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August04/ 2010

I’ve been holding off hoping to spring THE BIG ONE on you but there has been a 48 delay in BIG ONE unveiling.  The “must discusses” were starting to back up like 747s over LAX.  We need to clear the radar right now. ….. Wolfgang Puck is putting radish roses on top of the wheat thins for the BIG ONE unveiling party now scheduled for Friday or Saturday. ….. until then:


…. after OD-ing on Marvin From Mars & The NCAA for what seemed a decade or more, I am taking a breather from in-depth analysis of embarrasing investigations.  Today BobLee fires short bursts at whatever appears between the crosshairs of ye olde socio-cultural periscope.

Players From Mars / Fans From Venus ….. went hyper-viral with record-breaking one day views and total views.  Of course, none of my insightful analysis of philosophical conundrums will ever draw the public attention of “Kim Kardashian sneezes”.  I am content with “you folks”.  Brainwashing a larger segment of America would involve fleets of crop dusting planes and access to municipal water supplies.

Q: BobLee, how many views did Mars – Venus receive?
A: 10,000 the first 48 hours and the counter has been spinning for a week.  Another dozen and the total will surpass the number of NFLers that Kardashian woman has known in the Biblical sense.  I told you it was A LOT!

Mars – Venus got INCREDIBLE accolades.  It truly is a subject whose time had come to be put “out there”.


LeBron James to Miami, et al ….. it’s the NBA so my who cares factor comes into play.  The LeBron hoopla has moved our society one click closer to plagues of locusts and rivers of blood.
Re: the comments of the Cavaliers owner; back in 1984, I wrote a short piece for the San Antonio Light newspaper about pro sports owners.  My insights on those guys rings as true today as they did 25+ years ago.  Pro sports players …. owners …. and die hard fans all deserve each other.  For those of us who peek in to their odd little universe, their over-hyped antics will always be baffling.


The Gulf Oil Spill ….. a lot of good folks along the Gulf Coast got hit hard by this unfortunate incident.  I don’t think eco-terrorists – eeeevil corporate greed – Sarah Palin or Talk Radio caused it.  An over-abundance of insipid reality TV shows may have contributed to it, however.
Twenty two years ago this November, a tornado wiped out the beautiful wooded glade behind our house.  Within an amazingly short time, the glade was beautifully wooded again hosting a plethora of charming woodland creatures.
Mamma Nature is awesome in her ability to overcome herself and “us” and to regenerate.  She has been doing it long before Greenpeace and The Sierra Club.  “Stuff happens”.  A lot of that stuff is unfortunate and hurts good people.  It hurts bad people too but I don’t really care about them being hurt.


Is Cheerleading A Sport ….. A judge in Massachusetts has ruled that cheerleading is NOT a “sport” as far as it counting in the Title IX lists.   OF COURSE, that ignited the international cheerleading community like a tsunami & Malibu brush fire combo.   The total predictability of that reaction is the delicious humor in this one. ….. Lord knows, there be no great connisseur of them cute lil’ flippin’ gals (and guys) than yours truly.
Cheerleaders (collegiately) are marvelous athletes and as integral to college football as tailgating, high-struttin’ drum majors and crooked referees.  Call’em a “sport”.  Hellfire, call’em a “head of lettuce”.  I don’t care, just keep’em doing what they do. …… “for without them what would little boys do.”


The Glorious Mess in Wake County .…. As some of you know, I find myself smack dab in the epi-center of this local whoop-de-doo over racial attitudes and public

Who was Willie Lynch?

education.  I try to use every situation for self-edification and this is no exception. …… have you ever heard the name – Willie Lynch?  I pride myself on a Double Jeopardy Trivia knowledge of historical minutiae.  Willie was a new one for me.
Blondie fears that my involvement in this glorious mess will result in (1) us sustaining property damage and/or (2) us being banned from numerous public facilities.  I’m pretty sure Mickey and Vann will always let us in MEZ and The Angus Barn.


The Upcoming NFL Season ….. Between minute-by-minute reports of what T.O. just said/did I hope we can all survive.  One week without a TO story would be nice.  Was there an NFL before TO?  The Albert Haynesworth saga is a sad commentary on the plight of professional sports but such it is. ….


MLB ….. A-Rod hit #600 today.  THANK THE LORD! But those little cleft-palate kids in those Internet ads don’t seem to care that much.  What do they know that we don’t?

BobLee? …. Yes, Wolfgang? …. I need more vege-taaables …. These are carnivores Wolffie, throw some Hormel Chili on top of the vege-taables …. BobLee? …. What is Hormel Chili?  Oh, Good Lord.  THE BIG ONE IS COMING!

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