DUCK PAT! The 24/7 Lib Media AssaultBegins.

January06/ 2013

The NoMo Dumplin’ Era in North Carolina officially began over the weekend. The bottled blond darling of the local journo-rats has flown the coop to wherever babbling bimbos go – being a flight attendant for BuzzyAir out of New Bern is our guess. ByBy Bev and Hello PatMc. The first NC Guv from The Great State of Mecklenburg since…… ever. LOOK OUT PAT – INCOMING !!!!

Pat McCrory, former Mayor of Charlotte, and, according to all my fellow right-wingers reports, a quite swell fellow; is now THE #1 Most-hated Politician from Murphy To Manteo. If you don’t believe that just listen to five minutes of “news” (wink, wink, cough) on WRAL-TV5 or spend three minutes perusing either of McClatchy’s failing newspapers in Raleigh or Charlotte.

It only took about a minute after “taking the oath” on Saturday for Governor Pat to usurp fellow Mecklenburger Thom (with an “h”) Tillis as Primo Target Uno of the local ink-stained dumpster divers. Good for Thom I suppose.

It comes as no surprise as both the local print & electronic journo-slime are naught if not as predictable as canker sores and herpes slimplex.

Speaking of a canker sore, have you met WRAL’s Laura Leslie? Somewhere CNN’s Candy Crowley is saying “were we separated at birth?” Did Helen Thomas birth both those two? Eeeeewww, yuck!…. I’m getting nauseous.

Laura Leslie is 180 degrees from any female on FoxNews in every way imaginable. Frau Leslie is Jim Goodmon’s #1 Attack Dog.

Greater Raleigh has two well-to-do political activists who are roughly the same age….. both benefitted from, and expanded upon, inherited wealth….. both have high foreheads.

One is the 24/7 target of media insults, false accusations, innuendos, and the worse examples of media assassination imaginable. The “other one” is Jim Goodmon.

Jim Goodmon has ordered, and finances, the on-going media assassination of Art Pope thru Goodmon’s attack vehicle– Capitol Broadcasting. Art Pope’s mortal sin in the eyes of Jim Goodmon is that Art Pope is an avowed Conservative and in full public view and following all legalities uses his ample resources to advance his ideological principles. HOW DARE ART POPE DO THAT whines Jim Goodmon.

Goodmon, on the other hand, hides behind murky FCC requirements for the use of public airwaves to have his hired guns relentlessly attack and impugn the motives and character of Art Pope….. and now to do likewise to Pat McCrory.

Jim Goodmon is certainly not alone in his avowed objective. The equally left-wing loons still employed by GangMcClatchy are, arguably, the most rabid of all area media savages when it comes to teeth-grinding hatred of all things and persons of a Conservative/Republican persuasion.

As I have noted, I have recently cut my cyber cord to The N&O’s on-line edition, having cancelled my hard-copy subscription almost a decade ago. I lead a McClatchy-free life now allowing that I receive copies of their most flagrant and outrageous attacks on any/all prominent Conservatives.

I suppose it is “comforting” to learn that RobRielleWho, BarryTheColonel, JohnnyReb Frank and “the new Steve Ford” – some goober named Ned – are churning out daily slanderous scribble ripping “everyone they despise” which, apparently is a LOT of citizens in North Carolina.

It is going to be a daily 24/7 non-stop attack on every prominent Conservative in this state….. fueled and led by McClatchy and Capitol Broadcasting.

“Despised and impugn by ‘the media’” simply because of our views on politics, religion, and social mores. Have you ever thought about WHY they despise us so?

Call one of’em up one day and ask’em.

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