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Columbua / NBA
April28/ 2023
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April 28, 2023


And just like that, I make History in the strange universe of “Whatever it is I do here”.  That title – Christopher Columbus & The NBA

…. has NEVER appeared before Anywhere Anytime for Any Reason … and probably never will appear again.  You are participating in an eye blink moment in Time.

Maybe you were expecting Tucker Carlson & The NBA?  I’m still analyzing that one.  What I do know is that …

… whatever “The Murdochs” and the other “news media terrorists” are trying to make you believe happened is NOT what really happened.

My opinion on TV News in general can be found HERE.   FWIW: Blondie and I have not watched Fox News … or any TV news … in at least 5 years.  But I’ll put our “news awareness” up against anyone anytime anywhere.


I have made reference on several occasions that BobLee & The NBA no longer have any tangential relationship whatsoever.  I went cold turkey on “The Association” several years ago and have never experienced an iota of regret for doing so.

Speculation as to why I did so is easy considering my unabashed uber-aggressive contempt for all things liberal / progressive / woke / ?? / ??.  “Easy” but inaccurate … which brings us to Christopher Columbus “sailing the ocean blue in 1492”.


I’m no cultural anthropologist but I believe whenever any group of animals live together in any sort of communal fashion, a “culture” develops around how they go about their daily lives individually and collectively.  That applies to bees, ants, prairie dogs, Neanderthals, Greeks, Romans, Apaches, New Yorkers, Amish, etc etc …

A group’s “culture” evolves over time affected by all sorts of factors.  Cultural evolution is ongoing and never static.  Some members of the community adjusts to those changes, others don’t. 

The “don’t adjusts” either attempt to stop or slow down the changes; or leave the community to form a new community with a “culture” more to their liking.

A “culture” existed in what would be called North America long before 1492.  Actually many “cultures” as interaction among the various “tribes” was limited by distance and modes of transportation.

The arrival of the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria in 1492 introduced a totally new “culture” to North America – European culture.  As the migration of Europeans to North America increased exponentially over the centuries, their culture gradually dominated the various pre-existing cultures by sheer force of numbers.  Ergo… exactly what has happened with The NBA.

Hypothethicalists, and hard-core contrarians, can debate whether the cultural evolution of North America was “a good thing” or not … the introduction of “smallpox” being pretty universally agreed as “not a good thing”.  But the culture did indeed evolve regardless as it did all around the planet as the human race grew in numbers and influence.

Christopher Columbus did NOT introduce “basketball” to America.   Nor did he introduce Pickle ball, the McRib, or telemarketing.

Basketball was “invented” by Dr. James Naismith in a YMCA in Springfield, Mass in 1891.  That he was ably assisted by our dear friend “Coach” / CNR is a little-known fact.  Dr. Naismith also invented “the football helmet” which none of you reading this knew until right now.   Look it up if you doubt me.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) was created in June 1946.   The first black player in the NBA was either Earl Lloyd or Nat “Sweetwater” Clifton in 1950.  Most folks might favor “Sweetwater” because he had a cool nickname.  I don’t know.

The first “impact” black player would be Bill Russell in 1956 with, of course, the Boston Celtics who he led to eleven championships.

In the 73 years since “Sweetwater” and Earl entered the NBA, the % of black players has increased not so gradually to where in 2021 … 73% of NBA players were counted as “black”.

Ethnicity in sports depend upon which sport one is talking about.  In MLB, “Blacks” are divided between “American Blacks” and “Latin Blacks” in order to artificially emphasize that there are not enough “American Blacks” in MLB.

In counting NBA ethnicities however  … “white players” are all counted together rather than “American Whites” and “Euro Whites” to artificially exaggerate the dwindling number of “whites” in the NBA.

As with EVERYTHING in America circa 2023 … “agendas” have to be factored in any time one sees numbers or %s used to “prove a point” in any debate.

The phrase “but everyone will agree that …..” is no longer applicable in the English language except by pure fools … or by someone assuming his/her audience is composed of “pure fools”.  I choose to believe I am neither of those.

Let’s just say “since 1492 / 1891, Basketball in America has evolved to be dominated by black athletes at both the professional and major college levels”.   That can probably be expanded to “public high school level” too.

Why?  Thats where it gets “sticky” and well beyond my knowledge of genetics.  Are young black men genetically predisposed to be “better” at the skills required in “basketball” … from their ancestors chasing lions (or being chased by lions) across the African velt?  How does “chasing lions” relate to dunking and dribbling ???  …

I had an orthopedic surgeon explain to me how “their (blacks) nerve fibers have a sheath that Caucasians don’t have” that aids them in jumping” … ??????

“Whites” watch Sunday At The Masters (and Mayberry reruns) … “Blacks” play basketball … “Brazilians” play soccer … “Eskimos” eat blubber … “Chinese” use chopsticks instead of forks … etc.

I’m going with the same explanation for “differences in cultures” that I use for explaining “electricity” and “Oprah’s popularity” … It is what it is.

With their dominance in “Basketball” … the NBA has – like America since 1492 – become dominated by “the majority culture”.  A cultural evolution not unlike the popularity of pizza and bagels in The South … 

I have never “been black” nor did I “grow up black” in a white-dominated culture. Being dominated by another’s culture as “blacks” were for many many years had to be uncomfortable and often unpleasant.   

Unlike “blacks” in America during much of the 20th century, I do have a choice when it comes to watching professional basketball being conducted under a dominating culture I am not appreciative of.

“Watching the NBA” like watching any spectator sport is a totally discretionary activity.   I do not HAVE to do it.  I can factor the value it has to me versus the quality of my life without it and choose … accepting the consequences of my decision.

In the three plus years since I chose “not to watch the NBA” – and less and less college basketball, I have detected zero negative impact on my daily life.

“Taking up fishing” four years ago, on the other hand, HAS brought me pleasure I was not experiencing prior to doing so … except when dealing with treble hooks.

Life is an ongoing series of such choices and decisions.   If YOU enjoy The NBA, you should watch it.  If “fishing” does not appeal to you … don’t do it.  If you prefer doughnuts to bagels, you still have a choice.


I don’t know if applying my “logic” on this subject is at all helpful to you.  That some within our culture want to rename “Columbus Day” to “Indigenous Peoples Day” is peculiar; but, I suppose I shouldn’t begrudge them their opinion.

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