Jack was right….. “they” can’t handle the Truth

September26/ 2013

You simply cannot out-ludicrous that liberal media. No amount of over-the-top satire can match their real-life antics. I really did think I would be proven wrong on my Oklahoma Shooting prediction. Surely they would not insult the intelligence of their dwindling audiences….. but THEY DID.

I agree with Jim Goodmon and McClatchy’s Laurel & Hardy (aka Quarles & Drescher). Their “Jack Nicholson’s …..You Can’t Handle Truth” strategy is best. They ARE better off treating their audiences “like mushrooms”….. keep’em in the dark and feed’em a steady diet of b***s***.

Both McClatchy and WRAL TOTALLY ignored the Oklahoma Shooting….. except for one short wire service story three days after the fact. That was the official liberal media press release that:

“….. nothing is racist unless WE say it is and we say this isn’t. Move along now. Nothing to see here…… and those ‘I hate whites’ tweet by that one teen thug ….. well harrumph on that too….”

The same strategy goes for the 88 year old WWII veteran in Spokane who was bludgeoned to death by a black gang…… another coincidence. Darn those pesky coincidences.

Move along….. just move along now.

Neither Jimmy Goodmon nor the McClatchyites are clever enough to have come up with that “….. move along now. Nuthin’ to see here.” strategy on their own. It had to have come down from Lib Media HQ. I’ll assume what’s left at the Greensboro N&R used the same piece along with similar lock-step libs across the country.

And…… NOBODY dared to run the pic of the dead young Australian with pics of the teen thugs. Apparently there were no pics of those teen thug killers as 5 y/o angels in a church play. They coulda just rerun those “dear sweet little Trayvon” pics of course. It ain’t like their audiences would ever figure it out. Not exactly the sharpest audiences in the drawer….. don’t chu know.

And Obama’s substitute mouthpiece – Josh Ernest – (is THAT a made-up soap opera name or what?) told the White House press corps that:

“He (Obama) don’t know nuthin about no shootin’ in Oklahoma….. (but he knows he lost every precinct in Oklahoma so who cares).”

That is not the same as Queen Hillary saying “what difference does it make” about Americans dying in Bengazi….. but it’s close to the same.

That was three days AFTER the white college student was shot in cold blood by the black teen thugs that “Obama don’t know nuthin’about it” by the way. Guess that kiboshes reusing that “…. son I never had” strategy….. huh?

If American streets are not bloody battlefields in a national race war within six months it will NOT be because Jim Goodmon and McClatchy have not done their very best to cause it. No sireee.

To their everlasting credit however…… WRAL did report on a 10 person “demonstration” by one of Garrick Brenner’s mini-mini mobs…… and The N&O ran a front page story on Bill Barber’s buddy Bob Kennel being born in a Tryon Palace barn. Every media outlet has its “news” priorities.

I know most of you long ago blew off these aforementioned overt Republican-hating media operations but you have friends who have not seen the light yet. Send those friends a copy of this.

Goodmon and McClatchy and their ilk have declared WAR on 60%+ of the citizens of North Carolina. They despise us with every fiber of their constipated little bodies.

ANY Conservative who still relies on McClatchy or Capital Broadcasting or the N&R for their news is as deaf and dumb as the liberal lemming that they prey on.

I acknowledge that Goodmon, Quarles and Drescher have “a right” to hate us and to dedicate their organizations to destroying us. Filtering the news to that end is just one of their tactics.

How can liberals possibly be too dumb to see this?

Once you convince yourself that a moving image in a sonogram is just “inconvenient medical waste” …… believing anything else you’re told is easy by comparison.


Our congratulations to our pal Mike Adams down at UNC-W. Some academic supremacist peanut has declared Mike “the biggest embarrassment to higher education in America”. As noted, it was just some pin-headed peanut spouting off but I do so envy Mike having that headline to enjoy.

Speaking of pin-headed peanuts….. once fired / then rehired (at a pittance of a salary) N&O editorial assassin Ned Barnett added his 2 cents to The N&O’s 24/7 assault on Governor McCrory. Ned now trails his predecessor – Whiffenpoof Ford – by 1,357 “I really hate 60+% of the people in this area” attack pieces. Alas, Ned will not be hanging around long enough this time to ever catch Steve Ford.

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