“Some little nobody won” … and other Huhs ???

"Some little nobody ....
July24/ 2023
BL Rimshots

July 24, 2023


Its well documented that I no longer watch ESPN except for certain major sports events for which I have no option.  Its studio shows have deteriorated to ESPN becoming “The View” of Sports.  Begging the eternal question …

If 100 “angry black guys” and 100 “angry lesbians” all scream at the same time how much they HATE “straight white people” … but no straight white people are watching or listening … does it matter … and does Disney continue to hemorrhage red ink?

Full Disclosure:  I am a life-long member of the “straight white people” demographic.

Anyhoooo … apparently on Sunday afternoon – according to a second-hand source – one of ESPN’s “angry black lesbians” complained that The (British) Open wasn’t worth watching because “some little (white male) nobody” won it.   Implying, of course, that a golf tournament without Tiger Woods is as unwatchable as …. as an “ESPN studio show”.

That “little (white male) nobody” who won was Brian Harman who IS 5’7″ … and who, I admit, I had never heard of before this weekend. ….  I had never heard of the guy – Wyndham Clark – who won the US Open several weeks ago either for what thats worth. …..  I also had never heard of the young Spanish guy – Carlos Alcaraz –  that won Wimbledon a week ago.  ….. Nor do I have a clue who is Georgia Tech’s Head Football Coach …. or any song associated with Pink Floyd.

FWIW … every one of the above are, apparently, very fine fellows and well-deserving of the glory that comes with their respective sports achievements.

I have, apparently, reached the point in my life where my interests in sports has diminished to “what can be written on a sticky note”.  If I was not burdened (just kidding!) with doing “this”, my interest would REALLY be miniscule.  

Fishing 4/5 days/week plus following the daily adventures of My Fab Four Grandchildren – Miss TipToe, Princess Strawberry, D3 and Baby MJ fills up my days, leaving scant time to worry “Who is The G.O.A.T.?”, “Where Will Ohtani Go?”, and “Which NFL / NBA player beat up his baby mamma … again?”

I CAN still name the starting line-up for the Pittsburgh Pirates in that classic 1960 World Series 7th game … “Mazeroski’s Walk-Off HR” … and who hit the routine ground ball that bad hopped into Tony Kubek’s throat in the 7th inning … Bill Virdon.

FWIW:  To my memory, I have NEVER watched an NFL or NBA Draft Show … or, of course, a WNBA game.  I’m betting I can maintain that clean slate for my duration on this mortal coil.

I’m going to go out on a limb that more than a few of YOU PEOPLE are “like me” having lost your zeal for “sports” in general.   Not all of you’ans for sure … but more than a few.

Is it tied to the Socio-Cultural War that is raging white-hot across the Fruited Plain?  I don’t know.  I’ve never been at this point in my life before.  What say YOU?


I still follow Golf but I doubt I can name more than maybe 8-10 current PGA Tour /LIV players.  … less than four top Tennis players … even fewer NASCAR drivers … and, of course, zero for Ga Tech coaches and Pink Floyd songs.

Another observation about Golf.  I still tune in for “The Majors”.  So I’ve watched 30-40 “The (British) Opens” over the years which seem to always be played on “links course”.   IMO, they ALL look exactly alike … rolling terrain by a body of water (a Firth or a Loch or some such) … bad weather … no trees … a clubhouse that King Arthur or “Long Shanks” probably slept in … and some weird sand trap or bridge or bush where Old Tom Morris invented the niblick.

Then I realized that with a few notable exceptions – most USA golf courses look alike too.   The only ones I MIGHT recognize if I tuned in cold turkey would be – of course – Augusta National … Pebble Beach … and probably Pinehurst #2.


College Conference Realignment Update

For the umpteenth consecutive week, Whozit The Commissioner of The Pac 8-10-12? says he is “close to” an announcement about their media contract. … a deal is “imminent” … and its going to be “stupendous” … or maybe not.  And in other news, Spain’s General Francisco Franco is still dead.

How The Pac ??? goes … so likely goes The ACC when dominos start falling and the Grand Power5 Shuffle enters its next phase.

Little Johnny Swofford’s successor as “Commish” of The ACC – Jim Phillips – has been implicated in the very very messy Northwestern Hazing Scandal.  Phillips was AD at Northwestern during much of the time in question.  Phillips says he will “vigorously” claim he “… Knew NUTHING” about any such goings on during his watch and if he did he didn’t.  If Phillips’ vigorous defense proves not vigorous enough, his tenure as ACC Commish could be short-lived.  But this mess will be tied up in court for “a while” because … messes are always “tied up in court for a while”.


Cheering for “U-S-A” in international competition … regardless?

“In the lobby of The Crown Center Hotel in Kansas City” = The Answer to “Where was I for The Miracle on Ice Hockey Game in 198_ ?” 

I recall “pulling against” various “furriners” at The Masters over the years.  Gary Player … Seve Ballesteros … Nick Faldo … Roberto DeVicenzo … even little Ian Woosnam.  

I hated those “East German judges” in The Olympics during 70-80s.  They were every bit as corrupt as The Biden Regime’s Dept of Justice if that is even possible.

By Golly … If “America” lost in ANY sort of sports competition, it was an insult to our Founding Fathers … to all those graves in Arlington Cemetery … to Betsy Ross … to Mom & Apple Pie … et al.   Jesse Owens showed Hitler in 1936 and by golly “our guys & gals” are gonna show the commies and the fascists and the A-rabs and all those other godless heathen we’re better than they are in Luge, triple jump, synchronized ice dancing and Greco-Roman race walking … by golly.

I no longer harbor such a dogmatic POV.

Along comes 2023 and Megan Rapinoe and The USWNT are in the Womens World Cup.

Yeah, I know Megan Rapinoe is one of UNC’s legendary coach Anson Dorrance’s “closest dearest friends” and “one of the finest human being” Anson’s ever known.  I’m sure Anson Dorrance and I disagree on many things including Megan Rapinoe.

Comparing Megan Rapinoe to Jane Fonda in Hanoi might be apropos.  ???

Apparently it is a controversy in some quarters that “pulling for” the USWNT in this World Cup could be viewed as showing support / approval for Megan Rapinoe about whom over 50% of Americans do not agree with Coach Dorrance AT ALL.  I don’t think that “If > Then” reasoning is necessarily sound.

Rapinoe, and some – BUT NOT ALL – of her teammates are on-record as REALLY not liking “people like me … and many of you”.   LeBron James and Gregg Popovich don’t like “us” either.   And, of course, there’s “Kaepernick” … and all those aforementioned angry black guys and lesbians yelling over at ESPN.

The options to Cheer For / Yes or No … has a 3rd option.  to not much care one way or the other. I opt for #3.   …. and BTW … not ALL the USWNT members are lesbians.  The “really pretty one” – Alex Morgan – is happily married TO A MAN and has at least one child.


Speaking of Soccer … I asked Son-in-law “Priest Danny” if he would pay $100 to see Lionel Messi play soccer.  He said “Absolutely” without hesitation.  Danny was an All-Sports BMOC in high school and four year starter at tight end for Div III Wheaton … and now – at 35 – his favorite sports team is Manchester United in the Premier League ??? Go figure…

Messi @ Miami is A Big Deal … more impactful that Pele w/ the Cosmos in 1975.   “Soccer” is still no threat to “Football” in America – and never will be – but it IS growing finally … and developing legitimate interest across the country whether you like it or not.  That’s OK.


Movie Trivia

What 1990s classic cult film featured the character “Santanico Pandemonium” … who was the actor who played the part?  If you saw it, you’ve never forgotten it.   …. Yes, you could google it but what’s the fun in that?

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