3 Ways to “watch games” … which is for You?

Three Ways to watch
January05/ 2024
BL Rimshots

January 01, 2024


There are many many subjects about which I have – at best – very very superficial knowledge if any knowledge at all.  When I encounter on-line discussions of those subjects, I either move on to other discussions or perhaps “lurk” in the shadows out of curiosity. 

Some of those broad subjects are:  anything to do with wine … barbecuing and cooking in general … most music … automotive engineering and maintenance … macro-economics …  and numerous others.

That I don’t impose my lack of knowledge to those discussions is a personal decision and, apparently, puts me in the minority among Facebook users.  Facebook is the only social media mosh pit I frequent.

Spectator sports in America and superficial “socio-political issues” are subjects in which I do add my $.02.  As those of you reading this are aware.  Since to-date no one’s opinion on social media has EVER been changed by contrarian opinions, I do not opine with any false hopes of doing so.

I enter 2024 committed to vigorously continuing opining via this website in the fashion I’ve done so since 1998 or thereabouts.  “Entertaining You People” being the primary objective with “Saving Western Civilization from Self-destruction” being a possible but unlikely secondary objective.

Keeping ever mindful of the dire admonition I repeatedly shared with my late friends Danny Lotz and “Prince Albert” Long. 

According. to Revelation By John … this current Era of Mankind does NOT end well. Whether the original “Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse” arrive during the next twelve months along with “rivers of blood” and “raining frogs” is well above my pay-grade.  Maybe …. ya never know!


The Immediate & Long Term Future of Big Time College Sports

Just in the past three weeks I have tried to count the number of posted exasperations regarding the present and future of Big Time College Sports (BTCS).  I stopped when it passed “a zillion”. 

I’m sure there MUST be someone somewhere that is optimistic that the current inglorious mess will somehow be resolved … common sense and sanity will prevail … and old man “Usta Be” will return from exile to lead us out of this darkness back into the shining light of “like it was”. 

Bwaaahaaaaa …  “what fools ye mortals be”.

And along with doing away with NIL and The Portal and Opt-outs … lets restrict girls restrooms and girls sports to “real girls”, not mentally ill cross-dressers … and restructure “colleges” to preparing young people with real world life skills …  and … and … and …

YO … YOU PEOPLE … WAKE UP … The “mess” you perceive BTCS to be in today …. might be “the good old days” in 5-10 years.  YIKES!

Even with the. incredible reach of this website, I cannot alter the course of mighty rivers … or reduct the number of silly bowls … or make the silly term “student athlete” anything other than a punchline … heck, I can’t even convince Mack Brown to gracefully re-retire and allow UNC Football to begin its next era of 7-8 – maybe 9 Wins … or cause “Dour Dave” to at least “smirk”.

Acknowledging my limitations, I CAN offer you a perspective on enjoying spectatoring Big Time College (and Pro) sports.   

NOTE:  I have zero input or interest in anything having to do with “The Panthers” or its jackass owner – David Tepper.  What a “galoot”.

The following is somewhat revolutionary and I do not expect too many of “you people” to even try to incorporate it into your life style.   Thinking “sports” really matters is a misconception ingrained in too many of you for too many years.


Within each professional / major college Football / Mens Basketball event there are actually THREE Games within that Game.

GAME #1 …. AKA “The game” I have chosen to watch what little sports I still follow”

This is the actual “real time” activity occurring on the field / court involving players, coaches, officials, et al.  It is WYSIWYG … “What you are seeing in real time is what it is”.  There are no puppeteers pulling strings and causing stuff to happen.  “Hail Marys” and “Buzzer beaters” succeed or fail … penalties and fouls are called … or not called.   Incredible athletic moves are made. 

You CAN cheer and moan and get overly-emotional spilling the chips and dip on the carpet …  All the Thrill of Victories and Agonies of Defeat are still yours to experience  …. BUT

After 2-3 hours the scoreboard declares a Winner and a Loser.  Game over … get on with your real life.

Like watching a movie … The End flashes on the screen, credits roll … and we exit the theater.  James Bond saved the world again.  Hooray … or not.


Game #2 … The Bettors Game

I have never “bet” on a sports event.  Or ordered a hooker.  I don’t even know how to do either if I wanted to.  When I have gone to Las Vegas I stick to slot machines and Seigfried & Roy shows.  But apparently A LOT of people DO bet on the outcome of sports.  IT is becoming an even bigger activity as America’s moral compass becomes ever more skewed …

Not simply which team Wins or Loses but “point spreads” and assorted other “games within the games”.  “Your team” might win on the scoreboard but did not beat the “spread” so you lost your bet.  I’ve never understood “point spreads” … how they are figured … nor felt I needed to know about them.

This Game #2 is apparently why there is sooooo much yadda yadda about “crooked referees”.  Supposedly “crooked refs” affecting the outcome of games means a lot of $$$$ moves one way or the other.  Those of us watching Game #1 don’t much care.


Game #3 … This is the really scary one, I suggest you avoid if at all possible. … but I realize many of you simply can’t.

This is the sinister and quite silly septic field where Board Monkeys dwell.  It is no place for anyone possessing “a lick of sense”.  This is an imaginary game that never ends … it is endless rumors and totally concocted BS spewed out by evolutionary throwbacks you would not want standing on your front porch. …. The message board “fan boys” and human hairballs that you would not sit next to in a mall food court.

Everyone HATES “our team” because we’re soooo cool.  137 fan bases have deranged fan factions who actually believe that.

BobLee, does this include the infamous “UNCheats … UNCheats … UNCheats” bunch? … NO, I am convinced maybe 50% of that bunch do make positive contributions to society … they simply have this Herpes-like virus they will never get over.   The same applies to Franklin Streeters who actually believe “Hubert Davis beating Coach K in his final game in Cameron” was a more significant moment in their lives than their wedding or birth of any of their children.  They are to be pitied but not reviled. … Both bunches are “Purple Cows” … better to see’em than to “be’em.

Game #3 watchers Live / Die over the outcome of each game as if it actually effects their otherwise empty lives … which, sadly, it probably does.  Their otherwise empty lives are cluttered with multiple conspiracy theories, wild-ass rumors and the machinations of semi-literate 18 y/os with 5th grade reading comprehension.


OK … thats your marching orders for 2024.   Consider each. of these three types of Games and which best fits who you want to be.   Who you want your children and your neighbors to describe you as.


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