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September27/ 2017

Like me, you may care little to nothing about college basketball. But THIS is a BIG Deal. I want you to be aware of the implications.


This is an excellent piece on what happen yesterday by a long time sports reporter, Dan Wetzel, who knows his stuff.

BobLee assures me Dan Wetzel is…  “not just some millennial punk w/ a website”.  Wetzel has credibility and is respected in the sports world. And, of course, BobLee IS “An Internet Legend.

While on the surface it may seem this has nothing to do with the NFL, it touches it in several places.

Yesterday the press conference by “Just the Facts” US Attorney Joon Kim was the equivalent to college sports as Trump riding down the escalator was to American politics. Joon KimBOOM! It will take some time for the shock waves to be felt.

This in no way has anything to do with politics. It has, mercifully, nothing to do with Trump.   

But as a societal issue, it is major. As I say, when one particular group takes over something, it will eventually be a smoking pile of ashes.  Think “Detroit”.   That is about to happen to the entirety of college basketball, and maybe football, the FEEDER systems to the professional programs. And it is ALL massively corrupt. It is all about recruiting black high school kids to college and paying their mamas enough to get the kid to a particular school; where they will play for a year or two before going to the NBA…. with its multi-million $$$ “shoe contracts”.

The investigation into this is on-going, five people were arrested yesterday. Four black Asst Couches and one white Adidas exec. And that is just the start.

Just read this and have an overall feel for the story. Imagine fictional US Attorney Chuck Rhoades, from the TV show Billions, having a thrill at the thought of being the lead on this one!

Alas, there is no “heroic villain” like “Bobby Axelrod” but Louisville’s “Slick Rick” Pitino can be “the poster boy” for now.  This is all A LOT bigger than “Slick Rick”.

It is possible the sports media will ignore all this, for a while, as in some ways they are complicit, but if so, that will be a story too. It could take some air out of the kneeling story.

QUOTE: “If you yourself engaged in these activities, I’d encourage you to call us… I think it’s better than us calling you.” said Joon Kim, the Acting U.S. Attorney (the real life Chuck Rhoades).    (Which is advice to every single college basketball coach in America, none of whom slept well last night) …( including local messianic mini-gods Roy and Mike.)

QUOTE: The code of silence that has protected the sport and the NCAA’s system of “amateurism” is about to be cracked into a million pieces under FBI questioning, where a single lie is a felony.

QUOTE: Tuesday was Armageddon for college basketball. Tomorrow and the tomorrow after that and the tomorrow after that promise to be worse.


FBI brings Armageddon to college basketball, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg

Sep 26, 2017, 2:45 PM Dan Wetzel Yahoo Sports

The federal government dropped a bomb on college basketball Tuesday, indicting 10 men in a wide-spread fraud and bribery scheme involving top recruits, college programs, agents, financial planners and the shoe and apparel company Adidas.

It’s thorough. It’s ugly. It’s unprecedented.

“Fraud and corruption in the world of college basketball,” Joon H. Kim, Acting U.S. Attorney said at a news conference in Manhattan on Tuesday.



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