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April10/ 2023
BL Rimshots

April 10, 2023


I watched Sunday @ The Masters yesterday just like I have for most if not every year for more than half a century. 

It has been firmly entrenched on my ever-dwindling Must See Sports TV bucket list as long as I can remember.  It is easy to remember that list these days since Sunday @ The Masters is the only event still on it.

Oh Where Have You Gone … The Super Bowl … 7th Game of The World Series … Final Four … Wimbledon … Daytona 500 … Anything to do with The Olympics … The ACC Tournament … Carolina v Duke or NC State in anything … The Rose Bowl … Anything NBA … Kentucky Derby … etc etc etc.  “They” do still play all those, don’t they?  If you say so …

I’m not saying I don’t watch any of those events any more; but it depends if “the fish are biting” or if “my grandchildren need my help with a puzzle or need a push on a swing”.   Sports spectatoring just isn’t the priority for me it once was.

I did go fishing yesterday during the break between the 3rd and 4th rounds.”

“Miss Tip Toe” and “Princess Strawberry” will be with Blondie and me for the next four days.  YIPPEE!

I’m sure I’m not the only one with Sunday @ The Masters on his Must See TV List.   It is “A Tradition Like No Other” after all.

I used to take bus charters to Augusta for Masters Week so I’ve walked the hallowed grounds:  all 18 holes … seen the synchronized mowers coming down #9 … eaten a pimento cheese sandwich … stood where Clifford Roberts committed suicide behind The Butler Cabin … hear the crack of a Big Bertha hitting a Titleist resounding among the lofty pines … stood under the giant live oak behind The Clubhouse…. et all.

The view from the putting green looking out across the course always reminds me of Little Round Top at Gettysburg or The Little Big Horn … what I imagine Waterloo might look like. The scene of a great battle before the great battle. 

Greater wordsmiths than I have explained why it is “A Tradition Like No Other”.

I’ve seen most if not all of America’s Great Sites … Mount Rushmore – The Golden Gate Bridge – The Grand Canyon – Manhatten Skyline – Old Faithful @ Yellowstone – The Mighty Mississippi … Bourbon Street – The Rose Bowl et al.   

Augusta National Golf Club during Masters Week merits inclusion on that list … at least to me. 

It passes the “it looks just like I imagined it would look” test.  THAT is a short list.

I don’t have “a favorite golfer” any more, nor do I have a “Anybody but That Guy” unfavorite golfer any more.   But, I used to …

Like every red-bloodied American golf fan I was in Arnie’s Army … and “Fat Jack” was the enemy in the early 60s.  Then “Jack” lost weight and grew his hair out … and he was OK.  More than just “OK”.

I’m not into that A-Rab Golf Thing versus The PGATour.  It was kinda fun to see several of the LIV guys at the top of the scoreboard.

I’ve always been ambivalent about “Tiger” but his multi-generational talent was undeniable.

There IS one significant area where I have totally evolved as a The Masters aficionado. 

I no longer pull against “furreniers”

… those invaders from faraway places with strange sounding names that dare to come “to America / to Augusta” and “steal” a green jacket.  How Dare They!

Gary “freakin’ Player … Seve Ballesteros … Nick Faldo … Jose Maria Whozit … Ian Woosnam … Some yahoo from Venezuela … Bernhard Langer … some Japanese guy … Vijay from Fiji … etc etc etc … and this guy from Spain this year ……. It Just Ain’t Right ! … but that attitude has passed.  I am enlightened.

That was way back when (1) I trusted the news media … (2) I respected university admins … and (3) I trusted “some”politicians.  That was a long time ago. I know better now.

I remember where I was for Miracle On Ice … and when those East German judges cheated in gymnastics, figure skating, and even basketball … USA USA USA USA

If America isn’t DOMINATE in every Sport … what was the point of enduring Valley Forge and Omaha Beach and The Chosin Reservoir … …. allowing the Russkies to beat us into Space with Sputnik was bad enough.

GOLF is Our Sport!   I don’t care what those old geezers with The Royal & Ancient @ St Andrews think … By Golly!

Thankfully my Silly Crap that Used to Bother Me But Doesn’t Any More List has undergone massive renovation over the past 25 years.  And is still evolving …

If Japan being the World Champion in freakin’ Baseball doesn’t send me into deep depression … I must really be cured of Sports Bigotry.

Sorta Related … I watched 95% of Sunday @ The Masters … I did not see ONE instance of anyone waving a gun … punching an opponent or a teammate … “doing their thang” with some finger thingy … doing a golf version of an end zone celebration … et al.   Maybe those all happened in the 5% I missed while fishing.

That one guy – Cameron Smith – still looks like “Joe Dirt”; but, otherwise no one “making a statement” with their hair or multiple visible tatts or 3″ eyelashes.


I’m not a beer drinker so

…the Bud Light Brouhaha involving some sort of Pee Wee Herman He/She character isn’t a sword I’m ready to fall on.   Sure, it is absurd.  There’s a lot of That going around these day.

I did a bit of research … The VP Marketing for Bud Light is one Chelsea Phillips – a graduate of The University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill.  Uh Oh!  … the odds on her being a UNCCH commencement speaker soon just went waaaay up.   If “her” name while at UNC was “Charles” Phillips it would be a guarantee.

An NC State grad is going to be the first woman on the moon.  A UNCCH grad hired the first fake woman to try and sell beer.  Score One for The Pack!


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