How is WRAL News “like Joe Biden”?

June21/ 2013

How is WRAL News “like Joe Biden”?? A: Because after awhile the mega-gaffes and outright lies just all run together.


Is WRAL-TV5 the only TV station on Earth whose WeatherGuy has a higher accuracy % than their News Dept?

That old newsroom joke: “Dog bites Man”…. yawn, who cares. But “Man Bites Dog! “ That’s News. Ergo if Bozo Joe EVER DOES utter a coherent thought….. or WRAL News EVER reports it right ….. THAT will “Be News”.

Jim Goodmon’s Attack Dogs do it again. This time repeating a quite old non-truth about a rather infamous Liberal Faux-celebrity named Lee Creighton. This goober continues to masquerade as a “homeless guy” being sooooo abused by those eeeeevil Republicans in the NC GenAssembly.

Ol’ Lee (actually not so “ol” at all) is THE “Go To Guy” whenever the local Lib media need a “homeless guy” quote. Ouch!

Alas, Lee is not “a homeless guy” at all but simply a (globe-hopping) very over-educated faux-intellectual who has no marketable skills whatsoever….. other than continually declaring himself “the local poster boy for permanent unemployment benefits”. Who knew THAT was an occupational category?

Of course, Jim’s Journalists are “too busy” to actually research anything they throw up on their website. Too busy strategizing with Reverend Bill on his next Hoot’n Hate-fest no doubt.

So who fact checks the local media. Well, that be me. At least this time. …… “just one fella with a website”.

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