I start a new column and THEN ….

I start and THEN ...
May22/ 2024
BL Rimshots

May 22, 2024


For 24+ years I have followed a simple formula in deciding what Incredible Insight to reveal. Its worked pretty well over 2,500+ times … OK, I’ve “mailed one or two in”. Times they are achangin’.

Some goofy absurdity in Sports or Life crawls out from under a rock and I try to keep youans from jumping off into The Abyss in despair. Lord only knows how many souls I have saved in the process over the years…

Yeah, my “current situation” is a bit of a factor but me and “Mr Chemo” are getting along pretty good so far. Not fair to use him as an excuse for sporadic BLS columns.

The reality is that whatever Interplanetary Aliens are controlling us earthlings these days are bombarding us with “goofy absurdities” by the hour.  A garden hose dripping absurdities has become a raging fire hose.  I fear its gonna get A LOT worse over the next five months … sigh.

Case in point … those several dozen brave young men that stood fast in the face of the Anti-semitic nutjob mob of misfit toys that invaded UNCCH several weeks ago.  And the equally brave “interim Chancellor” who stood fast.  A Great Story !! … but before I could write it up, those dadgum UNC Board of Trustees go and defund the DEI crap at UNCCH … and now the UNC BOG is looking to zap DEI crap across all 18 campuses …. YEE HA!  Those blind squirrels actually found an acorn.

DEI is simply a fancy synonym for Affirmative Action which despite its nice comfy name has successfully been utilized for 50+ years as “the soft bigotry of low expectations”.   Accept and reward mediocrity, or worse, and it will be the best one will ever achieve

Insidiously designed to keep a significant majority of the black community forever chained to the Entitlement Plantation.  Oh well …  give LBJ and his crooked cronies credit.  It has done just that.


And meanwhile … in little Atchison, Kansas an NFL placekicker – not named Lou Groza or Garo Yepremian – gives a commencement address to an audience of a few hundred at St Benedictine College and …. VOILA … all the Hamas-lovin’ whackjob mobs of misfit toys are immediately blown off the front page. 

THAT my friends is how “My Blondie” created the term Drive-by Media for a certain radio icon 20 years ago.  They drop and add Earthshaking News in a New York minute … using Provocative Headlines and out-of-context opening paragraphs  in lieu of real Journalism.

Incidentally “Blondie” was recently honored as “World’s Greatest News Aggregator”.  Because I say so!

Not since 1946 when Winston Churchill said “Iron Curtain” for the first time at little Westminster College in Fulton Missouri has a commencement speech had such Global Impact.  YOWSA!


Getting back to My Current Dilemma … Both of these stories and umpteen dozens more have obvious socio/political implications.  Ya think!

I really have tried to avoid such “low hanging fruit” the past few years.   Granted, I don’t hide my personal socio-political opinions ….

The Wannabee Bond Villains that are “behind the curtain” creating Global Chaos are pulling the puppet strings of Demented Ol’ Joe just as they did with Obama … and just as they do with 95% of elected pols both Dems and Repubs in the DC swamp.   Amazing who a Fistful of $$$$ can buy these days.

Collectively they represent a very real and serious threat to my daughter and son-in-law and to their four innocent little munchkins.   I will oppose this Pure Evil with  every resource at my disposal and with ever how many breaths I have left in me.  That said …

I will continue to TRY NOT to turn this site into a socio-political flame thrower.  I use my two Facebook pages – BobLee Says and BobLeeSays – to “rally the troops”.


Switching gears to equally ridiculous but less provocative subjects …

I repeat my earlier Insightful Prognostication that major college “Booster Clubs” will be changing their charters to encompass the mysterious “Collectives” that currently are creating CHAOS in Big Time College Football & Basketball.

Whatever ill-thought out blather Congress spews out about NIL and The Portal …. Nothing will ever stop Fat Cat Boosters from their shadowy involvement with buying and selling naive young men to satiate their mutually vicarious aspirations.  Its been going on since Red Grange and Jim Thorpe got $100 handshakes and make-believe summer jobs at alumni businesses.

Put the onus directly on the schools’ booster clubs.  They ALREADY KNOW who their illegal “bag men” are.  Let the schools be liable when these arrogant jackasses get exposed.  Make the penalties to the schools sufficient to discourage at least the clumsiest getting caught.

Booster Clubs currently can only use their war chests for “Tuition, Books, Fees, Room & Board for “student athletes”.   They WILL likely lose their current tax status by including “Rent – A- Player” payments.

Fans would donate once a year … stipulating how their dues are utilized.  For Rent-A-Player or for less odious purposes.  Their choice.  Most fan/alumni will choose the Rent-A-Player option.

Whens the last time the term “student athlete” was used by a Power 4 school as regards their Football or Basketball programs?  That Ol’ Man Usta” is long dead.

I still have this image of Marvin Austin meeting with the Deans of UNCCH’s Business, Medical and Law Schools to discuss his post-graduate opportunities !!!   …… The same would apply to Charles Shackelford and Chris Washburn’s recruitment by NC State …. “What specific area of Engineering peaks your interest, Charles / Chris?”. ……  Was Zion Williamson promised a seat on the NYSE by a Duke hedge fund mogul?  ….. YEE freakin’ HA.


I must confess … BobLee is NOT among the Billions and Millions of sports fans now (supposedly) terminally addicted to watching Womens Basketball at any level … so say the angry black guys and lesbians on ESPN … UNLESS, of courser, if one of my 6-y/o grand twins happens to be playing on her home school kindergarten team.  Knowing how their Mom and Dad feel I don’t see that happening.

Wannabee Famous Race-baiter Jemele Hill is right for once.  Caitlin Clark IS indeed reaping $$$ benefits and publicity because She IS White and Straight … and can shoot “logo 3s”.

Being “White and Straight” still has appeal to a significant % of American consumers.  Take That all you delusional millennial pinheads making disastrous decisions for Fortune 500 ad agencies.  Us like-minded 40+ straight white consumers still matter …. HAA!


Speaking of “still matter” …. my 5th “chemo infusion” went VERY well … minimal to no yucky “side effects” so far.  All my “bloodwork” looks really good.   Hodgkins Lymphoma is a “blood cancer” so solid bloodwork is a major positive.   PET scan in mid June will be the best indicator of progress.  Oncology Docs never use the word “cure” but my doc is obviously very pleased … so am I and my family.

I promise not to stay away so long …. 


The Best of BobLee …. HERE


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