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December03/ 2023
BL Rimshots

December 03, 2023


Later on today … PANDEMONIUM Will Break Out …

I decided to sneak this column in before All Hell Breaks Loose across The Fruited Plan later today (Sunday the 3rd of December 2023).  ………. The CFP Committee – College Football Playoff – will announce the Final Four for this season’s National Championship later today.

You cannot stuff 5-6-7 teams into just four slots.   Can Not Be done.

If “Your Team” gets left out … or you simply disagree with which teams DO get included … because you always disagree with anything “a damn committee” ever decides about anything.  YOU could, of course, get it right because _________.  … sigh.   It will be because ….

“They” – The CFP Committee – HATES Your School – Always Has and Always Will – PERIOD. … hehehehehehe…

In anticipation of wholesale rioting and enraged fans attacks on the CFP Lair in Grapevine Texas … Committee Chair – NCState AD Boo Corrigan’s family has been relocated thru WITSEC to an “undisclosed location” … NOT in Chapel Hill.  They have provisions enough to last 7-10 days that it may take to quell the rioters.

IF I had a vote – AND I DON’T – I’d probably go with Michigan – Washington – Texas – Alabama.   Although I would be fine with making Michigan ineligible because Jim Harbaugh is an insufferable jackass … and replacing Michigan with either Georgia … or Florida State.  

Whichever combination creates the MOST CHAOS ….

If your travel plans include being within 20 miles of Grapevine Texas later today …. change your plans.  It’s gonna get scary … 



All Doug said was he thought that ________.

Last week my hommie “Doug” posted on my Facebook page as he often does.  It was a fairly innocuous comment.

“Doug” felt that NC State Head Football Coach Dave Doeren publicly referrring to UNCCH as “p.o.s” was “classless”.   

Coach Doeren did NOT use the abbreviations but rather the actual words “pieces of s***”.

NOTE:  I have not seen any comment on Doeren’s comment from Boo or Randy.  Boo is kinda otherwise occupied right now !!   Of course, neither Boo nor Randy ever took a stand when Gary Hahn was being unjustly persecuted.  The Ostrich Technique is a popular one.

Doug implied nothing else about NC State as an institution or its 100,000s of honest, God-fearing alumni and fans … just Coach Doeren’s public comment following his team’s butt-kickin’ walloping of UNCCH.

I had also made an oblique reference to “Dour Dave’s” comment in my most recent column.  I agree with Doug that it was “classless” … but it could be a situation similar to Coach K and his 40 years of a bazillion sideline F-Bombs.  As Coach K apologists always reminded us …

He (Coach K) is from South Chicago and thats how they behave there.  He doesn’t know any better …

I don’t know where “Dour Dave” is from.  Maybe, like Coach K … Dave simply doesn’t know any better. ???

It should be noted that Coach K’s notorious obscenities were always aimed at on-court actions … either his own players or the referees.  Not at opponents, fans or rival institutions.

Moving right along …

In a sequence straight out of Ebenezer Scrooge’s nightmare .. within minutes of Doug’s post … my Facebook page was visited by the First of Three very very very hard-core NC State partisans.  None of whom were named Jacob Marley. Their actual names are unimportant.


Wolfpack Partisan #1 …… knee-jerked – immediately – and wrongly – assuming “Doug” was “a p.o.s. Carolina fan” and let him have both-barrels …. launching into a 300 word rehash of The Greatest Athletic Eligibility Scandal in NCAA History – UNCCH’s infamous AfAm Studies Scam – which, of course, produced the well-worn phrase “UNCheats”.

NOTE:  NCSU new-borns learn to say “UNCheats” before they can say “Ma-ma” – “Dad-da” – “Jimmy V” – or “David Thompson”.  That’s a FACT.

In truth, Doug has no affiliation with ANY area fan base … simply a casual follower of ACC sports. FWIW, Doug also agrees with me that UNC DID indeed “cheat” for over 20 years and simply bought themselves a Get Outta Jail card for $30,000,000.  

Partisan #1 followed the #1 rule of social media debate which is NEVER admit you are wrong no matter how wrong everyone knows you are.  He muttered UNCheats a few dozen more times and noted how much he admires “Dour Dave” … and backed off …


Wolfpack Partisan #2 …… soon followed.  He was more succinct than #1 …. he simply said he totally agrees with “Dour Dave’s” obscene assessment of all things UNCheats … plus he – Partisan #2 – feels the same way about everyone and everything associated with Duke and ECU.  … YIKES.

You might want to think twice about inviting Wolfpack Partisan #2 to any holiday parties.


I should note here that …. based on their Facebook profiles all three Wolfpack Partisans mentioned herein – are white males over 40 years old with – it is to be assumed – families and are productive citizens in their respective communities.   

In addition to their intense NCState partisanship, all three seem very dissatisfied with the Biden Regime and all that entails.  Otherwise WHY would they be following ME on Facebook?  Why indeed!


Wolfpack Partisan #3 …….. turned out to be my favorite … although I certainly enjoyed both #1 and #2.

#3 totally justified “what Dour Dave said and how he said it” BECAUSE …….

Dean Smith SMOKED … and was a hard-core Liberal … ???

Folks, I’ve been doing this foolishness for over 20 years.  It takes a LOT to cause me to blink.  I blinked.

I’m on record numerous times on this website that I do NOT believe that Dean Smith was “born of a virgin” … and “rose on the 3rd day”.   He did recruit Charlie Scott, won 879 games and absolutely deserves his HoF status and his very own “Dome”.  Also …. He did indeed “smoke” and never hid his far left socio-political POV.  And has been dead for eight ears.

Using Dean Smith’s smoking and politics to justify the highest paid employee at NC State University using “pieces of s***” to publicly describe a rival institution and its partisans baffles me.  I’m not easy to “baffle”.


Are there such over-caffeinated partisans as these at UNC … at ECU … at Duke … and at every college sports fan base in America?  I’m pretty sure there are.   Worse in many cases.  I doubt any of these three are considering blowing up The Old Well … any time soon.

Give me a taser, three straight jackets and 10 minutes on Franklin Street and I could scoop up AT LEAST three over-caffeinated UNC Partisans to match these goofy guys.   Except they would likely be extreme left-wing nut jobs.

This account is NOT intended as an indictment of NC State … just sharing an interesting adventure Doug and I had a few days ago.

As our society continually deteriorates into an amoral and uncivilized 3rd World HellHole … remember …

It is indeed… A Strange Strange World We Live in, Master Jack.


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