VIDEOs! So America needs Videos in order to…

September12/ 2014

The American IQ is sinking faster and farther than an anvil tossed into The Mariana’s Trench. We as a collective nation apparently need “a video” to grasp the concept of a man beating up a woman.

There are few acts of humankind more brutally savage and uncomplicated than a man using his fists to beat up a woman. “Why” might justify a library of psychological treatises. The act itself is as mechanically uncomplex as it can be. It predates the wheel and fire.

It is 2014. High profile powerful executives can say “Oh, NOW I ‘get’ the concept of what he (Ray Rice) did”. America needed a “video” to grasp that concept. OK America…. grasp THIS ONE.

With America now up-to-speed on “one-on-one domestic violence” involving NFL players, we can turn our attention to other acts of violent animalistic brutality. Acts that do not need brainiacs at NASA or Microsoft to dream up. Acts no one would ever classify as “brain surgery” or “rocket science”.

NOTE: If your fellow Americans don’t grasp the base-level concept of “domestic violence”, imagine them wrestling with “the federal deficit”…. “the electoral college”…. “where Afghanistan is”…. “setting a hotel clock radio”… etc.

Acts of violence predate recorded history. Acts so primal that Neanderthals likely perpetrated on one another when they were still mastering the concept of the opposable thumb.

Acts that those no-count lying weasels that compose “the mainstream media”, in lock-step concert with The Obama Regime, have unilaterally decided you – America – should NOT know are taking place in 2014 on the sidewalks of Anytown USA.

Maybe “a library of psychological treatises can be written” on WHY these Videos are NOT being shown on your local network affiliates and NOT being described on the front pages of your local newspapers. ….. and, of course, NEVER mentioned by His Eminence Reverend William “Bully” Barber in his much publicized Motley Mini-Mob Monday circus performances. Which receive extensive laudatory coverage in “the local media”.

The “why” is brutally simple – They do not want you to know because it would be deleterious to their ideological agenda. Duh…. ya think.

I e-met Colin Flaherty a year or so ago in that random fashion that one meets people “on the Internet”. I can’t recall if he happened upon one of my columns or I upon one of his. He lives in San Diego and I live 2,550 to the East but it’s 2014 and just a mouse click separates us.

Colin has a radio talk show and Colin, like me, is un-liberal in his socio-political point-of-view. I don’t know specifically where Colin Flaherty fits along the far left – far right continuum.

Colin took it upon himself several years ago to catalogue incidents of black-on-white violence taking place in America. Some people collect spoons or string or baseball cards. Colin Flaherty collects video proof of black-on-white violence across America. These videos come from traffic cameras and other forms of accessible security surveillances.

Friends of Colin, like me, began sending him reports and VIDEOS that pertained to incidents in our local communities. Incidents that were either totally ignored by local media; or marginalized into insignificance by local mainstream media. Colin now has 100s ney 1,000s of recorded evidence of black-on-white violence across America.

Several of these incidents did receive brief national attention. Recall the Australian college baseball player in Oklahoma who was killed in a random “thrill killing” by three “bored” YBMs. YBM stands for Young Black Males. That one was NEVER REPORTED by my local media. Not “of local interest” they said…..

My local media DID however devote weeks of coverage to “poor innocent Trayvon Martin” and recently supplied hourly updates on “Ferguson”. “They” covered those incidents ONLY until evidence began to surface that refuted the initial knee-jerk reactions. The “rest of the stories” about “poor innocent Trayvon” and “lovable Micheal Brown” never were reported in my local media…… But my friend Colin Flaherty did.

Colin published a book several years ago – “White Girl Bleed A Lot” – titled from a boastful comment made by a YBM during his interrogation.

Ever heard of The Knockout Game? Some of you have but most of you likely haven’t. It’s all the rage (pun intended) in urban neighborhoods across America.

Roving gangs of YBMs select random white pedestrians to attack. There is no rhyme or reason to their victim selection process other than availability and convenience. Oh, the YBMs do “profile” white people.

Instead of Ray Rice and his fiancée in a casino elevator, imagine a dozen YBMs attacking (from behind!) a totally innocent white pedestrian and beating him/her senseless on the sidewalk, then running away. Old, young, male, female…. doesn’t matter.

Do you need VIDEO proof to grasp this concept? Here are more videos that you have time to peruse…. scroll thru a few.

White Girl Bleed A Lot – LINK.

See the VIDEOs…. Grasp the concept, America

What can YOU do? You could contact your local mainstream media but I suggest you not waste your time. You will get passed off to a numbnut functionary who will do nothing with your concern.

What you CAN DO is pass this column along to 3-6-8-10-20 of your like-minded friends and associates. Sign up for Colin’s periodic updates. Educate yourself and your friends.

Go to the voting booth and vote for candidates diametrically opposed to those supported by your “local mainstream media”.

What “the mainstream media” (and the professional race-baiters and the Obama Regime) does NOT want you to see is somewhat more directly related to your safety and well-being than what Roger Goodell would prefer you not know about The NFL.

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