Blondie:. One Radical Curvy Female… took down The NFL

Nessa Diab
September26/ 2017

One radical, beautiful, curvy female.
That is all it took to take down the NFL.



On Aug 14, 2016, before the election of Donald Trump was realized, Colin Kaepernick kneeled for the first time in a pre-season game.  A woman, Nessa Diab, started dating Kaepernick in January 2016. She got into his little half-white brain and boy parts to convince him he lived in a horrible country and he was being treated like a slave by the NFL.

Nessa Diab has a long history of being a radical, raised as a Muslim, she grew up, in part, in Saudi Arabia, she was educated at Berkeley.  She is NOT black. He father is Egyptian and her mother is Middle Eastern. Blondie

She got her start on …radio!!

It took 16 months, compounded by the unexpected Trump victory, to get things to this point, but, damn.  That is fast work by a radical to topple a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Nessa Diab was the tipping point.

I have been saying for years that football is the LAST place to see a full-throated display of nationalism.   The patriotism seen at every game is heart swelling and tear inducing.   Flags the size of, well, a football field, Air Force fly overs, the singing of the anthem (a plum gig for any American singer), the military presence;  all are very, very dangerous visuals for people intent on bringing down the USA.

They HATE that countries have individual cultures. They have succeeded in Europe, making it all one hot mess.

In America, the radicals who hate celebrating our love of our country, are the exact same people who want to tear down our historical statues and open our borders. All are attacks on sovereignty.

If there is one thing I can prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is that when leftists take control of something, it will be ruined.   Be it a public school system, a university (Univ Missouri), a business, a political party, a football league, a city (Detroit), a state.  Eventually, it will be in smoking ruin.

The left does not care about blacks and have proven that many times over.

Blacks are merely pliant, useful tools. They are easily manipulated and disposable pawns.

One radical, beautiful, curvy Muslim girl found her perfect MANipulation.   NOW the face of the NFL is a guy who is not even on a team.

Q: Blondie, why haven’t we heard anything about her from Jemele or Stephen A. on ESPN; or anywhere else in “the drive-by media”.?


(Also, of note is that Kaepernick has given almost NO interviews since the kneeling. Not even to sistah Jamelle Hill on ESPN. If he is allowed to talk, he will display his abject ignorance and hurt the movement. Plus he looks like a scary tattooed clown, who just MAY live in your sewer. He is totally disposal now. He has performed his job.)


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