Nekkid Cheerleaders & Eddie Haskell … ??

Nekid Cheerleader Eddie Haskell
May20/ 2020

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May 20, 2020


Nekkid Cheerleaders … & Eddie Haskell – OMG!


I have long maintained that THE #1 All-Time Best “Click-bait” Internet Headline would include the phrase…  Homicidal Nekkid Lesbian Cheerleaders …

It wouldn’t matter what the predicate to that subject would be.  A Whole Lotta folks would click on it regardless “just because”.

NOTE:  Is there anyone in America under the age of 40 that has a clue what “a predicate” is?


The University of Kentucky Cheerleaders are not, to my knowledge, homicidal but they have apparently been nekkid recently.  As for being lesbian … the likelihood of a few of “those” would not be SHOCKING in these ever-more provocative times.

Raise your hand if you are familiar with the term “LUG”.   It stands for Lesbian Until Graduation.   Experimentation into the mysterious world of The Sisters of Sappho lifestyle is not that uncommon on college campuses these days.  Assuming it ever WAS “Uncommon”.  It is viewed as “experimentation” similar to “a tattoo” or “a mohawk haircut” ??

Upon graduation one either – (A) – Reverts back to Hetero entering the real world to pursue an Mrs degree… or – (B) – Joins the WNBA or US Women’s Soccer team … or – (C) – Enters the Adult Entertainment Industry.

I was not as shocked that the U of K cheerleaders were frolicking about in their birthday suits as I was that the squad has won 24 National Cheerleading Championships which dwarfs the accomplishments of the vaunted U of K Mens Basketball team.  WHO outside The Commonwealth knew that?

Here’s the news report about the –  Nekkid Cheerleaders of Kentucky. … LINK. 

It’s just text with no pictures… So, here is another picture of’em to satiate your prurient interests.


Nekkid Cheerleaders


Two events occurred on the day I posted that previous column noting Phyllis George’s passing.   1 – The Nekkid Cheerleader story broke … and  – 2“Eddie Haskell” died.  … “Eddie Haskell” will never die… but the actor Ken Osmond did die.


To paraphrase a favorite line from Puff The Magic Dragon …  Characters in TV Shows Live Forever … but Not So the Actors that play them.

Eddie HaskellFrom all reports Ken Osmond was a fine fellow in “real life”.  He left acting except for a few Leave It To Beaver specials… and became an LA policeman.  He accepted that he would never outlive “being Eddie Haskell” and went about his life making the best of it.  Like former UNC Basketballer Lee Dedmon has had to do.

I could do an entire Insightful BLSays column on “Eddie Haskell” and how a TV character can become such a universally recognized part of American culture.  Bit NOOOOO, I have to integrate “Eddie” into a Nekkid Cheerleaders column.

Think about it.  What classic TV character’s demise WOULD end up sharing a BLSays column with Nekkid Cheerleaders?  Here are some choices:

Ernest T. Bass (AG) … Herb Tarlick (WKRP) … Murray Slaughter (MTM) … Hop Sing (Bonanza) … Kramer (Seinfeld) … Gilligan (GI) … or “Eddie”

Nekkid Cheerleaders

OK, I can see some votes for “Herb” or “Kramer” but “Eddie” is a fine consensus choice IMO.   In LITB “Eddie” was “a jerk” but he was not a “perv”. TV in the 1950s did not allow for “pervs” although odds are they (pervs) WERE out and about in society back then.

I betcha there was a guy in your high school that comes to mind.  For anyone who went to high school with CNN’s Brian Stelter the choice is easy.


Does having a prurient fascination with “Nekkid Cheerleaders” make one “a perv”?  I don’t think so.

Somewhat related … who among the male population reading this has NOT been with a “group o’ guys” where a comment such as Donald Trump uttered in 2005 with “a group of guys” including Billy Bush was uttered?  I’ve certainly been in enough locker rooms, golf courses and bars et al that such language is not uncommon.  Haven’t you too?  Most fellas I’ve known in my life are “unfit to lead the Free World” – If that is a deal-breaker”.

I’ve also known a few guys who could match both Joe Biden and “Slick Willie” in sordid sex-capades.  None of whom would I vote for for POTUS.


NOTE:  Am I the only one who has made the connection between The Univ Kentucky “Nekkid Cheerleaders” and the late Phyllis George?  Phyllis was married to former Kentucky Governor John Y. Brown for almost 20 years and was still living in Lexington KY … the home of The University of Kentucky!  She passed away in a Lexington Hospital.  YIKES!


A news story such as Kentucky’s Nekkid Cheerleaders knee jerks a number of automatic responses among the many “knee jerks” among us.

Are cheerleaders “athletes”?  … Is a hot dog a sandwich?  Does their obvious athletic / gymnastic skills have anything at all to do with their getting nekkid at a lake retreat?  If so… how?

Should College “cheerleaders” and NFL “cheerleaders” be considered in the same discussions as to their intended purpose?  Is it OK to have unclean thoughts about the latter… but not the former.  Aren’t all of’em “someone daughters”?

Is what we now know about UK Cheerleaders an anomaly … or is it rather common among 100 or so college cheerleader squads … including even – YES – Your School’s. OMG!

Would “America” have completely lost its moral compass if…  college cheerleaders still wore poodle skirts and bobby socks?

College cheerleading squads are composed of both males and females … Are ANY of you visualizing “Nekkid MALE Cheerleaders” at Lake Cumberland?  Would you admit it if you did?

Nothing in the news reports of the UK Nekkid Cheerleader Scandal mentions anything about any of them “… going into a toilet stall and making sex sounds”.  … see the final paragraph below.

UK’s bitter rival is U of Louisville.  Are L-ville nitwit fans claiming UK’s Nekkid Cheerleader Scandal is A LOT WORSE than – 1 – “Slick Rick” Pitino providing Ho’s for his recruits … – 2 – “Slick Rick” doing the horizontal mambo on a table in a local Italian restaurant … or – 3 – UL’s rehiring Bobby Petrino after he crashed a motorcycle with his coed mistress at Arkansas ?  … What does UoL disgraced alum “Papa John” think of all this?

What does famed UK super-fan Ashley Judd think of all this? – YOWSA!

Nekkid Cheerleaders


Since the Nekkid Cheerleader story broke I have been besieged off-line with inquiries regarding “WWBLS  – What Will BobLee Say”.  I sincerely hope that the above has lived up to your every expectation.  Specifically…

How does This One compare in OH MY!! to the BLSays ClassicTwo Cheerleaders In A Toilet Stall – LINK ???


More BobLeeSays – CLICK HERE.


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