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June22/ 2023
BL Rimshots


June 22, 2023

I’m noticing more and more – or so it seems – an increase in the number of terminally self-righteous nitwits boasting that they “Love Everybody” followed by versions of “… regardless of their race, religion, how they choose to employ their assorted anatomical appendages and orifices …. blah blah blah …”.

LA Dodgers manager Dave Roberts used that as his official comment following the Dodgers’ recently “honoring” the uber-radical Catholic-hating drag queen gang.  Toss Garth Brooks on that pile too.

To be fair to Roberts and Brooks, it is a common inane comment in these increasingly “troubling times”. 

NOTE: FWIW / IMO we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet as far as “troubling times”.  Six-eight months from now these will be “the good ol’ days”.  Hang On Sloopy … really scary days are acomin’ … sigh.

The “I love everybody regardless of …..” is matched only by the classic …. “Anyone who knows me knows I don’t have a racist bone in my body”.  What the hell does THAT mean? 

Arguably 60% of “us” are called “racist” everyday simply “because” it was an easy dog whistle to train “the media”.   “… bone in my body” is the official retort to being called “a racist”.

It is also the standard retort when called “a ____ phobe” towards any of the ever-growing and endless list of socio- sexual defiances.

Of all the people I “know” or have known on any level, I cannot attest to the attitudes of any of their bones.  So, my friends, do not use me as a character witness if the woke terrorists haul you up in one of their various kangaroo courts.

Now … I “like” a reasonable number of people I have encountered over my life.  I have “known” a lot more people than I “like”.   I never got to know most of them well enough to say I “like” them or not. 

FWIW: I have no feeling yeah or nay on anyone based soley upon their “favorite sports team”.  I have concerns for those who insist on using THAT silliness as a criteria in a relationship. 

To my knowledge I have no ongoing feuds with any specific individuals … certainly none that I have to confront on a regular basis.  Noting, of course, that Blondie and I are both asocial personalities … and I have no required group interactions at this stage of my life.   

Other than, of course, the on-line relationship I do so enjoy with 99% of “you people”.  Bless your hearts!

Like Deion Sanders and the Colorado football roster … time and circumstance have “culled the herd” of those I deemed undesirable in my life.  Which, come to think of it, includes a certain gaggle of relatives … about which Blondie coined the phrase “we have sawed that limb off the family tree”.

I AM capable of Love … for my immediate family … including four little blessings known as “grandchildren” up in Richmond.  All of you grandparents can hopefully identify with the special category they fit in.

I also have strong positive feeling for a number of dear friends I have accumulated over the years.  Over 60 years in some cases.  On various levels I would not hesitate to go out of my way to be concerned for and to assist in their well-being.

I strongly dislike ANY individuals or groups that I perceive as threats to my family’s well-being – especially to those aforementioned grandchildren’s futures.   My disdain and contempt extends to  anyone who advocates support of the heinous agendas of said threatening individuals or groups. THAT category has grown considerably during these “troubling times”.

If St Peter is going to deny me entry thru The Pearly Gates for my most definite dislike of said individuals and groups and their advocates then so be it.  

OK … lets move on to far more important matters …


Pickleball …

I’ve never played Pickleball or even seen a Pickleball court except on social media.  I gather it is a bastard offspring of an illicit affair twixt Tennis and Ping Pong.  By all measures I can apply, it seems to be “a good thing”.  If you need my “OK” to try it or to become a member of the PIckleball cult … you have it.

Someone noted that these empty anchor store spaces in most shopping malls could be easily converted to 20+ Pickleball courts.  Makes sense to me … 

Apparently there is already a Professional Pickleball League ???  Hopefully there will be enough black and trany pro pickleballers to avoid THAT controversy but probably not.

Speaking of … that the NBA Champion Denver Nuggets are led by a “Big White Guy” has caused apoplexy among ESPN’s predominately “Not-White” NBA analysts / race hucksters.  LOLOLOL … 

Am I the only one who thought Nicola Jokic was a dead ringer for UNCCH’s Eric Montross?  How’s Eric doing by the way?

No surprise … I vote “Hell No” on whether “cross-dressing bullies” should be permitted to compete with for-real female pickleballers.   … I do NOT think “cross-dressing bullies” should be allowed in a locker room where for-real female pickleballers are in varying stages of dressing / showering.

The penalty for such trespassing should involve public castration with a rusty oyster knife.


Residual Incomes from SitCom Reruns …

When actors win the acting lottery and are “regulars” in a classic series – Seinfeld / MASH / Friends / et al – that will run FOREVER in reruns, they receive substantial “residuals” every time those reruns run. 

I don’t know how the $$$ amounts are figured.   Does “George” get more than “Kramer” … Does “Klinger” get more than “Radar” ???? I believe the “residuals forever” rule was put in within the past 30 years or so so does not include “Floyd” or “Ernest T.” getting a check every time an Andy Griffith rerun reruns.  I could be wrong.

Many of those actors never appeared regularly in any other shows … but can live comfortably from those residuals” from the 8-10 years their series ran.

Did You Know … there are more Matlock episodes “in the can” than there are “Andy/Mayberry” episodes?


Current ACC Athletes …

I admitted to a buddy recently that Drake Maye and “Becot” / “Bacot” (the guy with the celery stalk hairdo) are the ONLY two current ACC athletes in any sport that I can name off-hand.  Boy … is THAT a major change from 10-20 years ago.  I think it is a mutual reflection of my interests and in the evolution of college sports.

I am watching “little Wake Forest” in Omaha.   Gonna be tough beating LSU’s Ace tonight but maybe … If WFU wins a CWS in “the modern era” before either NCSU or UNC THAT will be humbling for over-caffeinated partisans of those local Hated Rivals.

Speaking of ACC Sports.  “My buddy” Art Chansky in a recent WCHL commentary was VERY specific that Mack Brown cannot retire too soon to suit Art.  Tomorrow at noon would be fine with Art.  For whatever reasons, he has REALLY soured on “Mack2.0.”

Personally, I think this year is “IT” for Mack regardless of how UNCCH does.  All the upheavals in Big Time College Sports are more crap than he needs at this point in his life.

I don’t know if Bubba got a call from Notre Dame about their AD opening.  It was quickly filled by an NBC sports executive.  I also don’t know if Bubba got a call from “Chihuahua” about her USC AD vacancy.  If so, I doubt he even returned her call.

Big Time College MBB is (and has been for some time) a corrupt, almost criminal enterprise … but now slightly less so with the self-destruction of Bob Huggins.  Good riddance Huggy Bear …   


BobLee Fishing Update …

A Huge Day on Lake Anna north of Richmond last week … in six hours … 15 largemouth bass between 2-5 lbs plus four “stripers” over five lbs.  THAT was Fun!  Planning several smallmouth river floats in the coming months.

Watched a video recently of a guy catching a 700 lb Mako shark on a fly rod.  The shark jumped 15′ out of the water several times … AWESOME!

FWIW … a Blue Marlin did not take a bite out of him during the course of catching the shark.


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