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UNC wish that ...
March22/ 2023
BL Rimshots

March 22, 2023


Hopefully you had better things to do yesterday that watching St John’s giddily introduce their latest messiah come to restore them to college basketball glory.  No matter, I endured it for you. 

“Tricky Ricky” Pitino did his teary impression of Larry Brown tearily pleading…

“I didn’t do nuthin’ … I’m pure as the driven snow … and I didn’t do nuthin’ all those other times either.”

Do these repeat offending New York boys like Rick & Larry pull a hair out of their noses to bring on those alligator tears?

NCAA felon Bruce Pearl has a lifetime contract at Auburn and his fellow felon Houston’s Kelvin Sampson will very likely “cut down the nets” in “one bright shining moment” in two weeks.  So all you die-hard college basketball fans “hold your noses” to reduce the stench and enjoy your sport of choice.  YEEEE HAA!

NOTE:  Several years ago “a prominent NCAA official” told me “BobLee, the two most corrupt programs in college sports are Louisville and Houston.  Everyone in this business knows it.”  Kelvin Sampson is at Houston and Pitino AND Petrino were at Louisville.

With “legendary Franklin Street” still officially in Category 5 Mourning over “The season to forget but our hated rivals will never allow to do so”; it occurred to me … 

Q:  How many distraught “D-Dome Lowers Levelers” … “WalMarters” … and “C-blue board monkeys” would strongly consider selling their mammas into a 3rd world warlords’ harem to have “Slick Rick” Pitino be UNC’s messiah to restore its Divine Right to be a college basketball E-lite?

A:  More than you think … and a Whole Lot More than will ever admit it.   That’s how pitiful the cloud of despair is hovering over Ye Olde Southern Part of Heaven.

If you’ll spend $25,000,000 ++ to erase “The greatest athletic academic eligibility scandal in NCAA history”, whats another $10,000,000 give-or-take to send Hubert “But, he’s a good guy” Davis packing and replace him with Rick “I didn’t do nuthin’ wrong all those time I did do sumthin’ wrong” Pitino?

Does Chapel Hill have an Eye-talian restaurant with heavy-duty tables that can take a pounding?  Could be a deal-breaker.

Bring RickHookers, What Hookers? I didn’t know nuthin’ ’bout no HookersPitino into the sacred shrine named for St. Dean and Roy “What bogus AfAm classes … I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout no bogus AfAm classes. Williams

Say it ain’t so Silent Sam.

I’m not saying such an abomination was ever a consideration.  In fact … I am 100% certain it was NOT considered by anyone empowered to consider such things.  I’m just supposing for giggles & grins.

None of the above is to be confused with …

Frau Yow saying “I’ve known Mark Gottfried for 20 years and whatever issues he’s had everywhere he’s ever been, he doesn’t have’em any more … (I hope.)”

or Coach K saying “Myron Pigge? I don’t know no Myron Pigge and if I did, I wouldn’t admit I did.  Next question.”

Hot damn … is this Triangle neighborhood full of “glass houses” … or What!


The problem with assembling “a Dream Team” is …

… if the Dream Team loses  – in a one game winner-take-all format. – you got no “but if only ……” to fall back on. 

Japan is now Earth’s Premier Baseball Country as of last night’s 3-2 WBC Win over USA’s Dream Team … LA Angels’ Superstar Shohei Ohtani striking out LA Angels’ Superstar Mike Trout to seal the victory … and possibly assuring he will become MLB’s first Billion Dollar free agent come next Fall.

Was it A Day of Infamy2.0?  Has Japan “awakened the sleeping giant” AGAIN?  Did the Japanese remember to blow up the oil depot this time?  No.

Japan simply won a close ball game that most of you probably didn’t watch … or even know about until I just told you.  The Dream Team’s narrow loss does not rise to the catastrophe magnitude of First pre-seseaon #1 to fail to  ….. well, you know.

NC State’s and Phillies’ Superstar shortstop Trea Turner was The Dream Team MVP with a whole bunch of home runs.  There is a LOT to like in Trea Turner for any youngster looking for a baseball role model.


The NIT is to College Basketball …

… what the Weedeater Potato Mayonnaise Bowls are to College Football.

The only achievement less noteworthy than winning either would be losing either.


Cokeheads, Pervs and Pedophiles Oh MY …

Several years ago, ESPN canned President John “Skippy” Skipper for being a cocaine addict.  Now ESPN ExecVP Rob King has been canned for sending dirty texts to a female employee … and ESPN is owned by Disney run by a kiddie porn corps.   … but no worry, America.  Our moral fibre is as solid as ever …. LOLOLO.


Next Weekend I’ll be …

… angling for largemouths and snakeheads on The Potomac.  Seeing as how I”ll be within a few miles of The DC Swamp … there should an abundance of “largemouths and snakeheads” … don’t you figure?


Any of you still fooling yourself that …

… all this yadda yadda is “just politics as usual” might wanna reconsider “suppose it isn’t just …”.     Losing basketball games is really NOT “as bad as it can get”. 


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