Dems 11th Hour Ad Blitz !

October28/ 2012

Look Out America! Here comes the Democrats’ long-awaited 11th hour ad blitzkrieg. Watch as they gas up the tanks and bulldozers to destroy everything in their path. SCORCH THE EARTH….. Or Else! And other fun slogans. ……

(The following are all courtesy of:
AgentPierce’s Catchy Slogans R Us.
Feel free to share with friends…. or liberals.)

The Constitution was written by White Guys
Enough Said. Time to start all over.

You Better Vote For Our Black Guy…..
(1) Because He is Our Guy
(2) Because He is a Black Guy!
(3) Or Else…..

Racists Vote For Mormons
Islamofascists Vote For Obama
Who Do You Trust?

Democrats Are Color Blind
We Only Hate Rich White Men!

Try it – You’ll Love it
Ask Cuba.

Mormons Are A Cult
Liberals Are Simply A Disease
That Makes Us Better…..

If God Actually Existed….
He Would Vote For Our Black Guy.
….. Allah Akbar

The Racist Card Is All We Got.
Got a better idea? Call David Axelrod ASAP.

Jeremiah Wright & Joe Biden Agree…..
Billy Graham is Crazy.
They Oughta Know, Right?

NYT, N&O….. and Al Jazeera
Endorse Our Black Guy!
Trust The Media….. or Else!

Black Is Beautiful!
So Is Hillary! ????

Not Just A Second Term
Lets Go For Dictator For Life!

Definition of Color Blind!
Close Your Eyes & Vote For Our Black Guy!

There ARE reasons to vote for Obama
Other than “He Is Our Black Guy”.
…… If you think of any, Please let us know.

You Just Vote &…..
Leave Destroying America To Us.
We Are Intellectual!

Mormon Are Evil…..
Muslims Are Misunderstood
Trust Us On This.

We Are Really Really Smart.
Thats Why. (Think they bought it?)

Hate Can Be Dangerous
Leave It To The Experts
Vote For Us…. or Else.

Mitt Is A Four-letter Word
So Is Vote……
Let Us Do It For You.

Black Is Beautiful!
White Guys Are Nutz!
Case In Point – Joe Biden.

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