A Merry BobLee Christmas !!

Merry BobLee Christmas
December25/ 2020

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December 25, 2020


A Merry BobLee Christmas


My favorite Christmas story has always been The Littlest Angel.  A little orphan angel is distraught over what “gift” to give The Christ Child on the occasion of His birth.  He has nothing of value … he thinks.  He remembers a little box under his bed back on Earth.  The box contains a handful of silly little objects that meant something to a little boy … but certainly would not mean anything to anyone else.  But, alas, it is all he has so he retrieves the little box and humbly presents it as his gift to the Baby Jesus.Littlest Angel

When he does so… the Heavens open up with a choir of Angels singing praise … The Littlest Angel had given “his Greatest Possession”.  The Littlest Angel’s “little box” rises up into the Heavens and is chosen by God to become The Star of Bethlehem.


I’m not expecting quite That Reaction to THIS … My Gift to all of YOU on This Christmas Day. …

Three BobLee Classic Columns for your Re-Enjoyment …

You can probably guess two of the three from the montage picture up top… #1 – A map of DownEast North Carolina – DUH1 … #2 – A Toilet Stall.

#3 – “A Bag of Cheetos”…  You might not recall that one but it is one of My All Time Favorites.



Pretty DownEast Women … AKA “PDEW”  …

… was a first ballot Hall of Famer from the moment it was posted almost 20 years ago … and reposted several times since. It defies any editing or updating.  That would be akin to adding a nose ring to Mona Lisa…

   A note from a reader in LaGrange got us thinking about DownEast and a phenomenon long noted by aficionados of feminine pulchritude. ..A geographic area whose primary purpose is as a hurricane buffer for the more civilized (??) Piedmont area of North Carolina;

DownEast has for generations birthed and nurtured some of the prettiest wimmen on God’s Earth.  We’re not talking pretty “girls”. Every place has pretty “girls”.

We’re talking Women! ..PDEW / Pretty Down East Women.  BobLee has some theories. … CLICK HERE TO READ


Two Cheerleaders In A Toilet Stall

From 2005 or umpteen Panthers coaches ago.  Considering the yucky circumstances surrounding Jerry Richardson’s forced selling of the team … this mega bizaaro story has renewed significance.

There is no man nor Sister of Sappho drawing breath that did not “read more” when they saw that headline Monday morning.  Imagine the viewers who stayed tuned when the “local sports guy” said “right after this message from Evil Earl’s Nail Salon & Kia Dealership, we’ll tell you about TWO CHEERLEADERS IN A TOILET STALL”.  You just know “Earl” had to be happy.

OK, confess … how many of youans, when you heard this news story IMMEDIATELY thought “OH LORDY, BobLee has just died and gone to smart-ass Internet Legend Heaven!”….  CLICK To Read More.



“… Get me a Bag of Cheetos

As The Wisconsin Five prepares to see Madison in their rearview window come May … headed to their new home in Richmond VA … I rediscovered This One from 2018 … as Blondie and I were helping Kid and “Pastor (soon to be Priest) Danny move to a new “home” in Madison.

I can’t wait until ReRe, YaYa and Baby Danny are old enough to hear and remember THIS ONE. … “Oh, Dad, could you get me a bag of Cheetos”.

Kid and I were driving twixt “previous” and “charming…” when she pulled into a c-store for gas. I said “I’m going to get a Diet Mountain Dew…”.   I received an immediate stern admonition from Daughter Kid about the eeeevils of drinking diet soft drinks… especially Diet Mountain Dew.  I replied that “drinking Diet Mountain Dew” was my one allowable dietary No-No of choice. I got a pretty severe “evil eye” in reply…Cheetos2

As I exited her Official Suburban Mom Honda Odyssey, Kid asked… “Dad, can you get me a bag of Cheetos?”

… I froze in mid-exit. Slowly I turned… I cocked my head just so and we shared one of those special non-verbal Father / Daughter moments. … “WHAT?” she barked, knowing full well WHAT.

I grinned and said “Thank you.”“For what?” she asked. … “For giving me my next column lead.” … and we were soon on our way. Me with my eeeevil toxic Diet Mountain Dew… and Kid with her Cheetos and licking her very orangey fingers.  –  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE



OK.  That’s it.  Hope it was a fun trip down Memory Lane BLSays Style.  With the Amoral Barbarians now rampaging thru Washington (aka “America’s Gomorrah”)  screaming their obscene intention to “get rid of”… “people like me” I can’t guarantee I’ll be around next Christmas … if there IS a next Christmas in America.

When the Best Hope for America is a rogue asteroid the size of Hoboken landing smack dab on The US Capitol … ya know These Are Troubling Times fer sure.  As I used to remind my late friend Danny Lotz … “If you read Revelation … ya know this isn’t gonna end well. … sigh.


Merry Christmas My Friends

… Thanks for stopping by!


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