“The ACC” as we’ve known it … 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 …… POOF!

May19/ 2023
BL Rimshots

May 18, 2023

Before I dive into the “Say it ain’t so, BobLee” subject of the inevitable Fate of “The ACC – As We Have Known It” I need to address two other topics:

(1) Martha Stewart / SI Swimsuit Issue

My permission was not sought.  My approval was not needed.  Had either been requested, I would NOT have objected.  For 81 or 71 or even 51 … she looked “quite good” to whatever degree I am a judge.  How much “work” or airbrushing was necessary is waaaay beyond my concern.

I do kinda wonder who else was on SI’s “short list” for their Aging Baby Boomer category? Ann-Margret?  Barbara Eden?  Jane Fonda?   … Annette Funicello and Honor Blackman having passed on.  The mind reels …

To her credit, Martha Stewart is not “trany” nor grossly overweight nor any other sideshow freak categories that SI seems hellbent to inflict upon its fast-dwindling readership.   I stopped reading SI decades ago with nary a look-back regret.

As noted in a related recent column, “Kathy Ireland” will always and forever be my pent-ultimate SI Swimsuit model.


(2) I’m saying Good By To Outkick.com …

I noted a while back my concerns for Clay Travis’ OUTKICK website.  While he and I share pretty much the same socio-political opinions, I have formally given up on his website.   

I had become the website’s primary Reader Commenter … not as prestigious a title as one might imagine.

OUTKICK was created 4-5 years ago as a direct rival to Barstool.com.  Both sites target the same 18-35 male demographic.  I aged out of that grouping while Ronald Reagan was convincing Mr Gorbachev to “tear down that wall”.   

In the ensuing years, I have had less and less in common with them that inhabit that age group.  If “get drunk – get high – get laid – say f*** – fight over stoopid sports crap” was ever in my DNA – (it wasn’t) – my tolerance for it now is nil.

Best way to describe OUTKICK would be if you ever saw The Man Show w/ Adam Carrola and Jimmy Kimmel.  The staple highlight for each episode was “Girls on a Trampoline”.   

Another comparison might be if Epstein Island had a video website it showed to politicians, tech moguls and other sexual pervs to entice them to “come on down”… Epstein might use OUTKICK to do so.

NOTE:  Ever noticed that Tech Nerd Billionaires seem to appear on most lists of “sexual pervert” celebrities?  That most of’em were “weirdo loners” in high school might be a contributing factor, ya think?

Combine that with OUTKICK’s stable of “fan boy” writers who are straight out of Board Monkeys ‘R Us.   Drag a net thru any toxic “fan site” and these nimrods are what you’d scoop up.

I’m no prude but by golly I ain’t no sicko pervert with a single digit IQ either.  Now that I’ve got your curiosity up, feel free to check it out .. but don’t be looking for yours truly.


The ACC moves inexorably towards KABOOM …

You’ve likely heard about “The Magnificent Seven” ACC member institutions who are – supposedly – conspiring to blow up the conference in order to get what they (the seven institutions) believe is their “fair share” of the conference’s (rather modest by comparison) broadcast rights $$$$$ pie.

If the Not Magnificent Seven will simply give up some of their $$$hares to appease the Mag 7 then everything will be hunky-dory.  LOL!!!

The “Mag 7” are – FSU – Clemson – Miami – UNCCH – NCSU – UVA – VaTech.

I have no inside info on whether the “Mag 7” have a logo … a secret handshake … or a walk-up song … yet.

Nothing was decided at this week’s Annual Spring Meeting except some hem-hawing and “no commenting” about The Mag 7 and their Grand Plan… but “the clock is ticking” for sure.

But the mere fact that a coalition has coalesced should tell you that The ACC As We Have Known It is “on the clock”.   If you smugly think Johnny Swofford’s Grant of Rights is going to stop the dissolution of Yea Olde Conference, you be sadly mistaken.

In a era where mediocre NFL QBs are getting $250,000,000 guaranteed contracts … and 18 y/o semi-literate multi-starred wunderkins who have never played one down in a college game are getting $1,000,000 “deals” to come to WhatsZaaMatter U for at least a year or so before getting a better deal somewhere else … if you think How Much It Will Cost will prevent anything from happening to The ACC … you be wrong.

Alas … my incredible model for a Boutique Regional ACC was doomed from the get-go.  With UNCCH and NCSU and UVA all making “Go Somewhere Else” plans, I suppose Duke and Wake might strike a deal with AppSt, ECU, et al and form a polite little “play each other” family but … sigh.

Before you folks get all grumpy and “yelling at clouds” and bemoaning “the good ol’ days” …. so long as UNC and State still play each other … and UNC / DUKE play each other in Basketball … and be assured they WILL still do so… why will you care what “conferences” they are in.

“Braggin’ Rights” is all about Who Beat Who This Year.   DUKE can still be relevant in Big Time College MBB with or without The ACC.  Ask UCONN or Gonzaga how much “a conference” matters.

I predict Two Years Max before the ACC Fruit Basket turns over.   I plan to catch a lot of fish and read a lot of audiobooks in the next two years … and beyond.   I’m OK with whatever happens.  I checked with my four grandchildren and they seem OK with whatever happens.  Their Dad is raising them to be Premier League Soccer fans.  GO MAN-U!

If you want to go stand in the surf at Atlantic Beach and (1) yell at the tide to go back … and (2) Your ACC to not radically change … you have my blessing to do so.  I understand why you might feel compelled to do so.


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