Official NFL Kneeling (and Hurricane) Column

NFL Protests
September15/ 2018

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Official NFL Kneeling (and Hurricane) Column


I give up. Posting my Official NFL/NIKE Kneeling Column is like learning to play the harmonica. There will ALWAYS be some impediment to postpone doing it. First thing ya know you’re on your deathbed and still can’t play Turkey In The Straw.

So… lets JUST DO IT … pun fully intended; and include our Deep Thoughts About The Hurricane along with it.

WARNING: My perspective on “Kaeper-Kneelers” has evolved somewhat from my earlier opinion when it first burst on to the National OMG Stage back in August 2016. Yep, it’s been going on for two years now.

Here are Blondie’s thoughts from back then…. LINK.

You have heard little/nothing about Kaepernick’s girlfriend because… she doesn’t “fit the media chosen narrative”. “Not fitting the media’s chosen narrative” keeps one from learning A LOT these days. Oh well…

My personal interest in The NFL had cooled substantially prior to Kaepernick first kneeling. “All this” has not really affected my personal lack of interest as a fan. That said, “all this” is a fascinating study of the Socio-Cultural War for America’s Future. America’s Socio-Cultural War DOES interest me.

As one smart-aleck with one website, my ability to affect the outcome of this S-C War is about as futile as the “little Dutch boy” with his finger in the hole in the dike. Too many holes… not enough fingers.  But, I can go for the “I told you so” brass ring…


Kaepernick first kneeled hoping to create enough media Hubba Hubba to get him and WhatsHerName their own reality show. That never happened because “it” veered off into a Patriotic Train Wreck.

Now the whole inglorious mess lies somewhere between (1) Hating “America” and all its various symbols & traditions… (2) Just Hating Law Enforcement… (3) Being Able To Hate Whatever One Wants To Hate… (4) Hating The Haters… and, OF COURSE, (5) Hating Donald Trump which is raison d’etre for 40% of “America” on every day that ends in a “y”.

Let’s not get into “what the kneelers are really kneeling about”. That has evolved into “kneeling to protest those protesting our right to kneel for whatever we want to kneel about”… and OF COURSE because Donald Trump called us “sons-of-bitches”. Not necessarily in that order.

FWIW… I would NOT have gotten involved in this NFL crap had I been POTUS; but there are many reasons for you to be thankful I am not POTUS.

Let Me Say… IMO

  • “Rogue LEOs” who shoot and/or persecute “blacks” for nothing more than “being black” should be prosecuted accordingly.
  • “Blacks” who use “we are being unfairly persecuted” to disguise on-going unlawful criminal behavior should also be prosecuted accordingly.

Who adjudicates those two situations is the Gordian Knot.


SUPPOSE… Going back two years, when Kaepernick first knelt, his “cause” had been proclaimed to be…

Emphasize The Importance of The Nuclear Black Family and Black Males’ responsibility as on-site Fathers…

Would YOU have supported THAT Cause even if it had involved kneeling for the NatAnth?

Would YOU have supported THAT Cause but preferred they had demonstrated in another fashion?

Every study I have seen is emphatic that the dissolution of “the black family with no on-site male father figure” is a primary contributor to young black men being drawn into “street gangs” and “a life of crime”.

IF Colin Kaepernick had become a Champion of Black Men Being Responsible On-site Fathers would YOU view him differently?

OK… the reality that “many” Black NFL players are quite IRresponsible in fulfilling their multiple child support payments to multiple unwed baby mammas makes them unlikely role models for Responsible On-Site Fathers.

But just suppose…

In the two years of “Kneeling” has the issue of Social Injustice for Blacks improved in any noticeable fashion?

Is there ANY indication that “kneeling for the NatAnth before NFL games” is advancing this cause?

Every Metro Police Dept has “ride-along” programs where concerned citizens can “ride-along” with police officers on their daily rounds to get a first-hand feel for the situation on the streets.

  • How many NFL Kneelers have participated in those programs? I don’t know…
  • How many NFL Kneelers have met with Police Depts in their cities for in-person dialogues on “police-citizen” relations? … I don’t know.
  • Or volunteered for numerous “Get Involved” youth programs… and NOT simply “staged photo-ops”. I don’t know…

Let’s close this segment of this discussion with…

In the eight years of his “regime” what did President Barack Obama do to improve the well-documented out-of-control black-on-black crime epidemic in His Hometown of Chicago… where his close friend Rahm Emanuel has been Mayor? Where Liberal Democrats have controlled both local and state politics since forever …

The answer is Barack Obama did Absolutely NOTHING for the situation for eight years… but NFL Kneelers profess to love the man because… … … ??? I don’t know why.  If that doesn’t cause you to say “Huh?” then you really do watch way too much CNN / MSNBC.

The NFL is a Black Athlete-dominated business. It cannot exist at its current level without Black Athletes. Therefore it would be economic suicide for The NFL to offend its Black Employees.

There is no business model that suggests The NFL can function without Black Athletes. To suggest otherwise is ridiculous.

“Hiding protestors in the lockerroom” was a STOOPID Idea.

“Rich Old White Owners” saying dumb stuff is STOOPID.

The Rich Old White Owners ARE at the mercy of the Angry Black Athletes and both sides know it.

Whatever protests / demonstrations that Black Athletes want to do for whatever reason or motive WILL be permitted.

Remember Otis Day’s Night Club in Animal House.  If Otis and his homies want to “dance wif…” the owners dates, the owners won’t stop’em.

Otis Daye Club

The NFL should reflect the socio-cultural mores of its dominant culture.

Whether or not The Kneelers are “patriotic” or “respecting The Flag” or whatever is each fan’s decision regardless of what the protestors say.

As The NFL evolves in that S-C direction, it’s current fan base can decide if that is an entertainment product it wishes to support with its discretionary $$$ and time.

As with pretty much every individual’s preference, one can use all manner of convoluted situational reasoning to reach one’s decision.   Whether its eating doughnuts, watching porn or owning a pit bull… if you wanna do it… you will convince yourself it is OK and do it.

I decided several years ago that The NFL was not a product I chose to support any longer; but, I’m just one guy who hasn’t attended an NFL game in decades… or watched one for more than 10 minutes in two years. FWIW… I had lost interest in The NFL before Kaepernick knelt the first time. Nothing that has happened since then has caused me to reconsider my decision.

Kinda like… I voted for Donald Trump as “the lesser of two evils”. Nothing has happened in going on two years to cause me to reconsider that decision. If anything, the difference between “the two evils” has widened considerably in favor of Donald Trump… IMO.  As Outrageous as POTUS Trump can often be… he can’t touch the UTTER OUTRAGEOUSNESS of his sworn enemies.

… allowing that POTUS Trump has said a dozen or so statements I wish he hadn’t said. OK, several dozen… and counting.


About NIKE… I own eight pair of “athletic shoes”.  None of the eight pair are NIKEs.  NIKE says their primary target market are “urban youth”.  That is a “dog whistle” for “black kids”.  I am not “a black kid” so I guess their marketing gurus are correct.

Personally I think Pat Tillman woulda been a much better NIKE Ad Model.  Allowing that statistically zero “urban youth” know who Pat Tillman was.

Shoe companies, B-list Hollywooders, and University Flagships can aggressively support whoever / whatever they choose and I will make my retail decisions accordingly.


MoreI’ve “been through” a number of Hurricanes. As young BobLee in 1954, I recall “Hazel… The Mother of All Really Big Hurricanes” for Eastern NC. Florence

It is human nature to pridefully boast that “My Hurricane” is the WORST of all… like “My BBQ joint” is the BEST … or “My high school” was THE COOLEST.

Because Hurricanes are given names… and we get to anticipate them for a week or so; they take on personalities. That is unique to all other Natural OMGs. Wildfires… Tornados… Earthquakes… Blizzards get remembered by years by those that can keep years straight. I can’t.

I have lived in enough areas of the country that Bad Weather Crap is like BBQ in that each region has its own particular type… and takes a morbid pride in how devastating theirs is.

We had a tornado go thru our backyard in November 1988 when Kid was eight months old. The specific circumstances of THAT will be difficult for Mother Nature to ever beat.

SoCal Wildfires strike me as REALLY SCARY.

For those of you in The Triangle… did you feel kinda “guilty” cheering when Florence shifted to the south and hit South Carolina worse than inland NC? There are real people in South Carolina too.

Had it been reversed, you know the folks in South Carolina would have had the same immediate me-first reaction to “being spared”.  Next time it could be reversed… there WILL BE a next time.

Every time we “rent a place at da beach”, Blondie goes into her “we oughta buy a place here and…”. She got SO FREAKED OUT the past week, I think she is forever cured of THAT. … Now she’s into her “we gotta buy a generator” phase. Maybe we will do that.

I see where “they” are blaming Trump for the hurricane. Of course “they” are. … yawn… sigh. Refer to above paragraph beginning “Kinda like…”

Next Time

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