BLSays:… MARCH 13, 2006? Do it ring a bell? – & More

Buchanan Street House.
March12/ 2019


MARCH 13, 2006! Do It Ring A Bell? – and More


It’s way too early to hand-out “______ Of The 21st Century” awards. We aren’t 20% into 2000.  Whatever happened to Y2K ??

Howsabout Media Darling of The 21st Century? Remember when “Paris” became “a skanky headline heiress” rather than “The City of Lights”? Then “Paris” gave way to “Kim” and millions found millions of ways to misspell “Kardashian”. And now we have “AO-C”… Oh My!

Surely The Andy Warhol “15 Minutes” Society is already searching for our next two or three Media Darlings of This Millenium.

WayBack MachineLet’s not think in terms of centuries but rather in terms of Thirteen Years cycles.

Hop aboard Mr Peabody’s WayBack Machine and go “wayback” to…


If Robert Kraft’s obituary will HAVE TO mention “a strip mall massage parlor”, then Raleigh’s News & Observer’s obituary will HAVE TO mention..


THE Greatest Journalistic Embarrassment since…



A simpler time when words like “Nifong”… and “Crystal” … and Bunny Hole Entertainment … … and rich white boys … and honor student and single mother of two … … and 610 N. Buchanan Blvd … and “Seersucker Joe” Cheshire … and pot-bangers … and Malik Zulu Shabazz … and DUKE LACROSSE SCANDAL had yet to carve a permanent place in all of our “I recall where I was when…” psyches.

What does one give “a Scandal” on its 13th Anniversary?

I once bore the title, with some, as The Dominck Dunne of Duke Lacrosse Scandal. Dunne was a society page journalist who rose to “fame” covering The OJ Trial. Alas, my “fame” was only regional as the National Journo-Vultures quickly descended upon much-maligned “Derm – City of Infamy”.

I recall the Triangle-wide “buzz” when cable-diva Nancy Grace arrived at Ground Zero.  It’s 2019… Nancy Who ???

For the 10-12 months following MARCH 13, 2006… this little ol’ website posted 26 columns on “IT” as IT became the “little clown car in the center ring”. The “stoopid crap” just kept apourin’ outta that mess over in West Durham …….

The majority of that “news crap” was, as noted, produced and stirred up by Raleigh’s own The News & Observer. The on-site media-source that the “nationals” looked to for BREAKING NEWS.

All the ink-stained journo-perps that left their smudgy fingerprints on “The N&O & Duke Lacrosse” Journo-Train Wreck are long gone now … ignominious journo-hacks named Melanie Sill … Nancy Williams … Orage Quarles … Barry “Sportin’Life” Saunders … Rob Christensen … Steve Ford … et al.Ruth Sheehan

… And one lady who became a friend of mine in the way that “That Damn Dan” Kane and I became friends thru The Great Unpleasantness at UNCCH… former N&O columnist Ruth Sheehan. Ruth “left” (?) The N&O a year or so after IT.

Ruth “drawing the short straw” was thrown under the bus by N&O suits in a “It was all HER fault” blame shift. I’ve always hoped Ruth, now an attorney, was well compensated for “being the fall-guy”.

“BobLee, I really thought exotic dancers simply danced exotically…”  OUCH!

Rather than rehash the multi-re-hashed “high points” (?) of that journo-train wreck… I’m simply going to LINK to three of my previous Duke Lacrosse Anniversary columns. Read’em if you’re of a mind to do so…

Third Anniversary of ….. … LINK …  …This the Best ALL the gory details

Eight Years Ago Today … LINK

 Fifth Anniversary of … LINK

Oh… YES, It was Moi that researched the name of the “escort service” that “the rich white boys” called to order Ho #1 and Ho #2 – it was indeed Bunny Hole Entertainment.

ShabazzT’was Yours Truly that was “EIB’s boots on the ground” when Malik Zulu Shabazz’s New Black Panthers came to Duke / Durham. As Malik’s jack-booted storm troopers marched from Duke to The Lacrosse House… I was walking backwards 10’ in front reading off their DEMANDS to 20,000,000 radio listeners across the fruited plain.

The Duke PR Guy was walking beside me and finally asked “Are you talking to who I think you’re talking to?” … I just grinned and said “Yep”.

Two questions I’m still asked about DLS are…

Q: Did “Reverend Jesse” ever send Crystal that personal check to cover her college tuition?

A: Ongoing Forensic Accounting reveals “Not yet”. But it’s only been 13 years… and Crystal has a few more years in she-prison for butcher-knifing her boyfriend a few years ago.

Q: Where was Mikey Nifong when sheriff’s deputies arrived at his front door to take his Law License?

A: Mikey had taken his gee-tar to the banks of the Eno River where he was pickin’ but not grinnin’ while singing “Froggy Went Acourtin’. “They say” on certain nights you can still hear Mikey crooning … “…way down yonder in the hollow tree, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.

“FakeNews”and  the Dangers of an Obsessed, Agenda-driven Media did NOT begin in Nov 2016.



Theres More


You probably saw this story on “national media” but in case you missed it.

TRUE STORY…. There was “an incident” at a Chick-fil-A in Madison WI last week. … A young mother walked in with two small children in a double stroller… two 14 month old little girls to be specific.

The restaurant was quite busy despite “Chick-fil-A” and Madison WI not being “on the same ideological wave length”. The threesome took their place in line to order.

Witnesses would recount “the normal buzz of the busy restaurant changed… as patrons and staff alike were transfixed by these new arrivals… everyone was whispering… “

“OMG! Those are THE Cutest Babies I’ve Ever Seen…!”

Mother & Daughters found a table and sat down to have lunch. A chicken sandwich for Mom and “nuggets” for the girls.

A gentleman approached their table – apparently representing everyone in the restaurant – and offered to buy their lunch simply because “Those are THE cutest babies we’ve EVER SEEN…”

Proud Mother smiled and thanked him; but declined the kind offer. She and her daughters exchanging a knowing – “we know whats coming next” – glance.  Sure enuff …

“Can I touch them?”

“No sir, you cannot touch them… but thank you for at least asking before you tried to do so.”

Bundling her two little “crowd pleasin’ showstoppers” back into their Honda Odyssey, she texted…

Mom & Dad. It happened AGAIN… this time at a Chick-fil-A. … sigh.


Want some Provocative Political Punditry… GO HERE! – LINK


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58 Wolf Kennel
58 Wolf Kennel
2 years ago

Something truly new to your life has been added with the twins.
Would be more than interested in you comments on the current “get my kid into a prestigious school” scandal.

2 years ago

Does pulling a Nifong get taught at the area law schools? I know the lax case isn’t taught at the J school apparently because the 3 recent grads who replaced all those you mentioned seem to not have learned. Pretty sure the Observer is borrowing staff from the weekly alternative press these days.
Last one to leave, please call the Post and tell them we won’t be here for delivery any longer. Today that severance is a high stack of next weeks Dollar General coupons.

marshall rogers
marshall rogers
2 years ago

BL, Had not been introduced to your blog in 2006, wish I had been. But I did follow it through the late Bernie Reeves at Metro. He, like you, was all over it early. He assailed Duke’s President, the letter writing faculty, the N&O, the Durham Morning Herald, the national media and of course Nifong. You were on the ground for EIB, he was, if memory serves, interviewed by Greta Van Susteren, who was a fairly big deal at the time . . I miss Bernie. . As to grandkids, we were babysitting our three year grandson at the beach… Read more »

2 years ago

BL, THANKS.. I used this line elsewhere and had to find the real story. It is a MUST WATCH. NOW you know….. . . Bob Hope sang this in 1938 in the movie….”Thanks for the Memory”. Shirley Ross’ BEST line was “You’ve always been a headache, but never been boring…” I am elevating a paraphrase of this to the TOP 5 List of my Tombstone (for ME….and DW must do, otherwise the Swiss Bank Account numbers to her inheritance are TOAST) EPITAPHS. I had already done the artwork for “I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE”… . ON TO… Read more »
2 years ago

Boy, do I remember those columns and that time. I especially remember your feeding EIB the up to the second details of Shabazz’ march.
Just another reminder of the great work you do. Your grand babies are beautiful!!!

2 years ago

How ironic it is that 3 of the cutest grand babies in the history of history were born only a month apart.

No institutional memory left at the N&O to remind the human remains. No accident either.

Bill Taylor
Bill Taylor
2 years ago

Isnt it nice to be a proud grandpa?! My daughter’s twin boys just turned two, and they experience similar circumstances.
The DLS seems like yesterday. Go Heels! Old Kicker.

DM Carpenter
DM Carpenter
2 years ago

I read ’13 years’ and immediately thought ‘Locust cycles’.

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