Worth 10,000 Words….. At Least.

May28/ 2014

I knew my column Hoot & Hate 2.0 last week was a bulls-eye “on the money” as far as what you could expect from BullyBilly and his loonie peckerwoods but DAMN….. I never thought “they” would follow my script word for word. Move over Nostradamus…. here comes AgentPierce.

If “a picture is worth 1,000 words” here’s 10,000 words worth of pictures to bring a smile or raise the hairs on the back of your neck. …….

Hoot & Hate 2014
Brought To You Courtesy of
Jim Goodmon, McClatchy Newspapers
and the liberal media cartel

“The Face” of Hoot & Hate 2014
& The Self-Appointed Pope of The NC Democratic Party

Rev William “BullyBill” Barber

Media “Friends” of Hoot & Hate 2014
(without them BullyBilly would be “the largest street-preacher in Goldsboro”)

Jim Goodmon John Drescher
Capital Broadcasting News & Observer

“The Flex-Cuff Fourteen”
Prominent MAINSTREAM Members of Hoot & Hate 2014
(Their names are courtesy of WTVD-TV11)

“Randolph” “Rev Dick” “Norma” “Rev. Julie” “Jason”

“Jesseia” “Crystal” “Rev Rubye” “Faye” “Meyshon”

“Norman” “Stella” “Rev Anthony” “Tyrek”

Promotion & PR Support Staff
(Truth?? Our Radical Left agenda is the only “Truth” we get paid to report)

LauraLeslie -WRAL Ned Barnett – N&O Mark Binker – WRAL RobRielle WHO?- N&O

Most of you will choose “Reverend Rubye” (2nd row – middle) as your favorite member of The Flex-Cuff Fourteen but I’m going with “Reverend Dick” (top row, 2nd). I like that “Gabby Hayes” look that Rev Dick has. Of course “Norma” has that “sassy gal” look that works too.

For pure style points I have to admit “Reverend Rubye” gets a 9.5 from the East German judge. That’s Rubye getting her groove on up top at Tuesday’s Hoot. Oh… flex-cuffs are nuthin’ new for Rubye. There’s Rev Rubye’s “priors” for larceny, assault and credit card fraud. 5’8″ and 320 lbs of Hoot & Hate! Wanna bet THAT never makes the Official BullyBilly National Press Release….. all together now:

1 – 2 – 3…….
“Ya just can’t make this s**t up”.

Oh, and don’t forget…. BullyBill says these are all Mainstream Ministers from prominent area churches. Do you recognize YOUR PASTOR among these?

BullyBilly also said his loonie mob represents a broad spectrum of the community including Republicans. I got $10 that says ain’t nary a one of The Flex-Cuff Fourteen EVER checked (R) on any ballot. Wanna take that bet?

Hey, didyaknow that “Mr Limo Liberal” Jim Goodmon hosted a fundraiser for Sig Hutchison at The Goodmon Compound several weeks ago? We had a spy “inside”. Our guy reports NOT A SINGLE ONE of The Flex-Cuff Fourteen or BullyBilly were invited. Whats the matter Jim? Afraid they might “steal the silverspoons” …. or show up “wearing hoodies” ?? What would your ITB neighbors say? 🙂

Okey Dokey…. now go back and re-read Hoot & Hate 2.0 and check off all the “I told you so’s” I predicted two weeks ago. Here’s a scary thought. I said their media flunkies would hide “the scariest” of the mob. We can only imagine the ones who missed the “too scary cut”….. YIKES!

Did I NAIL that part about them making it ALL ABOUT THOM TILLIS or what.


That info on Rubye’s record? It took 30 seconds on Google to get that. 30 seconds no reporter for N&O or WRAL will spend. Go figger. Maybe The N&O can’t afford Google for their crackerjack newshounds???

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