We’re Ice Skating In Hell !!

August06/ 2010

Pigs will fly and Hell will freeze over …. before BobLee ever allows Reader Comments on BobLeeSays.com or so it has been said for a decade now.  Well, a squadron of low-flying porkers are headed to Hades for a hockey game.

Effective Today August 6, 2010 BobLeeSays is opening the Stargate Portal for you Buddies & Babes to dive in and splash about …. or not.  Every rock-ribbed, mutha-luvin’ one of you can achieve the thrill of being a BLSays commentor.  And for the same incredibly low price you are already paying.  SUCH A DEAL!

Think of it as a Fantasy Camp for Smart Aleck Wannabees.

Q:  Why BobLee Why ???
A:  I realized I have been very selfish all these years.  I have kept all of you quite cool folks to myself.  I have enjoyed your salient e-comments and often insightful e-insights by myself.  Now I can share you with the BobLeeNation.
Q:  But BobLee, aren’t you worried about an invasion of Rabid Board Monkeys?
A:  Naaah.  I’ve installed a rabid board monkey guard.  Like those squirrel guards you install with bird houses.  Just let one goggle-eyed 45 y/o Little League right fielders try and post a comment.  A 1,000 volt taser zaps’em and a 55 gallon drum of battery acid is simultaneously dumped on their momma.

It was the invention of the rabid board monkey guard that made this possible.

Imagine the possibilities that await us.
•    True Blues will learn that not all Red-clad Rodney Dangerfields are gap-toothed barnyard lotharios.
•    The Red-clad Rodneys will learn that drinking from Yea Olde Well/Water Fountain does not turn every True Blue into a commie homo.   There be none such among the BuddyBabe Army.  Heck….
•    Nearly all of our Duke B&Bs are Protestants from below the Mason-Dixon.  And
•    Everyone of our Deacon pals cusses AND dances ….. WHO KNEW?

The only stereotype I can think of that plays true is that all our BLBabes with ECU allegiance are “make your hair hurt CUU-TE”.  I don’t think they make any other kind.

ERW-Fanatics be warned that a few misguided looney libs do wander around here.   They will more than likely post drivel on Stand & Declare which ALSO now offers a Reader Comment option.  Uh oh.

There is a guard available that repels them too but I figure you might enjoy some of their faux-intellectualisms.  I know I always do.

The Looney Lib Guard, in case you are wondering and I know you are, is a hologram of Sarah Palin that pops up and gives’em a wedgie …. just like they used to get in 8th grade

Sarah wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes…

PE.   It’s quite cool.  Sarah is wearing an off-the-shoulder peasant blouse and a pair of Daisy Dukes ….. hubba hubba!

I’m not guaranteeing you will read real words from such luminaries as “a certain University Prez” ….. or a Popular Young Chancellor or “Pistol”.   Or “The Coach” or “Princess Fairmont” or “Buck Duke” or “GoalLine” or “PrinceAlbert” or “PonteVedraBill” or “J-DanWuff” or “Hokie Jim” or “Pomz” or “College Charlie” or “#23” or “BarbaraFromBuckhead” ….. or “Uncle Larson”, or Kid , or FROM YOU! …… but you might.

The “just between me & BobLee” e-address is certainly still available for those inside info communiqués.

You will notice a few changes on the right rail.  Solid Gold Archives is all columns posted BEFORE August 1, 2010.   “White Boy Football” …. “Pomp & Circumstance” …. “….wouldna gone to prison” …. “Say It Ain’t So EB” and other bygone gems will be permanently in that E-museum.  All columns from August 1 until forever more will be at the top of the right rail by month.

All Stand & Declares have been converted to this new format as shown.

There are new graphics for ThinkAbouts, etc but you can figure all those out.


Speaking of Kid …. she just drove in from “that great Show Me State that kicked Obama’s butt on Tuesday”.  She’ll chill out for a few days before switching out cars and heading back to KC,MO where her Real World Adventure begins.

Almost four years to the day that Kid flew the nest.  Yes, The Treehouse is still standing …. and the How Tall Wall !!

For those of you with “nest flyings” coming up this month ….. those first two weeks on campus are sooooo critical.  Hit your knees more than usual that guardian angels will wrap your babies in their loving arms.  There are predators of all sorts about.  If you’ve “been meaning” to talk to’em about campus creepy crawlies you better do it ASAP.

The Popular Young Chancellor and his peers on the many campi simply can not do the “in loco parentis” thing like you wish they could.  Learning to make smart choices on their own is, IMO, the real purpose of college any way.


Play with the comment thingy.  If you screw up and write dopey stuff, I can clean up your mess.  It is still MY SITE.
And don’t you ever forget it!   

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