Chico & Chou ….. & Luigi

January16/ 2000

Chico and Chou were partners in a successful restaurant – Chico & Chou’s.  The restaurant did very well.  Satisfied customers told their friends about “this great Chinese restaurant ….” ….. or “this great Mexican restaurant”.  Chico & Chou didn’t care what “they” called it so long as they were happy.  One day Luigi came in ……

Luigi had a great recipe for lasagna.  Luigi asked if he could add his wonderful lasagna to Chico & Chou’s menu.

Chico and Chou liked Luigi’s wonderful lasagna.  They knew many of their customers who loved their tacos and won ton soup would also like Luigi’s wonderful lasagna too ….. and there would be many new customers.

“We only have one dining room and one kitchen and our menu is already quite full of choices.  Oh me, oh my ….. whatever shall we do?”  Chico and Chou and Luigi started thinking ….. and thinking  whatever can we do?

First they offered the lasagna as a “special”.  The lasagna sold very well.  Then they offered the lasagna as a take-out item and lots of new customers called in for the wonderful lasagna.  They sold so much lasagna their old customers were waiting longer for their tacos, burritos, won ton soup and cashew chicken.  .

How can we keep our taco customers happy AND keep the cashew chicken customers happy AND keep all our new customers who love the wonderful lasagna.   We want everybody to be happy.  HAPPY ….. HAPPY …..

So Chico and Chou and Luigi created ….. A Brand New Website ….. and called it:

BobLee’s America

After ten years as the Internet’s version of “whatever you want to call it”, BobLee is dividing his topics into more easily definable websites.

Over the years we’ve been called “a sports site” ….. “a political site” ….. and “this Carolina guy who writes _______” …. and some scary names by some scary people.    We’ve been compared to Lewis Grizzard and Rick Reilly and  Dave Barry and, even Ann Coulter and a bunch of “that guys”.

We’ve sold a lot of tacos and a lot of cashew chicken and lately a lot of lasagna.  We’ve outgrown our cozy little website and must expand to properly serve our ever-growing customer base.

BobLeeSays  =  Chico’s tacos  =  Our sports stuff

BobLeesAmerica  =  Chou’s cashew chicken  =  Our everyday silly life stuff….. &  Luigi’s lasagna  =   Our molotov cocktails for Right-wingers  

Still all three column types but in slightly different ways.   BobLeeSays (this website) will be where sports partisans will continue to see BobLee as friend or foe through whatever school-colored lenses they wear to see their version of reality.

The new website will combine the Dave Barry stuff with the Ann Coulter nitro stuff …..  Overtly “political stuff” will be preceded by a WARNING.  Like at the beginning of Nip/Tuck and “24”.  Most of BobLee’s America will be suitable for mounting on your refrigerator door for the babysitter to read or for your dingbat mother-in-law who thinks  (1) we faked the moon landing back in 1969, (2) pro wrestling is real …. and (3) Obama never knew Bill Ayers or Blago.

 If you get BLSays now you will still get BLSays. Com .

If you were getting Cracker Barrel you will now get .

If you were getting BOTH, as many of you were; you will continue to.

If you were just getting one and want the other you can sign up to either from either one.  Unsubscribing from either/or is always a simple process.  There will be different columns on each site.

Both are WEBSITES and available 24/7 to “THE WORLD”.   You can bookmark’em ….. link’em to your buddies ….. check’em on the hour ….. whatever.  There will be new bells and whistles being added over the next few days.

As they say at The Varsity in Atlanta ….. “Whatayahave …. Whatayahave“…..  Chico’s tacos, Chou’s cashew chicken or Luigi’s wonderful lasagna ?

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