8,000,000,000 Chinese (and Nick Saban) do NOT Hate Boo Corrigan …

Do NOT Hate Boo Corrigan
December05/ 2023
BL Rimshots

December 05, 2023


The scene is a back room at Amedeo’s across Western Blvd from N.C. State University … a group of hard-core Wolfpack partisans are debating –

“Who is THE most Hated and Defiled Athletics Director in the long history of NCSU?” Their choices are down to Todd Turner or Lee “Uncle Jed” Fowler.

A quiet unassuming fellow approaches their table … “Hi, I’m Boo Corrigan … Hold my beer.”


When contacted for his opinion of beleaguered Boo Corrigan, retiring Wolfpack “voice of” Gary Hahn simply replied “Karma can be a bitch”.



A crackerjack team of Quinnipiac Poll takers have been canvassing Tiananmen Square in beautiful downtown Beijing the past 24 hours … asking 8,000,000,000 Chinese …

(1) Rate the following calamities in order of their historical impact on our planet … The Eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 – The 2020 Presidential Election – The 2023 CFP Selections.

(2) Who is Boo Corrigan?

So far “Krakatoa” is the overwhelming answer to #1.

As for #2 … it is neck & neck between He is “Taylor Swift’s cabana boy” … or  “UNC’s next Defensive Coordinator”.

As St Dean hisownself told us … 8,000,000,000 Chinese can’t be wrong.

Folks, I have no animosity nor axe to grind against the fine folks of Tallahassee, Florida and/or The Seminole Nation.  Really, I don’t. 

I’ve never been to Tallahassee nor ever plan to visit but its probably a nice place.  I recall Brent Musberger once thought highly of its skanky coed population.

OK, the FSU Board of Trustees made pure fools of themselves last August by DEMANDING that the 13 other members of The ACC each give them (FSU) 10% of their media rights money BECAUSE FSU won a lot of games under the late Bobby “Father Flanagan” Bowden.  The 13 other member institutions are still giggling over that one.

As a student of history, I am aware of The Trail of Tears in the 1830s.  Seminoles along with The Cherokees and several other tribes were ordered by an overly oppressive US government to walk to Oklahoma.  A number of Native Americans perished in that process.   There is no record that Boo Corrigan had anything to do with that decision.

Comparing the Trail of Tears tragedy to the Seminoles to their current CFP omission (?) is beyond Absurd Hyperbole even for America’s Lovable Lunatic Fringe. 

Lets not even go to … For Florida State and its incredibly wonderful alumni and fans THIS is comparable to The Holocaust that slaughtered 9,000,000 Jews.  Again … PLEASE don’t go there.

Thankfully ESPN’s “Booger” McFarland was unaware of The Trail of Tears in his hyperbolic rant criticizing the CFP decision.   

A guy named “Booger” lambasting a guy named “Boo”

… and you want me to think this Hubbub is comparable to 9/11 … and Kennedy’s Assassination?  I’m sorry … no can do.

I’m on record just before The History of Football was forever changed Sunday morning … that the CFP selection could go either of 3-4 ways. 

Whichever way it turned out was destined to “alter the course of mighty rivers” and cause your goofy Aunt Clara – who has no clue if a football is stuffed or inflated – to grab a pitchfork and a torch and march on Grapevine, Texas.  Sure ’nuff …. Clara is standing outside the CFP HQ right now ,,, booing Boo.


So much of World Events are determined by “coincidence”. 

Had the seas off Normandy been a foot higher on June 6, 1944, we could all be singing Deutscland Uber Alles before baseball games instead of The Star Spangled Banner – The Black National Anthem – The Trany National Anthem – and The Hamas National Anthem.  Did I leave out any one?

Had Alabama’s Hail Mary pass versus Auburn been ONE INCH higher … their win over Georgia would not have inflicted untold permanent emotional and financial distress on the student-athletes of Florida State … their wonderful tomahawk-chopping fans … The ACC …  every elected politician in the State of Florida … and millions and millions of hyper-sympathetic sports fans around the world. … just ONE INCH higher


Is Nick Saban the eeeevil puppetmaster behind this ATROCITY?

NOTE:  On the subject of Eeeeevil Puppetmasters … I would always go with George Soros … Klaus Schwab … Barack and/or Michelle Obama … “The Evil Witch of Chappaqua” … or … Elon Musk … or, of course, “Little Johnny” Swofford.

A lot of people outside of Alabama (excluding Auburn) HATE Nick Saban BECAUSE …

Nick Saban has been very very successful as a College Football Coach.  

As “America” morphs into an amoral 3rd World Hellhole … one of the interesting observations is a fast-growing HATRED by the general population of anyone who is “successful” at anything.  Cases in point – Taylor Swift … and Nick Saban

Bill Belichek – and The New York Yankees – used to be on that list but their current UNsuccesses has demoted them.  Yes …The Dallas Cowboys are on the list despite 20+ years of not-so-successes.

There is a whole roomful of cross-eyed nitwits convinced Nick Saban PAID Boo Corrigan to rig the CFP vote.  How much Nick supposedly paid Boo is so far unknown … as is which of Boo’s multiple Cayman bank accounts Nick sent the $$$ to …

Does Boo Corrigan have multiple Cayman bank accounts?  Did Todd Turner and “Uncle Jed” have them too?  Did Dickie Baddour have one?

OK … it WAS a tad disturbing to learn that CFP did use Dominion voting machines to count the 13 votes. Was that necessary?  Really?

Q:  Do I think THIS ATROCITY is “a dagger to the heart” of The ACC?   

College Football as an entity MIGHT recover in 10-20 years but what about The ACC ???

No, I do not think so.  The ACC somehow survived (1)  “Jimmy V’s one pair of tennis shoes” …. (2) UNC’s Greatest Athletic/Academic Scandal in NCAA History …. (3) Coach K’s F-bombs … (4) Dabo Swinney admitting he is a Christian … (4) Maryland leaving for The B1G … and assorted other “atrocities”.  The ACC WILL survive … 

I wonder … IF Boo Corrigan reveals that he is a Transsexual who Hates Jews, Donald Trump and all straight white people … will ESPN suddenly embrace him … and all is forgiven for him Destroying Football As We Know It?

I’m guessing some of you have figured this all out by this point.

I did it.  I, your favorite Internet Legend, rigged the CFP vote 

Why? … So I could write this column, Silly.  



The Wonderful World of an Internet Legend ???

Being an Internet Legend might be preferable to being an NC State Athletics Director but it ain’t all daffodils and balloons …

Over the course of 48 hours last week

(1) Our 14 y/o microwave stopped microwaving … RATS .. there went $500 that coulda gone elsewhere.

(2) Blondie’s bank account was hacked.  $1600 POOF … a quick call to First Citizens Bank sealed the account and began the recovery process.

and then …

(3) I’m headed to a favorite fishing spot north of Henderson … cruising along I-85 between Creedmoor and Oxford at 70 mph … and MY BACK WHEELS LOCKED UP.

Somehow my inner “Earnhart” kicked-in … in the span of 2 seconds I managed to somehow pull over to the right-hand shoulder. …. Called AAA for a tow … and 90 minutes later was at Robert Our Car Guy for 20 years’ garage.   My “power train” had “broken” disengaging my “differential”.  

When “your car guy” tells you … “You are lucky to BE ALIVE … your car should have either flipped over or you coulda been rammed from behind when the wheels locked …”

When you are told that, broken microwaves don’t matter as much any more.  

The repairs far exceed the value of the car … wanna buy four almost new tires and some engine parts?

Sooo now you can understand why I’m not in a tizzy about “the Florida State Thingy”.


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