Suppose, instead, Dean had …

Suppose DEan had ...
December10/ 2023
BL Rimshots

December 10, 2023


Before we dive into today’s title topic – and what might be sacrilegious to some … a bit of housekeeping:


The data is in … 74% of the social media mob OUTRAGED over the FSU / CFP issue have no idea what state Florida State is in. … 

91% of said mob declaring “College Football Is DEAD” also have no clue that the CFP is going to a 12-team format next season.

Ergo in future years … any statistical differences between the 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th teams will be thinner than a frog hair and certain to set off global conflagration every December among various lunatic fan base factions … sigh …

On a happier related note:  Planet Earth breathes a sigh of relief …

A hastily-called conference of the world’s leading theologians has concluded that …. Florida State being excluded from the CFP is NOT … repeat is NOT … mentioned in Revelation By John as an END OF DAYS sign.

They did discover however a vague reference to Taylor Swift as The Antichrist. A follow-up conference will investigate further.


Raise your hand if you recall “something” about UNC’s legendary Dean Smith and an African-American Studies curriculum at UNCCH … and the expensive little “dust-up” that resulted?

OK, good.   We don’t have to regurgitate all that.

In the mid 80s it became apparent to Coach Smith that the present and future of the Sport of Basketball would be centered around the urban black athlete.   That has proven to be the case in the ensuing 30 or so years.

Coach Smith also realized that the Civil Rights Act of the late 60s was not seeming to care about the quality of public education in the black community …. along with the realization that talented young athletes were often given “social promotion” for their sports skills at the exclusion of their academic development.  Leaving them unable to function academically on the college level … which would in turn hinder their athletic eligibility status.

His solution for that situation was to create a curriculum for his academically-challenged black athletes that would circumvent any eligibility concerns.  Doing so would tightrope walk the line of interfering with sacred academic principles … but Coach Smith – coming off a National Championship – knew he had “heavy-duty socio-political cred” in UNC’s South Building HQ.

Ever the visionary, Coach Smith had his minions set up this AfAm Studies curriculum to also be available to any/all registered UNC students … especially frat boys with borderline GPAs wishing to avoid expulsion from UNC … and the resultant embarrassment to their families.

This “open to all students” feature would, of course, be “the rabbit pulled from the lawyer’s hat” that – 20 years later –  would be the 11th hour reprieve saving UNCCH from ____________ … lets not even mention what it prevented. …. but did NOT prevent the creation of the term “UNCheats” … which Funk & Wagnall’s predicts has a shelf life of “at least two more centuries”.

Other than provide “automatic easy A’s” insuring their uninterrupted eligibility; did those AfAm Studies courses have any lasting value?   

How many that pretended to take those courses have a clue who Harriet Tubman or Frederick Douglass were …  or that Martin Luther King’s “dream” did not involve Beyonce and Halle Berry in a hot tub?  OUCH!


BUT – Suppose, instead of a bogus “develop an appreciation of their cultural heritage” excuse …

Dean Smith had ordered the creation of a Life Skills Curriculum

… to specifically address the missing components in their short-changed educational experience prior to arriving in Chapel Hill?


Recognize that thru no fault of their own … these black “student-athletes’s” sub-par public education experiences had left many with 5th grade (or less) reading comprehension and virtually void of the general educational knowledge most 18 y/os  bring with them as freshmen on a college campus.

Sure, Dean knew he could – and did – arrange basketball playing “careers” for all of his players thru basketball’s global community.  Even those not talented enough for the NBA.  Unlike Football which has limited post-college opportunities.  But all those “careers” end at some point and then what ????

As would later be pointed out by Mary “The Whistleblower” Willingham … the 2-3-4 years that an athlete might hang around UNC playing his sport – would likely be his last association in any form of educational environment.  If he did not “learn how to read at least at the high school level” before leaving, he likely never would.  

“Reading Comprehension” being the single most valuable Life Skill … but also Basic Math … Civics … History (including Black History) … Elementary Financial Management … even daily skills such as Cooking, Carpentry and Auto Mechanics.   Dozen of such Life Skill Classes could be gleaned from any Community College Catalogue.


Had Dean Smith gone THAT route …

He could have pioneered a concept that could have been duplicated all across every higher education institution  engaged in major college athletics – including UNC’s Hated Rivals”.  WOW … what a legacy THAT woulda been !!!

Young black men could complete their “college athletic experience” qualified for marketable mainstream occupations beyond “bodyguard for a rapper” and “bouncer at a strip club” … or worse “in the drug culture”.

Even those very fortunate few who move on to professional sports careers – most of which only last 3-5 years – would benefit short and long term.

But alas …. ’twas not to be … but we can always “Suppose” …


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