Sharpton (and Jackson in his heyday) can extort and intimidate a SONY or a major media outlet. Thats not so much a tribute to Sharpton but an indication of the lack of moral character and integrity of the people he can intimidate.

We all make fun of the over-the-top clownish personas of Al Sharpton and Bill Barber and Charlie Rangel and Sheila Jackson-Lee and even Rev Jesse and countless other braying flim flaming Race Pimps. Those over-the-top clownish personas somehow resonate with their target audience. Middle-class White America will never “get it”. The race pimps know that. They Don’t Care. They are playing to their base not to me and you.

Sure these characters are swindlers, embezzlers, street hustlers, two-bit thugs, extortionists and worse – community organizers. Yes, IF the sycophant media exposed them for who they are, they would “melt” like so many bling-wearing, pomaded “wicked witches”. But exposed for who they really are is not going to happen.

We are in an age of Reparational Journalism. The wealthy white, entitled Limo Liberal media moguls (Goodmon, McClatchy, et al) simply will not dare report the Truth about these people. Inherited wealth can buy a TV station or a newspaper chain, but it cannot buy integrity or moral fiber.

No doubt your dislike and fear of the racial hostility sweeping America has you festering a strong dislike. Hell, lets say it – a HATRED for Black Americans. ….. What was your immediate reaction when you heard about the assassinations of Officer Ramos and Officer Liu? Did you utter a racial epithet…. “a racal slur”. If you did, be assured you were NOT alone in doing so. I did.

The race pimps and their media cohorts can sit back and watch the burning, looting and rioting involving “regular law-abiding citizens” and they will blame me and you.

These Race Pimps from Obama to Barber and all of’em in-between, and their media cohorts will NEVER accept any accountability or responsibility for their active on-going roles in igniting and daily stoking the fires of racial hate in America.

“They” will pretend to condemn the Assassination By Hoodie in Brooklyn with alligator tears and empty rhetoric saying it was “simply an isolated incident by one disturbed man” while “they” plan the next escalation of Racial Violence across America.

This isn’t rocket science folks. These are simply race-baiting shysters with a very powerful media support system. They have no more substance than “a Kardashian” – also a media-supported phenomenon.

I’m just a guy albeit with a popular website. Nothing I say will likely make much difference in this national disaster or save the lives of policemen, firemen or other first-responders, LEOs and military personnel…. or save / protect the lives of innocent members of America’s black community…. or innocent middle class white America simply going about your daily lives trying to do whats best for your families. ….. simply going about your daily lives trying to do whats best for your families.

I CAN direct you to this LINK that will tell you what those media enablers / agitators will not tell you about Racial Violence In America. I’ve told you before. I’m telling you again.

You can pass along this information to friends and acquaintances or choose not to. You can continue to “get your news” from outlets such as WRAL and The N&O “for the sports scores, obituaries and coupons”.

ONE New York Jets’ player – Nick Mangold – DID wear an NYPD ballcap on the field Sunday. It remains to be seen if Mangold will be as lauded and applauded for his compassion and concern by all the ESPN guys as have been the ICB t-shirt gang. Oh… Yes, Nick Mangold is “a white guy”.

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