The Day The Golden Microphone went silent …

February17/ 2024
BL Rimshots

February 17, 2024


Blondie received the call from Rush’s brother David around 9:30 AM on February 17, 2021.  David was at Rush’s bedside in Palm Beach.  The public announcement would be made an hour later.  After a year-long battle with lung cancer, Rush Limbaugh “America’s Anchorman” died on February 17, 2021

We knew Rush’s condition had worsened the past several days, but he had completed his show the day before. …. his final show after 32 record-breaking years as “America’s Anchorman”.

What we would learn a week later from Rush’s engineer – Kevin – was that as Rush was leaving the EIB studio after what would be his final show.  His personal fax machine was typing out an email from Blondie … the last of 1,000s of such emails she had sent over the past 23 years as Rush’s personal show prep provider.  “Straw” to be spun into gold by Rush’s unique genius – The Rumplestiltskin Miracle.


On this the 3rd anniversary of Rush’s death, several of you have asked for anecdotes that may have fallen thru the cracks … as well as the oft-asked ……. “What would Rush think / say about the mess that America finds itself in these days.

Rush LImbaugh was a Genius Savant.  There has never been and likely will never be anyone who combines his dual talent as a socio-political analyst / provocateur … AND radio entertainer.  It was that unique combination that made Rush so successful.   It was indeed “Talent on loan from Gaawwdd”.  Can you hear Rush saying that …?

There are innumerable political “pundits” and innumerable radio entertainers … but no one has ever combined those talents … and had a situation where he was unencumbered by meddlesome bureaucrats and “media experts” who could tamper with his show.  Who could tamper with perfection.

“If I had a nickel for every time” Rush would relate some encounter when he received unsolicited, albeit well-intended, “advice” about some aspect of his show.   Change his bumper music … have guests … employ a co-host … tweak this … tweak that … to which Rush – if in the mood – would reply “Excuse me, how many millions of listeners does YOUR show have …?”

“If I had another nickel” for everyone who boasted he had been told he could “be the next Rush Limbaugh” if only given the opportunity. …… yawn.

Rush LImbaugh was not an expert on everything … he did not have all the answers … but By Gawd he knew why The Rush LImbaugh Show was so successful … and no one was going to muck that up.  There was never a committee or a board or any individual that Rush had to clear ANYTHING with before saying it on-air.  It was His Show … Period.

Yeah, there were a few times – 2-3 over 32 years – that a different word or phrase mighta been preferable in hindsight … but the spontaneity was what made EIB what it was.  Rush Limbaugh adlibbed three hours a day – five days a week for 32 years.  There was never a prepared script.  OK, there was always “a stack of stuff” from Blondie … straw that Rush converted “on the fly” to EIB gold.


As to “If Rush were live today what would he ……..?”

Rush Limbaugh with his Golden Microphone and its massive outreach over 32 years could NOT prevent two terms by The Clinton Gang … or two Reigns of Terror by “The Obamas”.  His death on February 17, 2021 was three months AFTER the Most Blatant Act of Political Corruption in American History – The 2020 Presidential Election. 

If Rush was still “kicking liberal butts” from noon to 3 Monday thru Friday would America be teetering over the abyss?  History says Yes it would … but he would be lifting spirits and inspiring his millions of devoted listeners not to let the bastards get you downdon’t let them steal your joy.


Could Rush have influenced Donald Trump to “not be so Trumpish”?

Rush first met Donald Trump in the early 90s in NYC.  Long before Trump “came down the escalator”.  There were chance meetings in NYC society fetes and later in Palm Beach  when Rush lived a few miles from Mar-a-Lago … a few golf outings.  They were certainly “friends” and mutual admirers of each others’ accomplishments but never close confidantes.  Rush was never an official member of Trump’s Inner Circle.

I always thought Trump would have benefitted from Rush’s strategy for dealing with a 24/7 Hostile Media.  NO ONE has ever “dealt with” a hostile media as effectively as Rush did once he became a national icon.

If they ever had a serious discussion about “dealing with the media” I am not aware of it.  Of course, Rush always had the advantage of his own media … The Golden Microphone.

Speaking of media … since Rush’s passing three years ago has any conservative talk show host received consistent over-the-fold attention like Rush continually did for 30 years?   Every tin horn liberal media assassin knew “What Limbaugh said today ….” could be snipped, misquoted and taken out of context … and they did.

“Media Matters” was created by George Soros specifically to destroy Rush LImbaugh.  Soros failed … Rush prevailed.

The ONLY conservative voice with true impact today is Tucker Carlson.   You may have your favorite among the dozen or so leading syndicated voices … but no one has “replaced Rush”.   It is not fair to judge them by his standard,


I could go on but anything else I might say I said in my eulogy at Rush’s Memorial Service held in Cape Girardeau, MO a few days after his death …. and included in The Rush Chronicles 

The Rush Chronicles …. HERE.

Enjoy …

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