Our Cup Runneth Over AGAIN

January08/ 2010

. It’s one-armed paperhanging time here at BobLee Media Central.  Lord have mercy, I can’t keep up with the lunacy.  I haven’t given Harry Reid his due and now there’s Lane Kiffin, Skip and even John Edwards (yawn!) stacked up like the 5PM arrivals at O’Hare.  What’s a smart ass to do with so much rich material?  ….. and BobLee has a NEW HERO!

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MY NEW HERO The decision by David Cutcliffe to stay at Duke is WONDERFUL in soooo many ways for what little integrity still exists in Big Time Sports.  All the news about college FB has been depressingly awful the past month …. thugs, bad boy coaches, etc ….. NOW we have ONE MAN who says NO THANK YOU to all the flim flam crap that is supposed to be what every coach wants ……

Giant stadium (100s of SUITES !!!) ….. a rabid fanbase …. unlimited resources ….. great FB “tradition” …… no admissions issues ….. mega salary …. a one team regional  media ….. The almighty SEC !!! …. blah blah blah

And he turns all that down for ….. a dinky stadium ….. limited fan base ….. impossible admission/academic issues ….. a hostile faculty ….. a VERY over-crowded sports media market…… modest by comparison salary …. modest “success” possibilities at best ….. (plus, Hellfire, its in Derm!) …. all because “I’m happy here. We like it here” …. WHAT A CONCEPT!

HOO-RAY for DAVID CUTCLIFFE  I luv ya man!  (Hey Pale Rider …. you could learn something here)

NO TRUTH TO RUMOR ….. that Nick Saban’s jet is enroute to G-Vegas.  ECU Lunatic Faction will not consider Nick until Bill Cowher definitely says no.  Bill Parcells, Dick Sheridan, Clarence Stasavich’s grandson Mip and Duffy Daugherty are all saying “no comment”.

NO, Roy2Rings is NOT ….. scheduling emergency back surgery.  That nitwit woman that suggested that a year ago is no longer an issue.  Her head exploded after the College of Charleston loss and all that was left was a nose ring.  Vegas odds are 6-2 that Ol’ Roy has a bonafide conniption fit before Valentine Day that could be REALLY messy.   Ain’t it good we DON’T play Clemson in Chapel Hill this year? ……  Coach Mike Fox’s baseball season starts in five weeks.

Tenn and USC are among a handful of BIG TIME college FB programs that are as rotten as Rahm Emmanuels soul (if he had one!).  They deserve to be linked in this mess.   Two things you can say positive about Lane Kiffin.  (1) He has a pretty wife …. and (2) He has a pretty wife.  ….  No disrespect intended (OK, maybe a little) to ECU Loonies but they can’t hold a duelin’ banjo to the Tennessee bunch.  Did I mention Lane Kiffin has a pretty wife?

The Kiffen’s young son was named “Knox”.  A petition has been filed in LA County to change his name to “South Central”.

UTenn hires “a young Dooley”.  UNC hired “a young Dooley” in 1967.  It worked out pretty well, huh?  UTenn probably got better than it deserves but their Lunatic Faction will behave like all lunatic factions.

To those who shrug their shoulders at Kiffen’s move because “so what …. they’re all a bunch of cheesy smiling scumbags who would lie to their mamma”.  Not “all”.  Not David Cutcliffe. 

Remember way back 4-5 days ago ….. Harry Reid’s latest idiotic Biden-esque upchuck.  Harry looks like Mr Burns from The Simpsons but without Burns’ warmth and twinkling eyes.   “The story” was never the idiocy Reid blurted but rather how the media sycophants and TeamObama scurried to cover for his mangy butt.  Katie Couric giggled when she said “Negro”.  She thinks it’s a new shoe designer.  The word “Negro” is defined by liberals as “a guaranteed vote no matter what lies we keep tell’em”.

Following Reid’s latest gaffe, Hillary Clinton asked the tinpot dictator of Nigeria, from whence the word “Negro” was derived, to please change that country’s name to something more “dialectically appropriate”.  She suggested “We Don’t Know Nuthin’ About Birthin’ No Babies”.  Nancy Pelosi suggested “Spearchuckers R Us”.  “Yasssuh, Mr Benny” and “Whachumean Willis” were other suggestions from prominent Democrat politicians.

EVERYBODY remotely connected to the “Edwards Campaign” knew how totally dysfunctional both John & Eliz were for several years EXCEPT the N&O’s crackerjack polit reporter Rob “I Have Access” Christensen.  Instructed by N&O’s top brass to “never report ANYTHING negative about our local political superstar because we need to sell papers in our vending boxes”, Rob may now suggest Reille’s baby daddy might be Jesse Helms or Art Pope or any current member of the Wake County School Board that might be “a memba o’ da Klan”.

Posters of enraged Elizabeth ripping her blouse off on the RDU tarmac demanding John “LOOK AT ME” are being sold at area Home Depots as “effective in warding off evil spirits”.  “Sales are brisk” in Carrboro.

The American Journalism Society reports that the N&O’s totally bastardized coverage of The Edwards may be as disgusting as their coverage of Duke Lacrosse.   Is that even possible? Publisher Orage Quarles said “Anyone who believes ANYTHING that we print would have to be a mouth-breathing moron.  Thank goodness there are still a few of them around the Triangle.  We wish there were more.”

Meanwhile reports are out that John has become the most obnoxious bar fly in Wilmington.  Trying in vain to pick-up anything in a skirt or at least with hair down to their shoulders, he frequents Kornerstone Bistro hitting on chick bartenders and/or anything with a pulse.  This pathetic loser almost became Veep or Attorney General ….. but The N&O never knew ???  Never forget The N&O enthusiastically endorsed Mike Easley in both his gubernatorial races too.  The “Old Reliable” …. yep!

What Rush ACTUALLY SAID about donating $$$ to Haiti Disaster Relief was give your $$$$ for Haiti through churches or similar organizations and NOT thru any government agency.  A dollar to a government agency ends up as 17 cents by the time it gets to Haiti if it ever does.  If TeamObama spent half the effort finding Bin Laden as they do trying in vain to discredit Rush, the troops could be home by supper time. ….. The word “churches” is what confused the Associated Press.  They no longer have “those inflammatory religious cult words” in their stylebook.

Blaming The Haiti Earthquake on ….. Goofy Pat Robertson “blames” Haitian Quake on “pact with the devil in 1700s” ….. Goofy Leftwing Nutjob/actor Danny Glover “blames” it on last month’s failure to solve global warming in Copenhagen.  Goofy is Goofy is Goofy.

Haitian Relief debacle = Katrina II.  No Dubyah to blame this time!  YIKES!  Maybe these things are just really complicated?  Ya think?  Naaah, gotta find a scapegoat to blame.  It’s the American 2010 Way ….

Will Scott Brown win “the peoples’ Senate seat” in Massachusetts?  Probably not.  It’s not “who actually votes for who” but rather WHO COUNTS THE VOTES.   Busloads of ACORN and SEIU thugs are being sent in to “help out” (wink wink!).  If you think this one will be corrupted just you wait until November.   IF Brown does win, it will be like Leonidas’ Spartans winning at Thermopalayae.

Does that cover most of the recent incoming nitwittyness?   Remember, you can follow BobLeeSays on Twitter for “hot off the keyboard” comments on the incredibly stoopid stuff waiting for us over the next few days.

The Casino & ACC Scandal column went PLATINUM.  Incredible regional and national interest.  Thanks buddies & babes.

ar The two main dangers in this life are
the people who want to change
everything – or nothing. 


Nancy Astor

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