Having a Dog In Football Fights does matter

No Dog In Football Fight
September06/ 2017

Having no dog in The Football Fights does matter

I tried. I really did try to get “involved” in the dozen or so Big Time College Football games this past weekend. By the time whoever won the GaTech / Tenn game was decided, I had to admit failure. I had NOT “gotten involved”.

BREAKING NEWS:  Today – Thurs Sept 7 – the UNC BOG will open discussion of Relocating The UNC System HQ out of Chapel Hill.

Here is a column I posted on this Most Wonderful Idea in June 2016.  It’s pretty much all you need to know on the subject.


Not having a ”my team” is like watching Slovenia versus Slovakia in Soccer.  Or a Croatian movie without subtitles.

I did watch at least a quarter of UNC / Calif and NCSU / USC and of Ala / FSU. I read enough of the recaps to gauge the mood of most of you. In order to converse with you the audience out there, I should be aware of how the local teams and major national teams are doing.

Unlike TV where I have never seen one episode of Game Of Thrones, being aware of local football fortunes is somewhat higher on the priority list.  Am I becoming “Albert” in terms of my pop culture awareness?

I am not going to come on here each week for the next three months and brag about my lack of personal interest in “football” – college and NFL. It is nothing to brag about. It is not some addiction I have overcome. It is not some HEY LOOK AT ME! Achievement at all.

I don’t believe you or America or civilization would be any better off if all of you followed my lead on this. Maybe all three WOULD be better off if all of you did; but I don’t have any data to confirm that.

At the risk of REALLY alarming you… I also don’t have the same “I GOTTA HAVE ME SOME…..” passion for barbecue any more either. I still have passions for numerous things… but Football and barbecue aren’t among’em any more. Are those Signs of The Apocalypse?

Speaking of Barbecus & Football …. here is a great column from The San Antonio Express-News from last week.  LINK !!!  It compares the columnist’s opinion of NC barbecue to Texas Football.  One reason I love the column is I KNOW it will upset some of you ….

I DO enjoy observing and predicting human behavior both individually and as part of a herd. The passion that so many invest in “their football teams” provides unlimited observational fodder.

The one “I wish I had watched” would be the 2nd half of UCLA vs aTm. Improbable comebacks are always exciting especially if one is totally non-partisan which I was.

Apparently a member of the aTm Bord of Regeants was NOT so non-partisan in his POV. If “people like him” are in key decision-making positions within one’s alma mater, there is a reason for concern.   No comparable “unhinged boosters” made national headlines at Texas or Baylor but their unexpected losses likely did upset many.

Locally, of course, neither UNCCH nor NCSU loyalists are rushing to order tickets for the Dr. Pepper Swofford Bowl in December. Their respective BCS Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams were dealt setbacks.

Down in Greenville, it was a dark day at Dowdy Ficklin. They lost to one of those “tell me again, where ii is located” schools. That’s never encouraging.

Both NCSU and UNCCH showed enough promise however to still rebound to gentlemanly 7-8-9 Ws seasons and swag-bag trips to Some Bowl SomeWhere.

If UNCCH had managed to finish that $28,000,000 IPF McMansion ya think it mighta been the difference versus Cal?

TeamDoeren probably just needs “more charging stations” to “be a contenda”.  Another dozen should do it.

I did notice the usual empty seats amid Kenan’s lofty pines. Yes, I realize it was Labor Day Weekend and those 20,000 empty seats were all “at da beach”. Next week they will all be somewhere else… then some other weak excuse every following week.

After two consecutive seasons of high-scoring offenses and way more Wins than Losses… it should just be accepted that there are give/take 45,000 people PERIOD who will bother to attend a football game at Kenan StKenan Football seatsadium.

Other than “when State visits every other year” and maybe VaTech and maybe Notre Dame… those upper decks corners and the “too low to see anything” seats are going to be empty.

Me? I would take those sections out of inventory – cover those areas with large tarps (sell ads on the tarps?) – and market a stadium with 50,000 max capacity.

Of course, I WOULD HAVE admitted to “Grievous Errors of Institutional Ignorance” regarding The Scandal five years ago… given up the 2005 banner… written a check for $20,000,000 to The NCAA and have that whole mess fading into history. What do I know…

As long as everyone knows there will be plenty of tickets available at game time, the Ticket Office is dependent upon the weather to sell those last 20,000 seats. Risky!

Don’t blame Larry Fedora. He runs a high-scoring offense and TDs should sell tickets. Imagine the empty seats if UNC was trying to sell a “3 yards… cloud of dust” show?

To a semi-literate 17 y/o, does seeing all those empty seats in Kenan negate that Smoothie Machine planned for the IPF?


I know I HAVE to comment on KAEPERNICK and whoever the latest “beat up his girlfriend” NFL thug-alete is. I think it’s another Dallas Cowboy.

I read where he is using the old “that crazy lying bitch, she be crazy” defense. That’s the one they always use at Florida State.

“Discussing the NFL” is what I imagine “being a proctologist” must be like.

Speaking of Florida State… remember a column I did about 18 months ago about Jimbo Fisher’s ex-wife – Candi – and her boy-toys? That column still gets 15-20 hits every day.  Go figger…

Maybe I’ll do the NFL crap next time. Unless I can come up with something / ANYTHING else.


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