When Traditional Winning Programs Don’t ……

Winners LOse ...
October05/ 2023
BL Rimshots

October 06, 2023


I’m not talking about extended periods of general mediocrity such The Cowboys or the Commanders/Redskins or the NYYankees or the LA Angels or like Duke Football experienced in the Pre-Cutcliffe years or like ECU Football seems mired in.

I’m talking about an asteroid coming out of nowhere and KABOOM … a traditionally solid winning program bordering on a SuperPower suddenly REALLY SUCKS for an entire season for no apparent reason. 

All four wheels come off the bus and an entire arrogant fan base finds itself going “Thelma & Louise”.

I’m talking about “Hubert Year 2” in Chapel Hill …. or the just completed 2023 MLB season for the St Louis Cardinals.

The self-annointed BFIB – Best Fans In Baseball – from Moline To Memphis within the 50,000 watt blowtorch reach of KMOX have just endured a six month case of emotional plantar fascitis that not a single one EVER imagined they would suffer.

It was the Midwest sports fans equivalent of the New Madrid Earthquake of 1811.

The Cardinals have more MLB World Championships than any franchise not wearing pinstripes in The Bronx.  They are 1-2 in NL Central EVERY year … count them solid for minimum 85-95 Ws EVERY year. 

3,000,000+ loyalists pour into Busch Stadium every season not necessarily expecting a W every game … thats not practical in baseball …

But, by golly, if the Redbirds drop two series in a row … you can bet the Fire John Moziliak (GM) mob will be going ALLCAPS in the Post-Dispatch, on every talk show within 150 miles of The Arch; and a couple of really troubled loonies might contemplate doing a swan dive off that aforementioned Arch.

A 5-6 game losing streak will see ALLCAP demands that The DeWitt Family sell the team “to somebody who cares about winning”.

The fact that Paul DeWitt Sr looks like Mayberry’s Howard Spraque doesn’t help his popularity with the locals.  John Moziliak’s bowtie is mentioned in every profane social media screed from blithering nimrods up & down The Mighty Mississippi.

This season … their beloved Cardinals sporting the much-loved “Birds on a Bat” logo on their unis finished Dead Last in the NL Central with a dismal 71-91 record … tied for 2nd worse in the NL … 5th worse in all of MLB.

They were not mathematically eliminated from “the Playoffs” until early September, but emotionally they stopped fogging a mirror by the All-Star break.   THAT has never happened to the storied franchise.

Thank The Lord that Stan Musial, Bob Gibson and Lou Brock were not around to see it.

Have I mentioned that The DeWitts went out and signed two of the best players in baseball in the past four years – Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado.   

Pitching apparently was the Achilles Heel this season.

Truly a miserable season that only a UNC Basketball junkie can appreciate.  OK, the Cardinals were NOT ranked #1 in pre-season and several of the other indignities that befell Hubert & Company.

Cardinals fans take their summers with their Cardinals REALLY SERIOUSLY.  Not unlike UNC Basketball fans.

What happened last season AKA “HY2 / Hubert Year 2” still hasn’t sunk in for many Dean Domers … and maybe never will … although fans of various “Hated Rivals” will do their best to never let’em forget.

The Cardinals fans Most Hated rival fan base is The Cubbies of Wrigley Field.  Woeful for 95% of their existence, Cubs fans can only snicker at St Louis’ misery.

At what exact point in the nightmare season did X number of Cardinals fans start referring to the team as “they” instead of “our Cardinals” has not been documented.  

Not everyone from Memphis To Moline merits the title Best Fans In Baseball.   Nor are all Carolina fans destined to be “Tar Heel dead” … some have already bailed as with every fan base in every sport.

Will HY3 be a repeat of The Year 1 Miracle … or Year 2 Nightmare … or somewhere in-between?

Will The Cardinals find “pitching” and return to a September pennant race in 2024? Or ….


I’m Not Obsessing Over Taylor Swift, I’m Obsessing over …

Blondie accuses me of obsessing over Taylor Swift because I keep being mystified at John Q. Public’s bizarre reaction to the fact that it’s Taylor Swift’s World & We Are Just Allowed to stand on the curb and watch it …

What I AM obsessed with is 99% of my fellow baby boomers who are standing in their front yard and yelling at any cloud that looks like Taylor Swift.  “STOP IT You People”

I swear to Gawd, every freakin’ BBoomer that has figured out how to post on Facebook feel compelled to post their Very Very Negative Opinion of anything having to do with You Know Who.

Taylor Swift’s bazillion fans are 99.99% very white females between 12 and “late 30s”.  They like “bubblegum music” and “he done me wrong” songs.  Go figure …

She has very few Black or Hispanic fans.  There are ZERO Baby Boomers between 12 and “late 30s”. 

If you placed Taylor’s Monstrous Fan Base of “Swifties” beside the late Jimmy Buffett’s “Parrotheads” there would be ZERO overlap. ZERO!  Not a one.  … and that’s OK.

The difference is no Swiftie has a clue about “Cheeseburgers In Paradise” or “Margaritaville” and sees no reason to bash Mr Buffett’s memory.  If they had a clue who he was.

Swifties also have no clue about The Righteous Bros, The Everly Bros, The Statler Bros, The Beach Boys, Herman’s Hermits, Tony Orlando and Dawn, Tiny Tim, or The Captain & Tennille.  But they can find their way around an Old Navy store blindfolded.

…. Oh, and a lot of Swifties are Your Daughters and Your Granddaughters.

You do not have to like Taylor Swift … and You Do not have to tell everyone how much you don’t.  Just let it go Folks … Puhleeze.

The NFL will eventually return to normal just as soon as their 80% black players realize Taylor Swift is WHITE.  VERY VERY WHITE … Uh Oh! 

IF she was “dating” a big bad black brutha it might be different but Kelce ain’t.  So STOP promoting her Roger … OR Else.   Oh, and put those BLM logos back in the End Zones right now.

Did you know …. that Capital One commercial featuring Taylor Swift is THE ONLY commercial allowed to run during a college or pro football game that does NOT feature black actors or an inter-racial couple.  Coincidence?  I think not …

UPDATE:  I can find No Link yet to how Taylor Swift convinced The NCAA to Free “Tez” Walker … but You Know she has to be involved some how … Only Taylor has THAT sort of influence!


So Candace Owens replied …

I am a Huge fan of Candace Owens.  Candace along with Charlie Kirk, Matt Walsh and Ben Shapiro among others speak on college campuses … at least on those campuses that still sorta kinda recognize the First Amendment.

They are “Millennial Conservatives” who have an unapologetic anti-liberal … anti Counter-Culture … anti-Woke … anti Left-wing socialist message.

Unlike contrarian speakers … They do allow / encourage questions from their largely student audiences.

Every campus they speak on … the same scenario takes place.  Pathetic little leftwing liberal weenies spend weeks preparing their “killer questions” that they are CERTAIN will cause Candace, Charlie, Matt, Ben et al to wave a white surrender flag and sulk off the stage in utter defeat.

EVERY TIME, the pathetic left-wing weenies straight from central casting get oh-so-politely chewed up and spit out in front of their classmates.

Earlier this week, speaking at some ridiculously over-priced little Ivy League wannabee college in upstate NY – The University of Albany … a little liberal weenie with thick glasses and bad complexion pulled out her “killer question” and approached the audience mic … 

NOTE: Candace is eight months pregnant with their 3rd child.

Liberal Weenie:  “What do you have to say to the trans students here who actively feel victimized by your presence, here?” 

Candace Owens: Life’s tough, get a helmet, man. I’m too pregnant for this,” 

The audience ERUPTED in wild applause … the clip received over 2,000,000 views in the first 24 hours.  The Daily Wire is now selling sweatshirts with “Life’s tough … Get a Helmet”.


Say Good Night, Gracie …

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