College Basketball is “dirtier than a hobo’s underwear”… SURPRISE!

September26/ 2017

College Basketball “is dirtier than a hobo’s underwear” … SURPRISE!

You gotta feel kinda sorry for The Kneeling Kaepernickers. I mean…

Remember JemeleLaPalooza? I know it was soooo “last week” but “Princess Cornrow” got herself an entire week of Above The Fold Fame. Folks who can’t spell ESPN knew “Jemele” for a whole week.  Most couldn’t spell Jemele either … but they knew about her.  THE New Face of ESPN.

Will The Kneeling Kaepernickers even get “a week”… with ANOTHER Sports Scandal Hitting The Headlines this AM. This one may be a Category -4 at least.

Jemele was more famous last week than “Harvey” – “Irma” – and “Maria”. Unless you are big fan of Puerto Rico you probably don’t even know “Maria”. 89% of Americans can only name a maximum of two hurricanes at any one time.

What was that hurricane that George Bush sent to wipe out New Orleans? Was it Katrina or was it “Nagin”? No, “Nagin” was the very very corrupt black Mayor of New Orleans. The one that actually got convicted and sent to prison. … Where was I?


NOTE: Remember “Ashley” my favorite waitress at Sunny’s Diner? This AM I did an “Ask Ashley”. I asked her if she had heard of three people … Jemele Hill – Mike Pence – Colin Kaepernick. I got total blank looks on #1 and #3. “Isn’t he Vice President” on #2. Ashley

I don’t know if “Ashley” is even her real name. No clue of her “politics” or if she has ever voted in her “I’m guessing mid-20s years”. I do know that a few months ago she was concerned about replacing the broken windshield of her Honda, and not having that $$$ in her budget. … and I know her wonderful smile ALWAYS brightens my day…


Today – Tuesday – Eeeevil Donald Trump decided this NFL Kerfluffle with The Kneeling Kaepernickers had gone on long enough. 48 hours was plenty of time for everyone who hated him with the heat of 1,000 suns last week… and all the weeks before… could hate him some more.

ASIDE:  Did ya hear the one about… Nancy Kerrigan claiming she has the copyright on “Take a knee”.  … Think about it…

So Donald, aided, no doubt, by Vlad The Commie and possibly Lucifer, Charlie Manson and whoever supplies Melania her stilletos, has concocted a MASSIVE SCANDAL in MAJOR COLLEGE BASKETBALL.

I have no idea HOW Donald was involved but I’m sure Team Jemele will be telling us very soon.

This one involves The FBI. Not those feckless stumblebums at The NCAA. … No word yet how “Damn Dan” Kane fits in this.

Yeah, I know. Another “Massive Scandal in Major College Basketball” is about as not-news-worthy as “North Korea launches another missile”.

North Korean missile launches are like “trees falling, but no one hears them, do they make a noise…”. If a North Korean missile doesn’t obliterate Guam … Who Cares.

How many Kneeling Kaepernickers can spell Guam… or know what Ocean it is in… assuming they know Guam is an island… and not the name of Rhianna’s Pomeranian.?

Soooo apparently a “bunch” of assistant coaches at some “notorious” Power Five schools have been “in cahoots” with “shoe reps” from Famous Sneaker Companies in bribing Junior Hi LeBron wanna-bees.

Here’s The Link…

Note: Don’t worry Mr. Kennel. Your “wonderful incredible new guy- “St Kevin” is not involved… so far. BUT his old mentor – Slick Rick – IS apparently.

It’s been what, a year, since Slick Rick Pitino was named in a MASSIVE SCANDAL. That likely qualifies him for a $500,000 bonus from the Louisville AD. Bobby Pitrino is jealous.

A College Basketball Scandal without Rick Pitino would be like a Gregg Popovich interview without him mentioning how much he HATES Donald Trump.  Neither would ever happen.

No Head Coaches have been named YET, just “disposable” assistants. All the named assistants happen to be AfAm so obviously this is PROFILING somehow. And you know… when it’s a disposable assistant…

The Head Coach puts on his Sgt Schultz helmet and grabs a few orphans to hide behind in a photo op. And his loyal fan monkeys “rally” to support him. Schultz

With both Arizona and Louisville apparently among the investigateees, you KNOW that Roy and Mike K have recruited every one of the 4-5-stars wunderkins involved. Not saying Roy and Mike were “out bid”… I’m just sayin’ ….

How long will THIS MESS hold Sports America breathless… at least 48 hours??

Trying to decide what 5-Star Fodder to ridicule is like trying to drink from a fire hose…

Before my “legal insider” alerted me to Today’s Scandal I was working on a pretty awesome piece comparing The Kneeling Kaepernickers to “Chinese infantry”.

Trust me… I’ll work it in somehow the next few days. One of my “best-evers”.

JUST POSTED:  Blondie compares This Mess to Showtime’s BILLIONS… with Slick Rick as “Bobby Axelrod… LINK


Blondie’s New Incredible Page should be 100% Ready To Go later today – Tuesday. She will debut it with a MONSTER COMMENTARY entitled “How a Curvy Radical  Muslim Hottie Brought Down The NFL”. Trust me… it’s a Must-Read. IT’S UP NOW… !.

AgentPierce’s current piece on Donald, Roger Goodell & The Kaepernickers is Vintage AP…. Pierce’s slim chance of ever getting hired at ESPN likely shot-to-hell now.

Later Buddies & Babes…

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