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Kathy Ireland
March27/ 2023
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March 27, 2023


Today’s title doesn’t quite rank in the pantheon of G.O.A.T. titles with “Two Cheerleaders In A Toilet Stall”; but what title ever could / will?  I got to it when I chose that picture up there. My thinking being …

Anyone who remembers where you were in 1963 when you first heard the words “…Texas Schoolbook Depository” should not need me to tell you “Kathy Who” in that picture of the quite attractive 60 y/o lady.


If you can recall “1963” that puts you in your 60s ++.  “Kathy” was born in 1963 in Glendale CA.  Her knowledge of “Texas Schoolbook Depository” comes from history and here-say.   

Your awareness of “Kathy” would have begun in 1984 assuming you were among the umpteen thousand sports fans who USED TO subscribe to Sports Illustrated.   90+% of those umpteen don’t any more and have not for some time … but that’s a story for another day.

That “Kathy’s” birthday is March 20 … only a few days from St Patrick’s Day (May 17) might help you if you recognize her but can’t recall her last name …… “Ireland”.


Kathy Ireland first appeared in a SI Swimsuit issue in 1984 and then in 13 successive issues … gracing the cover three times – ’89, ’92. ’94.  In the 50th anniversary of The SI Swimsuit Issue, her 1989 cover was judged The All Time Greatest SI Swimsuit Issue Cover.  That trivia nugget will win you a few bar bets.

SI Swimsuit models are like Bond Girls and BBQ Joints.   EVERYONE has their “favorite” and don’t care what erroneous opinions others might hold.

Among “you guys” there are surely a few ardent supporters of Cheryl Tiegs, Christy Brinkley, Carol Alt, Elle McPherson and a bunch of Russian / Eastern European gals. 

“Best Name for an SI Swimsuit Model” – IMO – goes to Charlotte’s own “Brookyn Decker”. …..But “Brooklyn” has a ways to go to reach 60.

Whichever one or ones – along with the Farrah Fawcett poster – got you through adolescence – puberty – and post puberty is stored away in your memory … to be shared with 1,000s of BL Rimshot readers … if you are so inclined.   

Several of you may vote for Betty Grable  … “Jane Russel in the hayloft” … or “Marilyn standing over the steam grate”.   To each his own.

For many baby boomers, the SI Swimsuit girls were the next step up from Annette Funnicello, “I Dream of Jeannie”, and Miss Kitty from “Gunsmoke”.

Kathy Ireland was my personal favorite … evidenced by this acknowledgement of her 60th birthday last week.

That picture of her is not from the past week but is “recent” enough to assure you that she is … Still Kathy Ireland.  She has “aged” quite well.


While those notorious Iowa librarians that waged a morality crusade with SI for decades may not have approved of any of’em … Kathy Ireland was – IMO – never “skanky” at all … unlike today’s OnlyFans/InstaGram models one sees all over OutKick.

A year or so before he passed away in 2015. I told my friend Danny Lotz that his obituary would, in its last paragraph, note …. “… and he also played basketball and was a dentist”.   

Danny was 6th man on UNC’s 1957 National Champions … and had a successful dental practice in Raleigh for 40+ years.  But his contributions to his fellow man were so much more than either of those.   

He is in the FCA Hall of Fame and conducted a lay ministry to 100s of men and boys for decades along with his wife Anne Graham Lotz.

Similar to Danny, Kathy Ireland’s obit in 20-30 years might have a postscript … “… and she was a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model in the 80s.”

Unlike many/most of her SI Swimsuit alumnae who never outgrew “being a swimsuit model” …  Cheryl Tiegs (75) – four marriages …. Christie Brinkley (69) – four marriages including Billy Joel … and last seen wandering around The Hamptons wearing a “I used to be Christie Brinkley” t-shirt.

Kathy married once – in 1988 – still happily after 35 years to Dr. Greg Olson with three grown children … and she has a net worth in excess of $400,000,000 through her astute development of Kathy Ireland Worldwide – a fashion and lifestyle brand licensing empire.

She is an unapologetic Christian and spokesperson / philanthropist to numerous children charities.

When it comes to picking Favorite SI Swimsuit Models, I think I did pretty darn good back in the mid 80s.   … FWIW,  my favorite Bond Girl  – Honor Blackman – passed away in 2020.

Coincidentally, I also did very good selecting a wife / mother / grandmother in “Blondie” in 1984.  I was “on a roll” in the 80s.


Watching March Madness …

Despite having A LOT of streaming apps, I do not have the one streaming most of the NCAA MBB games … so my following the games has been limited to seeing score updates.  

This may be hard to believe … but I survived just fine doing that.

I just learned this morning that UCONN HC Dan Hurley is Bobby’s little brother.

So far 60 teams have lost in MMadness.  Each one lost “because the refs were against us”….  THAT hasn’t happened since … last year.

FWIW … I don’t think The ACC having “The U” as a FFour team and SEC and B!G not having a representative means anything … but I suspect ACC board monkeys are making it a BFD … ’cause thats what board monkeys do.


A Really Good Book Recommend …

I’m five deep into an 18-book series by Stephen Coonts.  His character is Jake Grafton.  We meet Jake as a Naval aviator flying A-6 Intruders off a carrier in Viet Nam. … He progresses to Admiral and ultimately as Director of The CIA.

I am binging the whole series.  It’s that good.


Danny Lotz could NEVER have imagined I would somehow link him in a column about Kathy Ireland.  Albert Long and Clyde King – a Heaven-worthy trio if ever there was one …  are kidding Danny unmercifully right now.


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