Blondie: … Not Your Father’s Advertising

April20/ 2011


Not your father’s advertising.

I have a confession to make …..
…..As a graduate of a Journalism School with focus on advertising, ….. As someone who sold advertising for all sorts of publications for more years then I want to remember ….. As some one who deeply buys into the idea that a free press is The Fourth Estate and can be free only through the support of the free market as opposed to the government, I hate watching advertisements on TV!! Blondie

I mean, I really hate watching them. They get in the way of my entertainment! Yes, I know, I do have that thought niggling me in the back of my grey mass, that the shows I like could only be produced and aired because Cialis, Gieco, and Credit decided to buy commercials from the network, every five minuets!!! I get it!! Oh, do I get it. I still hate it.

Which is why I LOVE two other recent inventions – DVR and YouTube!!

I can now tape the shows I like, and bypass the endlessly repeated commercials, with the push of a button! Not only can I watch “The Good Wife” when I want, I can watch it with no commercials!!
Does it get much better?

The only downside is that OCCASIONALLY there are some very interesting, funny, poignant commercials that I miss. I caught part of one the other day that I love.

The one with the orange fabric that billows down from the top of The St Louis Arch to the ground. I have no idea what product that is for, but I love that image.

The new place to watch ads now, is YouTube. Here are three ads that are very funny. Just click the links, watch and come right back.

These are not my father’s or mother’s advertising spots.
I guess they are mine as they make me laugh and….I actually remember the products!!! (Not that I am buying Kotex any time soon….thank GOD!)

First Ad:
“And I’m like, OHHH, that’s what’s suppose to happen”:

For a couple of decades now, we have all had to endure those “feminine hygine” commercials that make you think that having a period is supposed to be…fun. I love that they used that idea to spoof themselves. Not your mother’s advertising.

Second Ad:
Old Spice One: Tickets to that thing you love.

Remember the old Old Spice commercials with the cute sailor who whistled? Like I said, not your father’s advertising!

Third Ad:
Old Spice Two: The Perfect man?? Umm….smells like it!

This one was just nominated for an Emmy.
And again, I like that it makes fun of the female dream of “the perfect man”.


This is a win-win! With DVR and YouTube, I get to watch shows uninterrupted and I also get to see commercials that make me want to participate in the free market!! And I only have to watch them once!


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