Charissa said WHAT? … CHAOS Looms for Final Four … Cul-De-Sac War Week

Charissa Chaos
November21/ 2023
BL Rimshots

November 21, 2023


  • Charissa Thompson blows up “sports media” 
  • With any luck CFB’s Final Four could erupt into Total CHAOS – Yes !!!
  • It’s Cul-de-sac War Week in “The Triangle”.


Unless you actually “have a life” or are permanently perplexed over Israel vs Hamas … you heard / read about what Charissa Thompson said last week.   Not because you know / care who Charissa Thompson is or what she said … but because of the nuclear holocaust that “what she said” created among America’s Sports Media.  YEEEE-freakin’-HAA!

Charissa Thompson is a 40 year old, twice divorced, very pretty blond sports media “personality”.  Not as famous as Erin Andrews because (1) Erin Andrews was the first of whatever Charissa is … and (2) a keyhole perv in a Nashville Marriott once saw Erin Andrews nekkid.  

Last week, on one of the umpteen 100s of sports podcasts out there, Charissa Thompson admitted that, early in her sports media career, when she was “a sideline reporter”, she would occasionally “make up” inane quotes by coaches to her inane questions … if circumstances prevented her from actually asking the coach her inane questions. WELL …….

Her admission  – while funny as hell – immediately took a backseat to the …   

OMG OMG OMG KABOOM reaction from the…

“We are too ‘real media’ and we work really really hard trying to make you believe that we are …”

Hellfire … it’s 2023 …. even “real media” ranks lower than bus station restroom attendant or “kiddie porn producer”.  Much less “sports media”.

Calling what she says she did LYING is giving “sports media” a WHOLE LOT more seriousness than it deserves.

EVERY person still employed at ESPN (only 6% of whom are straight white people) … every “sports director” at every mini-market TV station … every gal majoring in “sideline reporting” at We Hate The First Amendment University … every last one of’em DEMAND that Charissa Thompson turn in her lip gloss, her hair spray and her microphone and be permanently barded from every “sideline” on Planet Earth.

The Fulton County (GA) DA “Fanni Willis” is considering charging Charissa with Exposing The Sad Truth about Sideline Reporting … a capital offense in Georgia.

Her public admission that “sideline reporting” is to Football what “ring girls” are to UFC ... was too much for self-absorbed “real sports media” professionals (??) to handle.

As oft-noted here … I was a HUGE fan of pro wrestling back in the NWA / WCW glory days of the 70s-80s … Rush and I watched many many hours of Dusty Rhoades, Ric Flair, Wahoo McDaniel. Macho Man, Jake The Snake et al enjoying both the scripted matches AND the scripted interviews.  Yeah, we knew it was all scripted but it was incredibly entertaining.

A pretty gal asking inane questions to a coach and getting an inane answer does not bother me one bit.  It might be scripted or “made up”.  I don’t care.  … Pick out a cheerleader and hand her $50 and a 3×5 card with the inane question to ask the coach.

Hellfire, I don’t care who the broadcasters are either.  I know many fans HATE Joe Buck or ______ or ______ or _______.  I don’t.   

I don’t care what world-famous entertainer is up in a suite either.  Showing her doesn’t bother me one bit.  I would like to see more high-stepping Drum Majors on televised games…

I tune in to see an exciting game in which something I’ve never seen before might take place.


CHAOS for Boo Corrigan’s CFP Committee ?????

Just Suppose …..  Alabama beats UGA in SEC Champship game ….. Texas beats Oklahoma in Big 12 C-game …. Oregon beats Washington in Pac-12 C-game …. and Louisville beats Florida State in ACC C-game … AND the winner of tOSU v Michigan loses to Iowa in BigTen C-game.

All except that last one (Big Ten) could easily happen and not be an OMG Upset.

Even two of the above would throw the CFP Final Four into Total Chaos and guarantee 3-4 lunatic fan bases collective heads would EXPLODE.   Gotta LOVE the prospect of that!



You MUST read this OutKick article with Mike Elko and Mack2.0 talking about the realities of the Transfer Portal.

It is exactly what I’ve been saying for several years about NIL / Transfers relative to our local programs.

This WILL be on your Final EXam ….


Cul-de-sac War Week in The Triangle

NC State versus UNCCH @ Carter-Finley …. always a fun week to be reminded how childish and downright scary otherwise solid citizens can act towards one another.

Wolfpack board monkeys on again / off again like/hate relationship with “Dour Dave” Doeren is trending “positive” as of right now.  “Dour Dave” has delivered his usual 8 Ws and an assured invite to a Whozit Bowl … achievements which he never seems to get much credit for. 

A W against the MUCH hated Tar Heels and Mack2.0 would have “Dour Dave” within reach of the mythical 10 Win season.   That would earn him some breathing room until his first L next September.

The same, of course, can be said for Mack2.0 and TeamMaye. As usual, UNC had more pre-season hype than the Wolfpack because – of course – EVERY sportswriter in The Western Hemisphere – supposedly – is a UNC J-School graduate .. or so “they” firmly believe in West Raleigh.

“America” as usual doesn’t much care what might happen Saturday @ The Fairgrounds.   This Hated Rivalry has never achieved the reputation of The Egg Bowl … Ruckus … Apple Cup … or The Game ‘twixt tOSU and Michigan.  But that doesn’t matter on every cul-de-sac within 100 miles of The Fairgrounds.

As always … Franklin Streeters will point to the 100 year record of the rivalry … and Wolfpackers to the past 15 years and specifically to the past two years.  Overly-caffeinated fans in every hated rivalry are nothing if not totally predictable.

If UNC wins it will – of course – be THE D*MN REFEREES fault … it always is.   There may still be another year or so of “blaming Johnny Swofford”.  It’s hard to break that addiction.

If NC STATE wins … Franklin Streeters might INSIST on Mack2.0 going by-by … and Bubba hiring any one of 3-4 World Famous Coaches in order to – ta daaaa – awaken the sleeping giant.

The smart money says NC State’s defense led by the Legendary Payton “Fisherman” Wilson prevails by 10 points or more.

NOTE:  Surely you all recall that Payton Wilson first committed to UNC (was it with Dooley or Crum?) until NCState recruiters convinced him “the fishing is better in Raleigh”.   Based on the past month, I can attest … THAT was BS.

IF … a very BIG IF … Drake Maye throws for 400 yards and Omarion Hampton romps for 200+ … it could make for a very fine Final Game for Mack2.0 … or not.

Regardless, as noted above, a lot of otherwise solid citizens will act stoopid this week …




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