Baseball is too slow and boring !!!!

June04/ 2013

Yep, those baseball-hatin’ board monkeys are right.  What a slow boring game.  No wonder nobody watches.  Count me as a “nobody” cause I just watched every inning of ANOTHER HUMDINGER! …… I’m not going to say “this morning’s” 12-11 UNC v FAU 13 inning do-or-dier HUMDINGER was as humdingier as a game could get…. but at 1:03 AM its gonna take a pretty amazin’ game to top this one…… OH ME OH MY!

We all agreed after the 18 inning Humdinger between UNC and NC State in Durham, as incredible as it was, it was “just for temporary braggin’ rights”.   The stakes were just a bit higher with this one.

I lost count.  Did Florida Atlantic hit more home runs last night than Josh Hamilton did in that Home Run derby in New York?   Good Lord!

Nobody keeps bouncing back time after time after time from multiple runs down to keep hope alive.  Once maybe….. but I lost count how many times Fox’s Moochies would not say die.

I’ve never considered myself a Pollyanna fan but I will say I never gave up in this one.  Maybe those Durham comebacks convinced me that it really is NOT OVER until the last man’s out.   No clock to run out….. stay alive until the last man’s out.

Yes, I was flipping back and forth on ESPN3 to the Rice / Oregon game so I knew around 12:15 AM that Carlos & Company will have its Super Regional at The Doak despite the NCAA.  But was there any way that the Moochies could pull this one out ???

Owls are coming to Raleigh …… and another bunch of Owls are headed back to wherever FAU is.

This was definitely the most exciting game I have ever watched….. on a computer.  Who says you need a giant flat-screen?   Just me and my 17” iMac for five+ hours.

A local media mogul said, after the 18 inning Humdinger, that he thought that game might do for local college baseball what the 1957 UNC v Kansas game did for local basketball.  If he’s right…. I can’t imagine what THIS ONE will do.

A certain “RealAD” and I are developing a tradition of trading texts immediately after one of these “epic games”.  I assured him at 1:05 AM that no way does Carolina pull that one out with his predecessor supposedly in charge.

We always joke about how many claim they witnessed an epic game.  Since this one was only “on computer” the actual witnesses will be few.   If ONE Wuff can convince me you stayed up until the end I’ll buy you lasagna at Amedeo’s.   If you watched at all, you whooped when the Owl hit the Grand Slam in the 9th then went to bed. A lot of Heels clicked off then too.

As Ol’ Roy went out on the court in 2005 to play Illinois for the NatChamp, a flaming nitwit fan yelled “Don’t let us down, Roy”.  No doubt such idiots were cussin’ Mike Fox’s moves last night.  A pox on all such MO-rons.

Just saying Carolina won 12-11 in 13 innings is what the box score reports.  You really had to totally immerse yourself in this one to appreciate the drama.  NO FREAKIN’ WAY Carolina wins this game …… NO WAY! ……………… Yes – WAY!

More slow boring out-dated dumb ol’ baseball next weekend….. for both local programs.  I’ll probably (!!) be watching.  Ya Reckon? You oughta too.


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