Do Democrats Pray?

January28/ 2012

Those teeth-gnashing knuckleheads at the ACLU are on the attack again. The malicious media magnets are going after “prayer” in the NC General Assembly. The latest attempt to outlaw Christianity by the notorious left-wing extremist faction….. What to watch for: Will Democratic legislators take sides? — Will lame-duck Dumplin’ make a public comment? — Will GangMcClatchy even ask them ???….
I once rented office space from a Grand Dragon of the local ACLU. I didn’t know that when I rented the space, not that it mattered. I recall that Madame ACLU was a dumpy ill-tempered woman who seemed terminally constipated. She was a Roseanne Barr / Rosie O’Donnell clone. When I later learned she was an ACLU activist it all made sense. She had splotches of facial hair too now that I think about it.

Talk with any pointy-teethed ACLU activist if you are a masochist. Within the first five minutes they will remind you that in 1977 their organization supported an Aryan Nation group’s right to march in Skokie, Illinois. In their wormy minds that one incident shows what a magnanimous group of patriotic American the ACLU is.

Supporting the Aryan Nation = “being on my side”. Huh? That the ACLU equates “my side” – White Christian family man who flies the American flag from my front porch and writes commentaries like this – with the Aryan Nation is one of many concerns you might have with this bunch of baddies.

To this latest issue….. The ACLU opposes any overt form of Christianity in American society PERIOD. Nativity scenes, prayer et al. They cloak it cleverly but that’s their target. Scrub Christianity out of American Life. God versus the ACLU. Smart money is on God but with liberal activist judges, you just never know.

Recently the ACLU “won” a court case barring the Forsyth County Commissioners from opening their sessions with prayer. They did not actually “win” because the spineless judges voted to not vote. That allowed the ACLU’s complaint to be upheld. The Forsyth commissioners can no longer prayerfully ask God for His wisdom and guidance in their deliberations.

Whoever came up with the ACLU’s name was pretty clever – American Civil Liberties Union. Sounds like a fun bunch, right. Who isn’t for “Liberty” and America? Change “skunk” to “bunny”. Would you feel comfortable with one curled up at the foot of your bed? If Charles Manson legally changed his name to Billy Graham would you invite him over for Sunday dinner?

98.7% of the people who read this website know what the ACLU is all about. Lets move on….

For 98 of the past 100 years the NC General Assembly (NCGA) has been under the iron-fist of the Democratic Party. Over those 100 years the term “Democrat” has had numerous meanings not all of which were synonyms for goggle-eyed left-wing radical extremists – that has come in the past 15 years or so. During those 100 years the NCGA have observed the tradition of opening their sessions with a short prayer. They actually have a chaplain. In the House chamber individual members take turns offering the opening non-partisan prayer. There are no restrictions on that prayer.

There is no communion offered. No collection plate is passed. No altar call is issued. Just a short beseeching of God’s wisdom and guidance in the Assembly’s deliberations. To date no Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Satanists, or Druids have been elected to the NCGA. If any were, I cannot say how their prayers might be received by fellow legislators. Without incident, I suspect.

Interesting timing that the ACLU chooses to go after “prayer in the General Assembly” when coincidentally the GA is now under Republican control. The ACLU being, of course, a quite welcomed faction under the Liberal/Democrat tent.

Will veteran Democratic legislators step up to defend this century old practice?

Will lame duck Governor-ette Dumplin’ step up to defend her General Assembly?

Will any McClatchy reporter even ask Dumplin or any prominent Democs?

Some well might. Others most definitely will run and hide. There is nothing “fun” about the ACLU’s on-going efforts to destroy the moral fabric of America but watching Democratic weasels squirm is always fun.

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