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June21/ 2024
BL Rimshots

June 22, 2024

I had intended this to be “The Official Absolutely Nothing About The WNBA / Caitlin Clark” Column … but I learned thru back channels that to do so would incur the wrath of the Website Police. The same beady-eyed nitwits that demanded that six-month 24/7 Taylor Swift / Travis Kelce Marathon we all had to endure last Fall. YUCK!

Normally I try my best TO “incur the wrath of the Website Police” but this seemed not a battle worth fighting.   I DID piss off the Facebook Gestapo however. The galoots responsible for these “make mountains out of molehills issues” think “sports fans” have the IQ of pea gravel … which is true for 60-65% of’em.  The rest of us make up our minds quicklier and are ready to move on to other issues.

Here’s my Internet Legend opinion on WNBA / Caitlin Clark Et Al.

Being both “White” and “Straight” all my life, I tend to favor those of similar racial and sexual preference.  I do so in this case.  I like Caitlin Clark and hope she can overcome the harassment she is enduring from the black lesbian majority that claims the WNBA 2024 belongs to them.

If the WNBA was indeed officially “For Black Lesbians Only” I would have no problem with that.  No problem whatsoever.  A new “For White Straights Only” league could start up and see which one wins the marketing battle.  That makes way too much sense to have a prayer of happening of course.

I grew up in a 110% racially segregated Southern town of 20,000 in the mid 60s.  A community with well-defined “separate and very unequal” facilities.  THAT is just “how it was” was the standard mantra ???   Our schools began integration my senior year in high school. 

“They said” it would take “a generation” to bring the black children up to the education level of the white children.  Depending upon how one measures “a generation” it has been about 8-9 “generations” since then and no end is in sight.   

Continually lowering the overall standards of public education to appear to be lessening the disparity between the races was a clever ruse that somehow worked and continues to work 60 years later.

Exactly how LBJ and his cronies figured to keep the black community in general forever shackled to the Entitlement Plantation and dependent upon the empty promises of Democrats every election cycle.   

Its called “the soft bigotry of low expectations”.  Helped of course by a generous number of spineless Repubs.  Give this amoral coalition “credit” for a successful 60 year strategy.

Angel (“I gotta do my thang”) Reese is currently the angry – and intellectually challenged – leader of the pack determined to run Caitlin Clark off of THEIR street corner – The WNBA.   Which despite record crowds to see Caitlin Clark is predicted to lose $50,000,000 this year consistent with its 20+ year history as a financial train wreck totally dependent upon The NBA subsidizing its day-to-day existence.

OK … I have satisfied those pesky Website Police.  Lets move on to other subjects.


With the passing of “The Say Hey Kid” who is “The Greatest LIving MLBer”?   Who makes your short list?   Sandy Koufax … Nolan Ryan … Cal Ripkin … Barry Bonds … Johnny Bench … Pete Rose … Roger Clemens … … …. as with all such ridiculous lists in sports, there are no wrong answers just endless opinions …. “like noses” everyone has one.


Was I the only one who noticed that …. while the WNBA WAR is raging fueled hourly by ESPN of course …. the two “Whitest & Straightest” sports events of the year were taking place …. The CWS @ Omaha and The US Open @ PInehurst #2.   Include the Stanley Cup Finals for a #3.

The Diversity Terrorists had to be hating every minute of it.   Yes, I know that Tennessee has several “players of color” on its roster.  I’m not blind.

Blondie is always impressed by the “good-looking white boys” in the CWS.  She posted on Facebook that college coeds looking for dates their dads might approve of should find out where the baseball team hangs out.   I reminded her that “baseball” has always been my sport of choice.   I was more Dick “Dr Strangelove” Stuart than a Keith Hernandez as a first basemen; but, I did master the lost art of rolling sanitary socks.


Congrats to The Wolfpack for a quite remarkable 2023-2024 Sports year.  A Bowl Win …. Both Mens &. Women’s BB teams making their respective Final Fours … and Omaha. 

Will Wolfpackers credit AD “Boo” for this achievement?  Probably not.  The only AD that has been popular among the West Raleigh bunch was Jimmy V … and his being AD for a short time likely contributed to his ultimate demise.   FWIW:  There is still. a bounty. on Boo’s head in Tallahassee.

The four ACC teams in Omaha were simply out-gunned by the SEC bats.  But “making it to Omaha” is an achievement worth noting.  HUZZA!


Finding ANY LA Lakers gear at the sports shops along Franklin Street is nigh impossible since “JJ” was named Lakers’ Head Coach.   Christian Laettner and Coack K are tied for #1 All Time Most Hated among the C-Blue crowd but JJ Redick makes every short list.   Pundits are in agreement that “JJ” was a 3rd or 4th or 5th choice at best.

Charlotte has had an NBA team for 20+ years and I have not seen a single game in person and very few on TV.  I have enough contacts in The Great State of Mecklenburg to snarf up a coupla comps if I so desired.  I have yet to so desire.   I HAVE seen ONE Panthers game … a pre-season game in the Dom Capers Era.


The Future of The ACC remains a mystery.  “As is” is NO LONGER an option within the next three years … I predict.   What you and I think / wish doesn’t matter.  We can only vote by whether we remain loyal fans spending sure to be ever-increasing prices for Booster Club membership privileges.  “Renting players” is going to be very expensive.  Who do you think will bear that $$$$ burden every year?

You WILL still be able to tailgate with friends.  There WILL still be color & pagentry  – a marching band –  nubile cheerleaders and one team will be wearing “your colors” to cheer for.   The players will come and go before you get to know them.   No more Philip Rivers and Tyler Hansbroughs … sigh.

Even my choice – streaming the games from the comfort of my living room – will be subject to increased “streaming costs” from whichever service I opt for.

I still hope the local annual rivalries survive regardless of which Mega-Conference the teams end up in.  THAT, alas, is not guaranteed at all.


Many of you were among the bazillions that, earlier this week, read on Facebook ……

Ruthie Wrote A Letter … “Dear God; Please help Grandpa to get better”.  

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_0529-2-copy.jpeg

Ruthie being my six-year old twin granddaughter (AKA “Princess Moonbeam”).  Apparently “a PK” (Preacher’s Kid) gets priority in God’s mail box.  Who knew?

One week later my six-month PET scan revealed all the “hot spots” from January indicating my Hodgkin’s Lymphoma had disappeared.   A coincidence … yeah, right!

We still have five chemo infusions to go to be sure “it’s all gone” … but we ARE buying green bananas again and I am checking out fishing adventures for 2025 and beyond.  A fishing lodge in Maine is atop the list for now.  They build their own canoes.


Check out BobLee’s Best ….. HERE

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